Sir Richard Camoys, of Ingescourt

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Richard Camoys, of Ingescourt

Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Camoys Court, Sussex, England
Смерть: Умер в Trotton, West Sussex, England, United Kingdom
Ближайшие родственники:

Сын Thomas de Camoys, 1st Baron Camoys и Elizabeth de Camoys, heir of Milton
Муж Joan Camoys
Отец Eleanor Lewknor; Margaret (Camoys) Radmyll; Jane De Camoys и Hugh de Camoys, 3rd Baron Camoys
Брат Maud de Camoys; Sir Roger de Camoys, of Camoys Court и Alice de Camoys
Полукровный брат Roger Camoys, Sir

Профессия: Knight in Camois Court
Менеджер: Private User
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About Sir Richard Camoys, of Ingescourt

He was a Knight of the Garter, and Warden of Porchester. He was Lord of the Manors of Ingescourt-in-Great Milton and Chiselhampton (Oxford). In 1399 he and his father were granted custody of the town and castle of Porchester, a royal castle. In 1408 he was served heir to his cousin Gilbert Wace, from whom he inherited the manors of Kingsey and Tythrope-in-Kingsey (Buckingham), and Checkenden (Oxford). He died in his father's lifetime.

Together with his father, he was apparently responsible for commissioning the wall paintings at Saint George's church in Trotton. The north wall there shows a hunting scene from the late 1380s with four armored figures wearing jupons of the Camoys arms and helms bearing the Camoys crest of plumes. This scene, depicting the local lords of the manor in the parish church is unique in English art. The south wall shows a donor scene dated about 1400 with Sir Thomas Camoys with his coat of arms, his son Sir Richard with his coat of arms, and Sir Richard's wife Joan Poynings, all kneeling. It is probably these three who commissioned the work. This wall also shows a tree supporting a helm (unique in English art) with the Poynings' dragon crest beside the Poynings' badge of a crowned key, as well as other unidentified shields (one of them thought to be Colepeper) and a curious scene of a haloed knight within a tent. The west wall shows a series of five shields dated about 1400, two for Camoys, one for Lewknor, and two unidentified. Sir Richard himself is commemorated on the monumental brass for his father and step-mother. He is shown as a small figure standing at her knee.

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Хронология Sir Richard Camoys, of Ingescourt

Camoys Court, Sussex, England
Возраст 43
Broadwater, Sussex, England
Возраст 45
Возраст 49
Возраст 50
Trotten, Suffolk, England
24 Июня 1416
Возраст 51
Trotton, West Sussex, England, United Kingdom