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Robert Atkins

  • MyHeritage Family Trees Williams Web Site managed by Michelle Y. Williams (Contact)
  • Birth: 1798 Adare Parish, County Limerick, Ireland
  • Death: Apr 1877 St. Vincent Township, Grey County, Ontario, Canada
  • Parents: James Atkins and Catherine Atkins (born Long)


  • Mary Atkins
  • Rebecca Atkins
  • Jane Atkins
  • Martha Mattie Atkins
  • Joseph Atkins


Robert Atkins

MyHeritage Family Trees: fourwoodgates managed by Coral Forster (Contact)

  • Birth: 1798
  • Death: Apr 1877 St. Vincent Twp, Grey, Ontario, Canada
  • Parents: James Atkins and Catherine Atkins (born Long)


  • Margaret Jane Long (born Atkins)
  • Mary Atkins
  • Jane Atkins
  • Martha Mattie Atkins
  • Joseph Atkins
  • Bartholomew Atkins


Ancestry/Hints records for Robert Atkins


  • NAME: Robert Atkins
  • BIRTH: 1798 Ireland
  • RESIDENCE: St. Vincent Township, Grey, Canada West (Ontario)

_________________________________________________________________ 1871 Census of Canada CENSUS & VOTER LISTS

  • NAME: Robert Atkins
  • BIRTH: abt 1799 Ireland
  • RESIDENCE: City, Grey North (Grey), Ontario


Ontario, Canada Census Index, 1871 CENSUS & VOTER LISTS

  • NAME: Robert Atkins
  • BIRTH: 1798-1799 Ireland
  • BIRTH: 1799
  • RESIDENCE: 1871 Ontario, Canada
  • RESIDENCE: Grey North


U.S. and Canada, Passenger and Immigration Lists Index 1500s-1900s IMMIGRATION & TRAVEL

  • NAME: Robert Atkins
  • BIRTH: year
  • ARRIVAL year Ontario, Canada

FamilySearch Member Profile for: ROBERT ATKINS


A DATE OF MARRIAGE OF 1824 pushes credulity since their eldest child (Catherine) was born 6/24/1824. However: PLACE OF MARRIAGE is clearly and definitively incorrect! See Catherine's Profile for her birthplace w/ explanation. Claims for both 'date' and 'place' are unsupported. Any claims of residence in Ontario between 1824-1825 should be scrutinized with suspect plausibility. Any depicition for residence in Ontario prior to 1835 would have to demonstrate clear support documents for this and not another "Robert Atkins" Jlphawn --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Vital Information:

  • Name: Robert Atkins
  • Sex: Male
  • Birth: 1798 - Limerick, Ireland
  • Death: April 1877 - St. Vincent, Grey, Ontario, Canada
  • Burial: Varney, Grey, Ontario, Canada
  • Alternate Name: Birth Name: Robert Atkins
  • Residence: 1825 - Sherrington, St. Constant, St. Philippe, Huntingdon, Quebec, Canada
  • 1831 - Lacolle, L'Acadie, Quebec, Canada
  • 1861 - St Vincent, Grey, Ontario, Canada
  • 1871 - St. Vincent, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada

Family Members: Spouses and Children

  • Robert Atkins 1798–1877 • 9VWJ-T64​
  • Ann Teskey 1809–1878 • L8B5-XD9​
  • Marriage: 1824- St. Vincent, Grey, Ontario, Canada

Children (11)

  • Catherine Atkins 1824–1907 • LH17-YD5​
  • James Atkins 1826–Deceased • L41G-9QP​
  • William Henry Atkins 1831–1907 • MJT4-F8N​
  • Joseph Christopher Atkins 1832–1918 • KGST-84V​
  • Michael Angus Atkins 1834–1906 • L41G-97N​
  • Sarah Ann Atkins 1840–1899 • LHPF-ZHL​
  • Matilda Atkins 1841–1916 • 978D-HXP​
  • Elizabeth Atkins 1843–1928 • 9VWJ-TD9​
  • Caroline Atkins 1845–1899 • 9VWJ-TDF​
  • John Thomas Atkins 1850–1910 • 9VWJ-TDT​
  • Mary Jane Atkins 1852–1909 • LZDL-FGR​

Parents and Siblings

  • James Atkins 1772–Deceased • LR9W-9V4​
  • Catharine Long 1770–1849 • LH34-Y8G​
  • Marriage: 1790 - Limerick, Ireland

