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Israel Mattithiah Auerbach

Hebrew: ישראל מתיתיהו אורבך
Also Known As: "Yisrael Matityahu"
Death: 1901 (61-62)
Immediate Family:

Son of R' Nachman Zeev Auerbach and Shifra Feiga Auerbach
Husband of Shindel Rocha Horowitz
Father of R' David Zvi Auerbach of Shklov and R' Nachman Zeev Auerbach
Brother of R' David Zvi Auerbach; Henya Rosen; R' Meir Haim Auerbach of Monastyriska; R' Joshua Heschel Auerbach; R' Shalom Auerbach and 3 others

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About R' Israel Mattithiah Auerbach

From Busk and Gwazditz (5599-5661 [1839-1901])

Born in Monostriszcz in the year 5599 [1839] to his father Reb Nakhman Zev, and already in his childhood he exchanged from there responsa with the Shu”m who ordained him in the year 5629 [1869]. He married Sheindel Roha the young daughter of Rabbi Moshe Tsvi Horowitz of Czieszinow - and his wife Ester - brother of Rabbi Yitskhak Shimshon ABD Chernowitz and Zolkwa, and he moved to live with his father-in-law. Here he began to write his many books, and was called to officiate in the rabbinates of many communities. Firstly he served in temporary positions until 5645 [1885] as Dvm”tz and afterwards as ABD Ustsia, and also as Dvm”tz in Czieszinow. His most difficult years were 5645-5651 [1885-1891] when he served as rabbi of Busk. The community was divided in two around his appointment, and he suffered from serious persecution there. This was caused by the fact, apparently, that he was a Khassid of Rabbi David Moshe of Czortkow, to whom he used to take his children on his travels. In Busk died his only daughter Yuta Khaya on the 7th of Sivan, 5646 [1886]. In the last ten years of his life he served as rabbi of Gwazdin. On the first night of Sukkot 5661 [1900] when saying Kiddush he skipped the words “time of our rejoicing” and in the morning died during the blessing of the Four Species. His sons: Reb Nakhman Zev and Reb David Tsvi.

He wrote many books on Halakhah which merited many editions already during his lifetime, and in them it was his way to explain the commentators on the Shulkhan Arukh, and to add to them collections of laws. The order of their appearance was: Alfei Yisrael on Shulkhan Arukh, Khosen Mishpat, which he explained on the Sema and Shakh, like a Makhatzit Hashekel on Orakh Khaim. Already in 5622 [1862] he received approbations from the Shu”m and from the Maharshak, Rabbi Y.Sh.Horowitz-Meizels, his father-in-law’s brother, and his cousin Rabbi Y.Kh.L. Meizels from Premishla. His father-in-law urged him morally and materially to print, and the book was published firstly under the name Mahadorah Khaninah there in 5633 [1873], and under the name Talitah with additions in 5640 [1880], and in 5646 [1886]; his book Shomer Yisrael on 365 matters of danger arranged alphabetically, in most editions its was renamed Shmirat Hanefesh. The Shu”m attached an approbation and notes. It was printed three times in Lwow in the year 5632 [1872], and also in 5634 [1874] and in 5648 [1888], Lublin 5668 [1908] (under the name: Shmirat Hanefesh Vehaguf), Munkacz 5671 [1911] (with the addition of Shmira Mealye by Rabbi Shabtai Lipshitz), in Radiow in 5684 [1924], Kuszica 5684 [1924] (Shomer Yisrael), Orsziwa 5688 [1928] (Lipshitz edition), Wronow 5699 [1939], Brooklyn 5700 [1940] (at the end of Meiri Mishlei), Jerusalem 5758 [1958] (an expanded edition by Rabbi Tsvi Moskowitz); in this new form of alphabetical order he wrote Nezer Yisrael with collections Rimah on the laws of Shabbat and Eruvin, which was a shortened version of the laws from the Taz and the M”A., and collections of laws from the books of responsa and the rabbinical authorities. It was printed in Lemberg 5638 [1878] and 5650 [1890], Bilgoraj 5668 [1908] and photocopied in New York 5715 [1955], and in Jerusalem in 5736 [1976] by “Ohr Hasefer” from the 5650 [1890] edition with Tav Yehoshua (Briskin). His son Reb David Tsvi wrote collections from Maharatsa. In the same format was written the second part on the laws of festivals and their intermediate days Mikraei Kodesh. It was printed in Lemberg 5638 [1878] and 5650 [1890], Bilgoray 5669 [1909], New York 5715, usually at the end of the first part; Imrei Binah on Shulkhan Arukh Yorei Deah Lemberg 5640 [1880]. The book was forged by Reb Mordekhai Natan Hakohen Schwarz who printed it entirely in Hust 5641 [1881] in his name. Only the title page was his, as was his pious introduction which states this was his third book (!), and a warning at the end not to print it without the permission of the author ! (Chaim Liberman, Kiryat Sefer 27, 382; 31, 397). Under the name Mahadurah Tanina it was printed with additions in Premisla in 5645 [1885] with a pamphlet Khidushei Hashas at the end. Further editions were printed in Lemberg in 5658 [1898] and 5672 [1912], Munkacz 5688 [1928] (only until the first part), Jerusalem 5721 [1961] (within Shulkhan Arukh Yorei Deah), Bnei Brak 5728 [1968], New York 5730 [1970]; because of his condition in Busk he wrote an abbreviated Khidushei Geonim on the laws of treifot according to the order of the sections of the Shulkhan Arukh Yorei Deah, yud to samekh, Lemberg 5647 [1887]; Mikve Yisrael with collections from Rim”a on the laws of Nidah and Arayot, and at its end editory notes on the Rambam, Lwow 5647 [1887]; Hagaot Rim”a on the Rambam at the end of Nezer Yisrael, Lemberg 5650 [1890], with a special title page; Klalei Hora’ah on prohibition and license, with collections of Rim”a and the approbation of Mahar”i Shmelkes, Lemberg 5656 [1896]; Birkat Yisrael on the blessings, the commandments according to the alphabet, Kolomea 5657 [1897] with collections of Rim”a, and approbation from Reb D”M and his son Rabbi Yisrael from Czortkow and from the Mahar”i Shmelkes. Aside from these he left many manuscripts: homilies on the festivals and eulogies, and a book Nezer Yisrael on Khosen Mishpat according to the alphabet.




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