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About Mary F. Mansfield

I have nothing concrete, but family history handed down to me indicates that Jane was a sister to Mary Mansfield Edington and she married a Hardesty.  Mrs. Steve (Mona) Bailey

Mary Mansfield was a busy lady wasn't she. I had another researcher send me a record on this family -- Mary Mansfield had a hard go of it. She had children by Edington, he died, she married George Jackson, had a couple of children by him and divorced him, married Mansfield Crow and had, I believe 2 daughters by him, I figure he abandoned her, and the children and went on to younger pastures -- then finally married Lewis Pugh and lived with him for many years and they had several children. I don't know that her story is so very different from many other men and women of the time -- medical care was scarce and imperfect, people died often of ailments/causes that today would be treated with an antibiotic or first aid. If there were children, the widow/widower frequently married very soon thereafter to have someone to help with the children and burdens of life. Still, had to have been hard for her and all those children.

I'm Mostly interested in the Mansfield Crow line of Mary's history .Mansfield murdered my great-great grandfather in 1858 in Greene county -- I'm just trying to understand something about a man who would shoot a man on Sunday morning at church with his family and friends all around. And find out why he shot him. Mansfield doesn't seem to be the kind of man that you'd be happy about your daughter marrying.

As far as I can make out the union between Mansfield Crow and Mary F. Mansfield resulted in two daughters. Charlotte Crow (b. Mar 1864) and Ida M. Crow (b. Abt. 1867). The marriage date that I have for the couple Is April 10, 1866 [greene county Indiana Book: G Page: 583 ] If your information on his parole in 1866 and the census data stating that Charlotte was born March 1864 are both correct. Isa M. Crow may be the only child from this union. I have not done anything with regard to the Crow girls to date.

About the man Mansfield Crow killed: ARTHUR H. Neill s/o James & Dorcas (Hopper) b. 1825 md. Mary GEORGE in 1845 Greene Co IN, chdn: Mary Antonetta, Daniel N., James W., Emarine. Arthur short & killed in1858,in Dresden IN, by Mansfield Crow. His father, James Neill ,guardianship of chdn 1858 in Greene Co IN; went to Douglas Co MO in 1860

She married 2nd 10 Apr. 1866 Greene county, Indiana [Bk. Q pg.585]George M. Jackson. He married Lucy M. Cristinbury [Christenberry] Nov. 21 1847 Greene county, Indiana [Bk. D pg. 79]

you'll find them in the 1870 census, Greene Co IN, Mary Crow is head of household, with Edington children (she had been married to George Edington and he died) and a Jackson child (child of George Jackson whom she divorced) and Charlotte and Ida Crow. Apparently Mansfield abandoned them when the girls were very small and she remarried to Lewis Pugh

Lewis was 61 years old when he married Mary Mansfield on May 5, 1872. She was 41. The only child that I am aware of that could possibly be from that union is Laura Bell Pugh but I have her birth in 1871. Lewis' wife, Mary "Polly" Wright was living with him and the family in the 1870 census. I have not been able to find a death record for her. This casts some doubt as to whether there were any children at all through the union of Lewis and Mary (Mansfield) Wright.

. Lewis and family came from Hancock County, WV sometimebetween1860 and 1870.

My GG-Grandfather (Peter Pugh) married Lodelia Edington on October22,1871 in Greene County and his father, Lewis, married her mother, Mary F. Mansfield on May 05, 1872. Lewis' first wife, Marry "Polly" Wright had recently passed away 1871? although I still have not found a death record for her

Do you know of a Mary Pugh who married in Greene Co IN (1) George Jackson (they're in 1860 census Greene Co IN) (2) Washington Edington (3) m. 1868 Mansfield Crow? She had children by all three men.

Do you know anything abut the children of Mansfield Crow, what happened to them? I'd like to find descendants.

In 1870 census she is head of household, age 39, born Ohio, with a Jackson child, two Edington children, and two young Crow children

When Mary was married to Lewis, I see Crow's children with them int he census under the name Pugh..

1880 census, Columbia, Dubois County, Indiana:

  • Lewis Pugh, 70, born PA, parents born PA
  • Mary Pugh, 49, born IN, parents born IN
  • Charlotte Pugh, 16, born IN, father born PA, mother born IN
  • Ida Pugh, 14, born IN, father born PA, mother born IN
  • Laura Belle Pugh, 10, born IN, father born PA, mother born IN

I expect that being Mansfields children was a stigma -- when the court hearings were going on Mansfield had come before the judge and said he didn't think he could get a fair trial in the county.

Also, I found some more on Mansfield Crow. An interesting fellow!!

I didn't start out life with a mission to track the misdeeds of Mansfield Crow, just trying to find out what kind of man would walk into a church on a Sunday morning and shoot a man down in cold blood in front of his 4children and wife, probably parents, neighbors --

Mansfield Crow born ca 1830 KY,

land grant in Dubois Co IN 1857

Arthur H.NEILL,1845 in Greene Co IN; he was shot to death in 1858 in Greene Co IN by Mansfield CROW.