Siblings (8)

  • Philip Atkins 1787–1861 M4C7-ZYT​
  • Margaret Atkins 1793–1859 • L871-XTY​
  • Robert Atkins 1798–1877 • 9VWJ-T64​
  • Mary Atkins 1800–1876 • L8DN-YGH​
  • Jane Atkins 1808–1891 • L8DN-YRC​
  • Martha Mattie Atkins 1809–1882 • L8DN-BMV​
  • Joseph Atkins 1814–1900 • 9XBD-R7Y​

Sources: Open Details | Add Source | Attach from Source Box

  • Robert Atkins in entry for William Shunck and Sarah Jane Atkins, "Ontario, County Marriage Registers, 1858-1869"
  • Robt Atkins in entry for Arthur Noble and Ann Atkins, "Ontario, County Marriage Registers, 1858-1869"
  • Robert Atkins, "Canada, Lower Canada Census, 1825"
  • Robt Atkins, "Canada, Lower Canada Census, 1831"
  • Robert Atkins in entry for James H Emory and Matilda Atkins, "Ontario, County Marriage Registers, 1858-1869"
  • Robert Atkins in entry for Andrew McCartney and Eliza Atkins, "Ontario, County Marriage Registers, 1858-1869"
  • Robt Atkins in entry for Michael Atkins and Isabella McAlen, "Ontario, County Marriage Registers, 1858-1869"
  • Robt Atkins in entry for William Shunk and Sarah Ann Atkins, "Ontario, County Marriage Registers, 1858-1869"
  • Robert Atkins in entry for Mary Jane Gibbons, "Ontario Deaths, 1869-1937 and Overseas Deaths, 1939-1947"
  • Robert Atkins, "Canada Census, 1871"
  • Robert Atkins, "Ontario Census, 1861"
  • Robert Atkins in entry for Joseph C. Atkins, "Ontario Deaths, 1869-1937 and Overseas Deaths, 1939-1947"
  • Robt. Atkins in entry for Michael Atkins, "Michigan Deaths and Burials, 1800-1995"
  • ROBERT AITKEN, "BillionGraves Index"
  • Robert Atkins in entry for John Thomas Atkins and Rachel Campain, "Ontario Marriages, 1869-1927"
  • Robert Atkins in entry for Oliver Gibbons and Mary Jane Atkins, "Ontario Marriages, 1869-1927"
  • Gordon Eaton Hill family tree for Martin Long family

Family with Sources

  • Latest Changes: Source Attached 18 April 2017 by Joachim Hawn
  • Parent-Child Relationship Deleted 14 April 2017 by Joachim Hawn
  • Child Added 14 April 2017 by Joachim Hawn
  • From: "Doherty Genealogy" <>
  • Subject Re: [IP] FW: William Teskey (1774)
  • Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2008 19:56:38-0500
  • References: <001f01c866f7$67692b40$75aea83a@yourbb74e2c8ac>
  • In-Reply-To: <001f01c866f7$67692b40$75aea83a@yourbb74e2c8ac>

Greetings Brian:

Thank you so very much for your response. I am and have been searching for years a man by the name of Michael Teskey (Tusky). He would be the son of Michael Teskey and his wife Anne This has been such a crazy search and I found a genealogy bulletin stating they might be a distant relative so I have put out a general plea --- what happened to Michael Teskey.

The general lineage is that Michael Teskey and his brother William were planning on coming to Canada to most likely join with fellow neighbors, here is a reference:

"People Make Place" pg. 76 / 77 note letter written by Nicolas Shier of Countmatrix to his son Samuel at LaPrairie in October 1822. In the letter it states "There are Michael Teskey and Samuel Doupe and more of the neighbors eager expectation on your answer in this letter."

Footnote No. 53, pg. 214: "...Michael Teskey of Courtmatrix and his wife Anne had a family of six young children in 1822 ..."

A widow 'Tusky' is recorded on the 1825 census for Quebec -- and also is recorded that Robert Atkins (abt. 1798) and his wife, Anne -- are also residents. I believe that widow Teskey was Michael's wife; because in a letter I received years ago an elderly lady who shared with me that there were two brothers: Michael and William, sons of ADAM TESKEY (ABT. 1740) and his wife, MARY LEGIER (1749).

