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Richard L. Randolph, Sr.

Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Houghton Parva, Northamptonshire, England
Смерть: Умер в Sutton, Fingal, Dublin, Ireland
Ближайшие родственники:

Сын William Randel Randolph; William Randolph; William Randolph; Dorothy Randolph; Dorothy Lane и ещё 1
Муж Elizabeth Ryland и Elizabeth Randolph
Отец William Randolph; Dorothy Randolph; Mary Randolph; Richard Randolph, Jr.; Col William Randolph, II и ещё 4
Брат John Randolph; Thomas Randolph; Mary Jane Spicer; Captain Henry Randolph, I; Elizabeth Tinsley и ещё 5

Профессия: Steward, immigrated in 1642/43
Менеджер: Private User
Последнее обновление:

About Richard L. Randolph, Sr.

Richard Randolph was born February 21, 1620/21 in Houghton Parva, Northamptonshire, England and was christened there on Februaray 24, 1621/22. He was the son of William Ryland and wife Dorothy Lane. He died in Dublin, Ireland in May 1678.

Richard married Elizabeth Ryland or Riland on February 4, 1643/44 at St. Margaret Pattens Church, London. She was born c.1625, most likely in Quinton, Gloucestershire, England. She was the sister of Archdeacon John Riland and the daughter of Richard Rilande and wife Elizabeth Harward. She died in Dublin, Ireland in 1669. There are several spellings of Ryland commonly used by this family.

Richard and Elizabeth had eight children, all born in England. Their most illustrious child was William Randolph who emigrated to the New World and became a successful planter in Virginia, as well as playing an important role in the early government of that colony.

Children of Richard Randolph and wife Elizabeth Ryland:

  • Dorothy Randolph, was born on 4 Mar 1647. She was baptized on 1 Apr 1647 at Moreton Morrell, Warwickshire, England.
  • Mary Randolph, was born on 9 Oct 1648. She was baptized on 2 Nov 1648 at Moreton Morrell, Warwickshire, England.
  • Richard Randolph, Jr., b. Abt. 1649, England; d. Unknown. Occupation: Stationer
  • William Randolph, b. November 07, 1651, Warwickshire, England; d. April 21, 1711, Turkey Island, Henrico Co., VA. He married Mary Isham.
  • Thomas Randolph, b. February 03, 1651/52, was baptized on 3 Feb 1651/52 at Moreton Morrell, Warwickshire, England.
  • John Randolph, b. July 20, 1653, was baptized on 20 Jul 1653 at Moreton Morrell, Warwickshire, England.
  • Elizabeth Randolph, was born on 8 Dec 1655. She was baptized on 1 Jan 1655/56 at Moreton Morrell, Warwickshire, England. She died in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Margaret Randolph, was born on 25 Feb 1656/57. She was baptized at Moreton Morrell, Warwickshire, England.

History of Moreton Morrell Parish

The village of Moreton Morrell is an ancient settlement that appears in the Domesday Book as "Mortone". From at least the early Norman times it has consisted of the 'town' of Moreton, and the hamlet of Morrell.

The Parish consists of Litttle Morrell in the North, the village of Moreton Morrell, Moreton Paddox in the South and a small number of houses to the West of the Fosse Way. The boundaries are formed: to the east by the Fosse Way, to the north by Thelsford Brook running from the Fosse westwards; and to the south, by a valley running from Hell Hole on the Fosse to the bottom of Staple Hill.

Until the end of the 19th century, the village was largely self sufficient with 45 occupations recorded in the second half of the 19th century.

The population in 1801 was very similar to that cited in the Doomesday Book in 1086. Throughout the 1800s, the population varied between 183 and 301, according to the prosperity of farming at the time. It rose to 388 by 1911, declining sharply following the First World War

The Randolph Arms

Randolph has the associated arms recorded in Sir Bernard Burkes General Armory, Ulster King of Arms in 1884. The name was baptismal 'the son of Randolph 'a favourite early font name. Early records of the name mention Randulfus (without surname) 1095, County Suffolk.

Following the crusades in Europe in the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries, a need was felt for a family name to replace the one given at birth, or in addition to it. This was recognized by those of noble birth, and particularly by those who went on the Crusades, as it added prestige and practical advantage to their status. At first the coat of arms was a practical matter which served a function of the battlefield and in tournaments. With his helmet covering his face, and armour encasing the knight from head to foot, the only means of identification for his followers, was the insignia painted on his shield, and embroidered on his surcoat, the draped and flowing garment worn over the armour.

In many parts of central and western Europe, hereditary surnames began to become fixed at around the 12th century, and have developed and changed slowly over the years. As society became more complex, and such matters as the management of tenure, and in particular the collection of taxes were delegated to special functionaries, it became imperative to distinguish a more complex system of nomenclature to differentiate one individual from another.

Nicholaus filius Randulphus, was documented in County Norfolk in the year 1175. William Robert Randolph, 1260, ibid. Henricus Randolf of Yorkshire, was listed in the Yorkshire Poll Tax of 1379.

An American family bearing the name is descended from William Randolph (1651-1711), a planter and merchant from a Sussex family who emigrated from Warwickshire to Virginia about 1673. He was a forebear of Thomas Jefferson and Robert E. Lee. William had seven sons, each of whom inherited an estate, the name of which was sometimes added to their own, such as Sir John Randolph of Tazewell. His great-grandsons included Edmund Randolph (1753-1813) first attorney general of the United States.

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Many thanks to the various Geni members who contributed to this profile and added data to the overview. I have incorporated their work into this very brief history. Maria Edmonds-Zediker, Volunteer Curator, 1/2/2012

Richard Randolph was born February 21, 1620/21 in Houghton Parva, Northamptonshire England, and was baptized on February 24, 1620/21 at Houghton Parva, Northamptonshire. He died May 1678 in Dublin, Ireland. He was the son of William Randolph and wife Dorothy Lane.

He married Elizabeth Ryland (or Rilande) on February 04, 1643/44 in St. Margaret Pattens Church, London, England. Elizabeth, the daughter of Richard Rilande and wife Elizabeth Harward, was born December 26, 1625 in Gloucestershire, England, and died 1669 in Dublin, Ireland. They had eight children.


  • DOROTHY RANDOLPH, b. April 01, 1647, England; d. Unknown.
  • MARY RANDOLPH, b. November 02, 1648, England; d. Unknown.
  • RICHARD RANDOLPH, JR., b. Abt. 1649, England; d. Unknown. Occupation: Stationer
  • WILLIAM RANDOLPH, b. November 07, 1651, Warwickshire, England; d. April 21, 1711, Turkey Island,

Henrico Co., VA.

  • THOMAS RANDOLPH, b. February 03, 1651/52, England; d. Unknown.
  • JOHN RANDOLPH, b. July 20, 1653, England; d. Unknown.
  • ELIZABETH RANDOLPH, b. December 08, 1655, England; d. Unknown, Dublin, Ireland.
  • MARGARET RANDOLPH, b. February 25, 1656/57, England; d. Unknown.

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Хронология Richard L. Randolph, Sr.

21 февраля 1620
Houghton Parva, Northamptonshire, England
24 февраля 1620
Little Houghton, Houghton Parva, Northamptonshire, England
Возраст 21
From Little Houghton Northamptonshire England
- 1656
Возраст 22
Henrico County
1 апреля 1647
Возраст 27
2 ноября 1648
Возраст 28
Возраст 28
7 ноября 1650
Возраст 30
Warwickshire, England