Arthur and his wife, Mary (George) had been married over 10 years [ 27 May 1845 Greene county Indiana Book D pg. 55 as Arthur h. Neel ], had 4 children, the" jealous lover" doesn't seem logical, but Mansfield doesn't seem a man to whom logic is a strong suit. I want to find a record of the murder and of the trial, also what happened to Mary (George) Neill, Arthur's widow. James Neill and his wife are in Douglas Co MO in 1860 census, both in their late 60's, with the 4 young children of Arthur -- no Mary in sight.

 I haven't read any of the stories on Mansfield Crow. Years ago a distant relative had sent me info that Arthur Neill was murdered by a jealous lover. I finally became curious about that and did some googling for Arthur Neill/Neal and found the newspaper article about the citizens of Green Co IN who had been imprisoned, so found Mansfield Crow's name as the murderer of Arthur. I had a researcher in Greene Co do the newspaper research and she sent me copies. That's probably about as "factual" as we'll get. No where in the documents does it mention the name of Mansfield's sister -- I looked in the census records and found a couple of young Crow girls who were of an age to have been his sister -- I thought she was probably a teenager, maybe 16 to 18 years of age, but could have been older.

I was amused that the newspaper accounts didn't speak of Mansfield as a "suspect" but as "the murderer of Neal." Reporters in those days told it as it was and didn’t worry about law suits.

I don't know about the "clandestine" of his taking the Crow girl to MO. Arthur's Uncle William Robert Neill lived in Douglas Co MO, some of his other Neill relatives live in other counties of MO. It was a long trail ride or buggy ride from Greene Co IN to Douglas Co MO. For them to have been gone for several months wouldn't have been an uncommon event -- when people rode those long distances to visit relatives or friends they tended to stay a while. And Arthur had four very young children whose mother had just died -- were they "clandestine" away with him and his lady? Arthur may have wanted to get away after his wife died, may have had every intention to marry this girl so took her to MO to meet and visit with his relatives. Arthur brought the girl back to Greene Co with him -- didn't abandon her along the road -- but apparently his ardor had cooled along that road. One can only wonder what had happened. This is, after all, the sister of a man with a high temper and violent capabilities who plays loose with the women. Her behavior in MO may have been such that Arthur was disgusted, dis-enamored, with her, brought her back to IN from where she came and wanted no more to do with her. He simply had enough of her, for whatever reason, and left her to "fend for herself" -- I suppose meaning that he didn't marry her or live with her/support her again. I'd love to have been in the court room!

Mansfield Crow of Shelby Co IN, in Clark Co IN 1860 census in prison for murder of Arthur Neal/Neill in Greene Co IN. 

Mansfield married Mary Edrington ca 1865 in Greene Co IN; in 1870 Greene Co IN census Mary Crow head of household with Edrington children and 2 young Crow children;

1870 Mansfield Crow is in Sullivan Co with a new young wife and in 1880inIllinois with a different new young wife. He had several children along the way -- would like to find his parents in KY and his descendants

In 1868, Clark Co IL, Mansfield Crow married Mary Bishop. In 1870SullivanCo IN, Mansfield Crow, 42, born KY, married in July to Evaline?,age 18.

In 1880 Coles Co IL, Paradise T/S, Mansfield Crow, age 56, born KY, parents born KY, wife Luzina, age 33.

I guess I rest my case on that slim bit of info that he is related to the MD, VA, KY Crow families. The record of the Mansfield Crow in 1915 in LA who had just been pardoned for attempted murder was a little stunning in relation to the Indiana Mansfield Crow's record.

Having said all this, as you go about your Crow research, please keep the Mansfield Crow/Arthur Neill mystery in mind. Might be interesting gto trace Mansfield's children and what became of them.

Working the lineage of Mary GEORGE, born ca 1825, KY md. Arthur H.NEILL,1845 in Greene Co IN; she died ca 1857; he was shot to death in 1858inGreene Co IN by Mansfield CROW. Arthur & Mary (GEORGE) NEILL had 4 children, Mary Antoinette, James W., Daniel N., Emanine/Emerine.Greene Co IN census 1840-50-60 show David GEORGE,

William GEORGE and John GEORGE in Greene Co IN, any of whom could be her father, all of whom were born in KY, I believe Boone Co KY.

Daniel N. NEILL, born 1831, Knox Co KY, brother of above Arthur NEILL ,md. Amanda Jane GEORGE in 1851 in Greene Co IN -- possible that Amanda and Mary GEORGE sisters or cousins. Amanda born 1832 in KY. Daniel &Amanda (GEORGE) NEILL had children: Arthur H, James W. Nathan F. Florence, John Granville, Robert Lee, Alice Laura, Amanda N, Jr. The family moved to Douglas County MO in 1860 then on to New Madrid Co MO.

Looking for any information that will assist in identifying Mary and Amanda Jane GEORGE's parents

 I  suppose this sounds kind of cold but these are the facts that I have found to date. Maybe someone out there has better information that they can share regarding the life and times of Mary F. Mansfield. It is extremely important to me because she was my ggg-grandmother and her daughter was my gg-grandmother.