According to Mrs. Lucille Wehrman; ...William Teskey (1774) came to Canada and his brother, Michael, died in Ireland. But, again accordingly his widow came with her children with her daughter Anne's husband, Robert Atkins. They came from Limerick Co. to L'Acadie Co. area of Quebec in 1824.

Robert Atkins and his family stayed in the area of LaPrairie, Quebec until for some unknown reason moved first to West Gwillimbury, Ontario --- and by this time he was joined in 1830 by his mother Catherine (Long) Atkins and his brother, Joseph. After a brief time in West Gwillimbury they all moved (abt 1839) on to what then was Simcoe Co., Ontario now Grey County.

One problem is that there are "two" Robert Atkins --- one emigrated to West Gwillimburg about 1824 he had a brother Philip in Quebec -- and he remained in West Gwillimbury. This Robert Atkins (abt. 1790) traveled with a group of Palatines including (John Long) who happened to be Anne Long Atkins brother. Oh it gets complicated. Especially complicated because people want to equate the Robert Atkins into one person -- doesn't fit.

Robert Atkins (1798) finally settled in the Meaford, Ontario area with his brother, Joseph (who married Ellen Long) -- John Longs' daughter.

Michael and Anne Teskey had six children, I certainly would appreciate some guidance in what happened to Michael Teskey (Tusky) the last record I have of him is: 1833, May 30 Marriage to Jane Metcaff 1837 - Living on Lot 5, Con. 8, Brock Township (Home); 1837 January 10th - Birth of daughter, Mary Jane (Baptized March 16, 1838); 1868 - April 22nd Marriage of son William to Sarah Carscadden (Ops Twp, Brock County, Ont).

If you can help in any way I would deeply appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks, Paul

Rev. R. Paul Doherty, Chairperson

  • Michigan Area Haiti Task Force
  • (Detroit and West Michigan UM Conferences)
  • 7170 Davies Drive
  • Rockford, Michigan 49341

(616) 874-8095 Cell: (269) 449-6559

Original Message

Hello everyone

I received an email from a relative who informed me people are looking for me and would like to ask some questions. Please feel free to email me but be patient as all my information is packed in a box and I work full time so can only look on the weekends. I look forward to hearing from those that are interested in the "Teskey" family.

Cheers - Debby

Hi Debby,

Just in case you don't subscribe to this IP discussion group. Paul Doherty is trying to make contact with you. Over many years he has asked me several times about his Atkins family and potential link with Teskey's and I have been unable to help.

Thanks for your Christmas update. Interesting to see that Rosalyn is now in London. If she is ever short of something to do, we would be pleased to see her, perhaps meet up for a meal in London or show her around our pretty area 30 miles north.

Ken McDonald

Original Message

I am interested in whether anyone can supply much information on the Atkins family. I was aware of the marriage mentioned below, and of this family settling in Canada. However, my g-g-grandfather married a Maria(h) Atkins in Canada. She was supposedly born in NY. Other Atkins were witnesses for the births of some of the children of this marriage. Robert and Anne were not witnesses, but later lived near my ancestors in West Gwillimbury, ON. I cannot find much information on who these people might be, but have heard that the Atkins were from Adare and though not Palatine married into the Palatines.

Bob Fizzell

  • On Feb 1, 2008, at 5:03 PM, Michigan Area Haiti Task Force wrote:


I am searching for a Debby Teskey a descendant of William Edward (1774) and Michael (1772) Teskey; sons of Adam (abt. 1740) and Mary Legier (1749).

Debbie if you are out there in Irish Palatine land please send me a response. Yes, Robert Atkins (abt. 1778) married Michael'sdaughter (Anne Teskey - 1809).

I hope this email does not violate any Irish Palatine rules. Thank You.

Rev. R. Paul Doherty, Chairperson Michigan Area Haiti Task Force (Detroit and West Michigan UM Conferences) _____________________________________________________________________________


I am a descendant of Robert Atkins and Anne Teskey. In that I researching this lineage of my family, and have come across your messages and comprehensive information. I am wondering although this is responding to an old Posting…. Did you ever acquire more information into (Anne’s father) Michael Teskey? Hopefully, this will find its way to you.


Joachim Hawn


  • From: Paul and Joan Doherty <>
  • Subject: [IP] Teskey and Atkins Family
  • Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 21:43:38 -0500

Greetings Irish Palatine Cousins:

I have been searching for information about a MICHAEL TESKEY (TUSKY) and I am sending the following in hopes that someone will be able to collaborate my information. I need your HELP!

