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Rabbi David Michl Wien/Wiener Spira (Spira)

Дата рождения:
Ближайшие родственники:

Сын Rabbi Michael Yechiel Wien и Pessel Perl Wien
Муж Edel Wiener и Mirl Miriam Wiener
Отец Salman Wien
Брат {$w0} {$w1} {$w2} / אשר אנשיל ויינער; Gabriel Wien и Leser Michael Wiener-Spira

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About Rabbi David Michl Wien/Wiener Spira


Note: Judaica Bohemiae .. On January 28, 1698, a decree concerning new elections was issued, ordering that the functions of governors be divided according to the aforementioned instructions. With the exception of the one appointed neutral governor, the others were to be elected. The electors were obliged to elect four candidates from each of the two permitted parties. The elections were held in mid-March (before March 17). While Samuel Taussig Sachsel who kept his title of primas, 340) Selig Libochowitz, Aaron Katz Reiterles and Lazar Michael Wien were elected on behalf of the Sachsel party, Wolf Wedeles, Löbl ben Gerschom Karpeles, Seckel Aaron Raudnitz and Aber Schnürdreher were elected on behalf of the Bondy-Todres party. The Bohemian Chamber appointed Feit Fanta 341) as the ninth, neutral governor. Usually, Fanta voted with Samuel Taussig. It is worth noting that the prominent secular function was re-assumed by Rabbi Wolf Wedeles, a man who was the true Land Rabbi for one-half of Bohemia and pretender to the post of Chief Rabbi of Prague!..

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