Thank you for all of your help and insight. I do not have any plans for doing much more with Mary F. Mansfield in the near future. I exhausted all of the resources available to me several months ago. I do, however, look forward to hearing from others like yourself who are kind enough to share the information that they have regarding these families. . 1. MARY F.2 MANSFIELD (JACOB1) was born January 11, 1831 in OH, and died January 29, 1905 in Greene County, IN. She married (1) GEORGEWASHINGTONEDINGTON November 01, 1846 in Coshocton County, OH. He was bor nAbt. 1824in OH, and died Abt. 1858 in IN. She married (2) GEORGE M.JACKSON April05, 1860 in Green County, IN. He was born Abt. 1827 in IN. She married(3) MANSFIELD CROW April 10, 1866 in Green County, IN. He wa sborn Abt.1829 in OH. She married (4) LEWIS PUGH May 05, 1872 in Dubois County, IN, son of AARON PUGH and FIRST WIFE. He was born Abt. 1811 in OH.


  • i. JOHN W.3 EDINGTON, b. Abt. 1848.
  • ii. FRANCIS M. EDINGTON, born 18 Jul 1850 in IN; died 19 Feb 1928 in Greene Co, IN. He married (1) Dosia H. Miller 20 Sep 1868. He married (2) Theodocia H. Miller 20 Sep 1868 in Greene Co. IN; born 02 Sep 1851 in IN; died 25 Jan 1945.
  • 2. iii. LODELIA A./ Ludelia A EDINGTON, , born Abt. 1855 in IN. She married Peter Pugh 22 Oct 1871 in Greene County, IN; born 20 Sep 1854 in PA; died 09 May 1945 in Terre Haute at home (1522 South Sixteenth Street) at 1:00 AM.
  • iv. MARTHA ELIZABETH EDINGTON, born 1858 in IN; died 15 Nov 1942 in Bedford, Lawrence County, IN (RR 5). She married Norval Randolph Inman 02 Apr 1874 in Greene Co. IN; born Abt. 1848 in IN.


  • v. LUCY A.3 JACKSON, b. Abt. 1861.


  • vi. CHARLOTTE3 CROW, b. Abt. 1864.
  • vii. IDA M. CROW, b. Abt. 1867.


  • viii. LAURA BELL3 PUGH, b. 1871.

I believe the above to be fairly accurate. I do not believe that Laura Bell Pugh was fathered by Lewis, however. His wife, Mary (Wright) Pugh was likely still alive when Laura Bell was conceived and the marriage did not occur until about a year after Laura Bell's birth. As I have said, that is what I believe, it is not necessarily fact.


1. 1860 United States Census, Indiana MicroFilm #M653 Rol #252 Greene County, Indiana Center Twp Pg. __ 817. " 1860 census, Center Twp, Greene Co IN,

  • George W. Jackson, age 33, b. IN
  • Mary Jackson, age 29, born Pen?
  • Catharine Jackson, age 10, B. IN
  • Kizziah Jackson, 8, born IN
  • Elizabeth Jackson, 5, born IN
  • Martha Jackson, 2, born IN
  • John W. Edington, 12, b. IN
  • Francis M. Edington, 9, b. IN
  • Ladelia A.Edington, 5, b. IN
  • Martha E. Edington, 2, b. IN."

2. 1870 United States Census, Indiana Microfilm M593-318 Greene Co Jackson Twp pg. 358 179/179. "1870 census, Jackston Township, Greene County, Indiana, 28 day of August, 1870, Real Estate $1000 Personal $200

  • Mary Crow, age 39, born Ohio, cannot read/write
  • Loddia Edington, age 15, born Indiana, cannot write
  • Martha E. Edington, age 12, born Indiana, attended school
  • Lucy A. Jackson, age 9, born Indiana, attended school
  • Charlotte Crow, age 6, born Indiana
  • Ida M. Crow, age 3, born Indiana."

3. 1880 United States Census. "1880 census, Dubois Co IN:

  • Lewis Pugh, age 70, b. PA
  • Mary Pugh, age 49, b. IN
  • Charlotte Pugh, daughter, age 16, b. IN
  • Ida Pugh, daugter, age 14, b. IN
  • Laura Belle Pugh, daughter, age 10, b. IN."


4. Greene County Health Department, Greene County Indiana Death Record Report [Index] 188? - 199?, Index File: death044.pdf; Page 3. "Exact birth date of January 11, 1831 calculated based on data in death index."


5. Greene County Health Department, Greene County Indiana Death Record Report [Index] 188? - 199?, Index File: death044.pdf; Page 3. "Book H-6, Page 107, widow at her death, age: 74 yrs, 0 mo, 18 days."


6. Cemeteries of Eastern Greene County, Indiana, 1st 1908's; 2nd 1994, Page 106, Ashcraft Chapel Cemetery. "Pugh, Mary Edington, 1831 - 1905."

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