I received the recent Teskey Newsletter and I was most interested in the article on page 10 about Michael Teskey 1811. I think I have his line figured out and how he is connected to my Teskey ancestors; namely ANNE TESKEY who married ROBERT ATKINS. I "suspect" she was the sister of Michael Teskey -1811 and the daughter of Michael Teskey abt. 1772 and his wife Anne.

Briefly, Michael 1771-2 died in Ireland just prior to the emigration of his wife Anne "Widow Tusky" and their children to the LaColle area of Quebec. They probably emigrated in June of 1824 -- and the reason that they went to Quebec and not with the other members of the group of Palatine settlers who settled in the West Gwillimbury Twp. area of Ontario is at that time there was large group of Irish Palatines settlers in the LaColle area as well as members of the Atkins family.

In this immigration was Sparlings, Teskeys, Atkins, Heavenors, and others. (Atkins family from Adare but not of Palatine origin.)

In the 1825 census for LaColle and living with the Robert Atkins' family is a WIDOW TUSKY. I have also heard from other family members that Adam Teskey was married three times. To his first marriage with Catherine Piper there were born four children: Elizabeth, Ann, James, Jacob and John. (John finally settled in Appleton in Ontario). To his second marriage with Mary Legier there were three children: Michael 1772; William 1774; and Mary 1777. The big clue came from a letter I received from a family descendant who stated that "Michael 1772 died in Ireland and William remained in the Montreal area. William (1774-1841) is buried in the Napierville Cemetery, Quebec and Mary married a Richard White and they also emigrated to Canada being listed on the 1831 census for LaColle.

The Michael and Anne referred to in the letter of Nicholas Shier ( "People Make Places" ... page 77} has to be Michael 1772. All my facts and dates fall in line. I have joined the Palatine Association and I am sorry that I have not been more active in submitting information about the families. As a United Methodist minister I find it hard to get the time to do the research that I would like to follow. I do have some records that help validate the above and would be most willing to submit a family tree (now that I am ready) for the Teskey Web Site if you are interested.

Of interest, Ken mentioned the rare occurrence of the name Michael in the Teskey line. Please note: Mary Legier's father's first name was Michael, and she named her first son, Michael, who named his first son Michael and his daughter Anne Teskey Atkins named her son, Michael.

Also, in reference to names I think, have no solid facts, that Anne (wife of Michael Teskey -1772 "Widow Tusky" was a Heavenor and that William 1816, son of Michael and Anne, that his middle name was Heavenor--not-- Keavenor being named after his maternal grandparents.

I would also like to have the address and/or email address of Lorna Selby -- there has to be a connection. Thank you for your time and interest.


R. Paul Doherty _____________________________________________________________________________

"ATK" 1851 Census


ATKINS 1851 census on 096 page 025 line 31 @ca.on. grey_county. saint_vincent_township film C11723

  • 31 EMERY Peter m 55 Eng none farmer married
  • 32 EMERY {ATKINS} Jane f 44 Ire none married

linked as maiden name ATKINS Jane

  • 33 EMERY Peter m 24 Ont none labourer
  • 34 EMERY Joseph m 21 Ont none labourer
  • 35 EMERY James H. m 19 Ont none labourer
  • 36 EMERY Catherine f 16 Ont none
  • 37 EMERY Lucy f 14 Ont none
  • 38 EMERY Charles m 12 Ont none
  • 39 EMERY Mary f 10 Ont none
  • 40 EMERY Pankst m 8 Ont none
  • 41 EMERY Priscilla f 6 Ont none
  • 42 EMERY John m 4 Ont none
  • 43 EMERY Susanna f 2 Ont none
  • territory of OGS Bruce-Grey Branch


THE Affiliated FAMILY HOUSEHOLDS OF: ATKINS, Robert & Joseph Sr., JOHNSTON. William; EMERY, James Henry; BUMSTEAD, Charles; HASKILL, George; 1871 CENSUS CANADA @ LIBRARY and ARCHIVES CANADA for ONTARIO and Households by HOH;

INDEXES OF 1871 INFORMATION FOR: Robert Atkins Digitized page of Census of Canada, 1871, Page number 4, for Robert Atkins: View digitized page of Census of Canada, 1871 for Image No: 4396298_00051 | JPG (Image No: 4396298_00051) | PDF (Image No: 4396298_00051)

