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Death: 960
Occupation: Princess of Poland
Managed by: Andrzej Hennel
Last Updated:

About N.N.

Sorry, but there is no real information in the historical literature about this person. Andrzej Hennel, Curator

It is most likely that this lady may have been named Aliva, Liv, Livonia, Hlif or something similar and may have been part of the Baltic Mikelati tribe who ran trade routes on the Daugava River between Upsala Kvenland (Now Sweden), Lativia, and Miklagard (Now Constantinople). In the 900's the Balts in this area began to distinguish themselves as sub-tribes (Couronian (Courland), Salonian, Letgalli, SemiGalli, and Mikelati). The clan of Mikelati played a large part of the formation of the Polish, Russian, and Nordic states. Probable descendant of Gudrod Mikelati (Mikilati) who was identified by leader of a tribe in the Balti sound (Baltic Sea) in 821.

From Medlands:

  • 1. ZIEMOWIT (-[892]). The Annales Polanorum state that "Peast genuit Semovith de domna Repeka"[20]. The Chronica principum Polonie names "Symovith" as son of "Kosiskonis filius…Past" and his wife "mulier quedam Repisa"[21]. The Chronicæ Polanorum names "Semovith filius Pazt Chossistcomis"[22]. He overthrew the house of Popiel, previous rulers of Polania, and became ruler of the Polanian state whose borders he extended[23]. m ---. The name of Ziemowit's wife is not known. Ziemowit & his wife had one child:
    • a) LESZEK (-[921]). The Annales Polanorum state that "Semovith genuit Lisekonem"[24]. The Chronicæ Polanorum names "Lestik filius Semovith", specifying that he succeeded his father[25]. He succeeded his father in [892] as ruler of the Polanians, until 913[26]. m ---. The name of Leszek's wife is not known. Leszek & his wife had one child:
      • i) ZIEMOMYSŁ (-before 963). The Annales Polanorum state that "Listko genuit Semomil", specifying in an earlier passage dated 915 that he ruled "in regnum Polonie" after Leszek[27]. The Chronicæ Polanorum names "Semimizl filius Lestik", specifying that he succeeded his father[28]. He succeeded his father in [921] as ruler of the Polanians[29]. Emperor Constantine recorded the existence in [950] of a "White Croat state under its own pagan prince who recognised the authority of Emperor Otto I"[30]. m [firstly] GORKA, daughter of ---. The primary source which confirms her marriage has not yet been identified. [m secondly ---. No direct evidence of this supposed second marriage has yet been found. However, as noted below, if it is correct that Adelajda, wife of Geza Prince of Hungary, was the sister of Prince Mieszko, her estimated birth date range indicates the probability that she was born from a later marriage.] Ziemomysl & his wife had three children:
        • (four children)

tylko u Prokosza, jej ojciec Śmił Starża Toporczyk był jednym z czterech opiekunów-nauczycieli Ziemomysła, wyznaczonych jeszcze przez jego ojca Leszka V, do czasu ukończenia przez jego 25 roku życia.

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