R' Shmuel Komader-Doroger Rabbi

Hajdudorog, Hungary

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Rabbi R' Shmuel Frankel אבד"ק קאמאדר- דאראג (Frankel)

Hebrew: Rabbi R' Shmuel Frankel אבד"ק קאמאדר- דאראג (Frankel), -שמואל פרענקל‎‎מוהר"ר
Also Known As: "(Kamader) שמואל פרענקל אבד"ק דאראג ‎הגאון", "Imrei Shefer"", "Rav Shmuel Frenkel of Dorog", "Shmiel Kamader", "Doroger Rav- Frankel", "Shmuel ben Shraga Feivel Frenkel of Komod-Darag", "Shmiel Frankl Kamader"
Birthdate: (66)
Birthplace: Göncruszka, Hungary
Death: Died in Hajdudorog, Hajdúböszörményi, Hajdú-Bihar, Hungary
Place of Burial: Hajdudorog, Hungary
Immediate Family:

Son of R' Shraga Feivel Frankel, A.B.D. Ginz Ruska and Gittel Frankel
Husband of Rahel Frankel (Roth)
Father of Mali Malka Weisz (Frankel); Meir Frankel (Frankel-Teomim); Leah (Leni) Czitron (Frankel); Gitel Frankel Weisman and Avrohom Shraga Zvi Frenkel
Brother of Salva Tannenbaum (Frankel) [ Doroger Rav's sister]

Occupation: Chassidic Rebbe in Hungary, and devoted pupil of the Sanzer Rebbe, Doroger Rov "Imrei Shefer"
Managed by: Malka Mysels
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About R' Shmuel Komader-Doroger Rabbi

Harav Shmuel Frankel of Dorog , The Imrei Shefer was born on 5 Nisan 1815 to Harav Shraga Feivush Frankel Rav of Ginz-Riska. He was one of the foremost Chassidic Rabbis in Hungary, who studied under R' Chaim Halberstam of Sanz, the Sanzer Rebbe and was appointed by him Av Beit Din Hajdudorog (Darag) in 1874. He wrote "Imrei Shefer" explanations and novellae. Printed in Munkacs, 1888; Ihel, 1932; Jerusalem, 1940 and New York , 1968 by his great grandson, the Udvari Dayan, R' Samuel David Krausz.

At his birth his father renowned for his piety wrote, "May the verse "U'Shmuel bekorei shemo korim el Hashem vehu yaaneim", and Shmuel is among those who call upon Hashem's name; they call upon Hashem and He answers them, (Tehillim 99.6) be fulfilled.

the "Imrei Shefer" can found at: http://www.hebrewbooks.org/31414

Reb Shmuel was orphaned at the age of six and was raised by his sister and brother-in-law, the Rechovos Hanahar. He learned in the yeshiva of his uncle, Rav Yitzchak Frankel, Rav of Kruli and author of Zeved Tov.

In his younger days, Reb Shmuel was a chassid of the Sar Shalom of Belz. Later he became one of the closest disciples of the Diverei Chaim of Sanz. For years he refused to become Rav of any of the many towns that begged him to come and lead them.

Reb Shmuel Frankel, the great gaon and tzaddik resided in the Hungarian village of Kamada and made his living by trading in feathers. He was admired and esteemed by all and fondly referred to as Reb Shmuel Kamader. As long as Heaven assisted him he preferred to sustain himself by selling feathers even as throngs of chassidim and great people traveled to him to received his blessing and absorb some of his holy ways.

When the people of Dorog tried to persuade Reb Shmuel to become their Rav, he resisted just as strenuously. The difference here was that the Doroog's community leaders did not give up!. They traveled to Reb Shmuel's Rebbe, Reb Chaim of Sanz, and asked him to persuade his disciple to accede.

The Sanzer Rebbe's letter to Reb Shmuel made no requests. It read, "Having heard that the people of Dorog are G-d fearing and abhor sin, I wish you mazal tov"

Reb Shmuel acceded to his Rebbe's words and accepted the offer. In Dorog, Reb Shmuel opened a yeshivah which attracted hundreds of chassidim from all over Hungary. The community expanded until it numbered seven hundred families and the village became a Chassidic center.

When the Austro-Hungarian parliament ruled against the establishment of independent Orthodox kehillos, the chareidi community was left in such a precarious position that it appealed to the emperor, Franz Josef, to revoke the law. The Rabbanim who successfully appealed for a repeal of the law were the monumental tzaddikim, the Ksav Sofer, Rav Yehuda Assad, Rav Shmuel Frankel of Dorog, and the first Tzhelemer Rav.

The delegation returned to Pest and were met by an exultant crowd of thousands.

Reb Shmuel passed away on 15th Cheshvan 1882 at the age of sixty-seven and was buried in Dorog. His grave became a place of yeshuos and it was known that wonders followed in the wake of prayers said there. He left behind the sefer Imrei Shefer, a work of Chassidus and is known by the name of that sefer.


Imrei Shefer Synagogue & Yeshiva

  • Rav Shmuel Frenkel of Dorog [Hungary] the Imrei Shefer's father-in-law was the Belzer Rebbe.
  • The great, great-grandson of R' Shmuel Kamada, Rav Yidel Frenkel, built the Imrei Shefer Synagogue & Yeshiva in the Har Nof, Jerusalem. Source


Belzer connection? Rav Shmuel Frenkel of Dorog [Hungary] the Imrei Shefer (1881) [Hamodia 2005 says 1921] His father-in-law was the Belzer Rav. *

Dorog is a small town in Komárom-Esztergom, Hungary, in the valley between the Pilis and Gerecse mountains. When Hungary’s kings resided at Esztergom in the 11th and 12th centuries, Dorog was where the cooks of the castle lodged. His great, great-grandson, Rav Yidel Frenkel, built the Imrei Shefer Shul and Yeshiva in the Har Nof area of Yerushalayim.

This connection of his wife to the Belzer Rabbinical Dynasty could be an error for another Shmiel Frankel. However, we would so very much appreciate more research into

  • 1. who was R' Shmuel Frankel Kamada's wife?
  • 2. Her ancestors?

All the information we have is very unreliable.


The Succession of Baal Shem Tov’s Hasidic Dynasties


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Authot of Imrei Shefer אמרי שפר

About R' Shmuel Komader-Doroger Rabbi (עברית)

הרה"ק ר' שמואל פרנקל הנקרא ר' שמואל קומודור (ה' ניסן תקע"ד - ט"ו חשון תרמ"ד) אחד מגדולי החסידים באונגרן. נתמנה לרב בדאראד על פי פקודת רבו בעל הד"ח מסאנז, בן הרה"ג ר' שרגא פייבל אבד"ק רוסקא בן הגביר ר אורי ליפמן בן הגאון ר' משה אליעזר אחי הברוך טעם מלייפניק ואחי הג"מ יצחק פרנקל אבד"ק קראלי וה"ר ברוך פרנקל מקאלוב. חסידים רבים נהרו אליו חבר ספר אמרי שפר עה"ת. מיוצאי חלציו בנו הרבני ר' מאיר בראצפרט וחתניו

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R' Shmuel Komader-Doroger Rabbi's Timeline

April 15, 1815
Göncruszka, Hungary
Age 28
Komádi, Berettyóújfalui, Hajdú-Bihar, Hungary
Age 34
Age 44
Berettyóújfalu, Berettyóújfalui, Hajdu-Bihar, Hungary
November 7, 1881
Age 66
Hajdudorog, Hajdúböszörményi, Hajdú-Bihar, Hungary
Hajdudorog, Hungary