  • Surname: ATKINS
  • Given Name: ROBERT
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 72
  • Birth Year: 1799
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Place of Birth: Ireland
  • Religion: Church of England
  • Province: Ontario
  • District Name: Grey North
  • District Number: 37
  • Sub-District Name: St. Vincent
  • Sub-District Number: h
  • Page Number: 4
  • Line Number: 10
  • Microfilm: C-9955
  • Reference: RG31 - Statistics Canada
  • Item Number: 1582346

NOTE: This Collection is the final historical record identification for ROBERT ATKINS, age 72 death is frequently cited as: 1877 which will occur in advance of next scheduled General Cycle of 1881


A. Names AT... Names ATK... Names 1851 Census Menu Welcome Home

ATKINS 1851 census on096 page 033 line 18 @ca.on. grey_county. saint_vincent_township film C11723

  • 18 ATKINS William m 30 Eng none farmer married
  • 19 ATKINS {BUMSTEAD} Hariot f 21 Eng Meth married

linked as maiden name BUMSTEAD Hariot territory of OGS Bruce-Grey Branch


A.Names AT... Names ATK... Names 1851 Census Menu Welcome Home

ATKINS 1851 census on096 page 049 line 15 @ca.on. grey_county. saint_vincent_township film C11723

  • 15 ATKINS William m 22 Ont none

Territory of OGS Bruce-Grey Branch


A.Names AT.Names ATK. Names 1851 Census Menu Welcome Home

ATKINS 1851 census on096 page 055 line 26 @ca.on. grey_county. saint_vincent_township film C11723

  • 26 ATKINS John m 10 Ont WMeth

territory of OGS Bruce-Grey Branch


A.Names AT.Names ATK. Names 1851 Census Menu Welcome Home

ATKINS 1851 census on096 page 065 line 09 @ca.on. grey_county. saint_vincent_township film C11723

  • 09 ATKINS Robert m 55 Ire CofE farmer married
  • 10 ATKINS {TESKEY} Anne f 44 Ont C of E married

linked as maiden name TESKEY Anne

  • 11 ATKINS Catherine f 25 Ont CofE
  • 12 ATKINS William m 22 Ont CofE
  • 13 ATKINS Joseph m 20 Ont CofE labourer
  • 14 ATKINS Michl m 17 Ont CofE labourer
  • 15 ATKINS Sarah A. f 12 Ont CofE
  • 16 ATKINS Matilda f 10 Ont CofE
  • 17 ATKINS Eliza f 8 Ont CofE
  • 18 ATKINS Caroline f 6 Ont CofE
  • 19 ATKINS John T. m 2 Ont CofE
  • Territory of OGS Bruce-Grey Branch

A.Names AT. Names ATK. Names 1851 Census Menu Welcome Home

ATKINS 1851 census on096 page 065 line 21 @ca.on. grey_county. saint_vincent_township film C11723

  • 21 ATKINS James m 25 Ont CofE married
  • 22 ATKINS {KIRVAN} Maria f 21 Ont CofE married

linked as maiden name KIRVAN Maria

  • 23 ATKINS Samuel m 1 Ont CofE

territory of OGS Bruce-Grey Branch


A. Names AT.Names ATK. Names 1851 Census Menu Welcome Home ATKINS 1851 census on096 page 065 line 33 @ca.on. grey_county. saint_vincent_township film C11723

  • 33 ATKINS Joseph m 48 Ire W Meth farmer married
  • 34 ATKINS {LONG} Ellen f 41 Ire WMeth married

linked as maiden name LONG Ellen

  • 35 ATKINS John m 11 Ont WMeth labourer
  • 36 ATKINS Amelia f 8 Ont WMeth
  • 37 ATKINS Levi m 5 Ont WMeth
  • 38 ATKINS Catherine f 6 Ont WMeth
  • Territory of OGS Bruce-Grey Branch ==============================================================================

A.Names AT.Names ATK. Names 1851 Census Menu Welcome Home

ATKINS 1851 census on096 page 065 line 40 @ca.on. grey_county. saint_vincent_township film C11723

  • 40 ATKINS Mary f 52 Ire WMeth

territory of OGS Bruce-Grey Branch


A.Names AT Names ATK. Names 1851 Census Menu Welcome Home

ATKINS 1851 census on245 page 131 line 29 @ca.on.ontario_county. pickering_township film C11742 lds0349229

  • 29 ATKINS Christopher m 50 Eng WMeth farmer married
  • 30 ATKINS {?} Mary Ann f 52 Eng WMeth married
  • 31 ATKINS Sarah f 20 Eng WMeth
  • 32 ATKINS John m 18 Eng WMeth
  • 33 ATKINS Isaac m 16 Eng WMeth
  • 34 ATKINS Maria f 11 Eng WMeth

A. Names AT.Names ATK. Names 1851 Census Menu Welcome Home

ATKINS 1851 census on360 page 025 line 17 @ca.on. waterloo_county. waterloo_township section 1 film C11754

  • 17 AMMERMAN Albert m 45 New Jersey Meth farmer married
  • 18 AMMERMAN {ELLIS} Margaret f 43 Ire Meth married

linked as maiden name ELLIS Margaret

  • AMMERMAN Albert 52 and wife Margaret 50 Waterloo South Township 1861 census on424 page 043 line 22
  • AMMERMAN Albert 62 and wife Margaret 70 Waterloo South Township 1871 census district 031e1 family 099
  • 19 AMMERMAN David m 23 Ont Meth farmer
  • 20 AMMERMAN Edward m 17 Ont Meth farm labourer
  • AMMERMAN Edward married HUNT Elizabeth
  • AMMERMAN Edward 28 and wife Elizabeth 23 Waterloo South Township 1861 census on424 page 064 line 18
  • AMMERMAN Edward 37 and wife Elizabeth 31 Waterloo South Township 1871 census district 031e1 family 100
  • 21 AMMERMAN Elizabeth f 14 Ont Meth
  • 22 AMMERMAN Hannah f 11 Ont Meth
  • AMMERMAN Hannah 20 with parents Waterloo South Township 1861 census on424 page 043 line 22
  • 23 ATKINS John▲ m 14 Ire CofE

Page 025 scanned image file


A.Names AT. Names ATK. Names 1851 Census Menu Welcome Home

ATKINS 1851 census on363 page 137 line 15 @ca.on. waterloo_county. wellesley_township section 4 film C11755

  • 15 ATKINS Robert m 25 Ire Presb farmer

Census research 2000-2012 by Don and Marilyn Holmes of Listowel Ontario


A. Names AT.Names ATK. Names 1851 Census Menu Welcome Home

  • ATKINS - All Categories in OGSPI

Source for link below:

Atkins Family Group individuals listed in:

  • The Early Days of Owen Sound
  • By A.M. Stephens
  • From the “Owen Sound Sun”
  • C.J. Pratt,
  • Book and job Printer
  • Owen Sound
  • 1892

Page 13

Robert Atkins, Joseph Atkins Adam Long Hiram Bond, Peter Emery

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- William Atkins John Atkins and Martha Mallory

- And in -

Split-view transcript index and original document 1852 Census for: Canada West

Atkins, Robert and entire family group: 1852 Census, Canada West

ADDITIONALLY: The entire Atkins Household is also listed on: 1851 CANADA WEST CENSUS See: Sources.

'*Robert Atkins: '*Atkins, William H,

________________________________________________________________________ DIRECTORY OF THE COUNTY 1865/66 TWP. of ST. VINCENT:

NOTE.-In the following list, "f" denotes Freeholder, and "h" Householder. Residents of Meaford are not included, except the names of a few who are also landholders in the township.

Name. Con. Lot

  • Atkins, James f 10 21
  • Atkins, Joseph, Sr. f 9 25
  • Atkins, Wm. f 10 26
  • Atkins, Wm., Carpenter f 7 18
  • Atkins, John f 10 28
  • Atkins, Robert f 9 26
  • Atkins, Joseph, Jr. f 9 27



The 1851 Census presents something of a conundrum... While the identities of each individual member of the ROBERT ATKINS, JAMES ATKINS, (below) and JOSEPH ATKINS FAMILIES are clearly discernible and consistent with later identifications, all the Atkins children bear "in common" a noted 'Birthplace' of: ONTARIO.

In later, subsequent Census Canada Collections, as well as, Vital Statistical Records, James Atkins born 1826, William Henry Atkins born 1829 and Joseph Christopher Atkins born 1832 will each depart from a noted birthplace of ONTARIO and instead cite: C.E. or CANADA EAST, or more specifically: QUEBEC. All document indications appear to support their later citation of QUEBEC as the correct location. ATKINS FAMILY Researchers predominately cite the year of Immigration for ROBERT and ANNE ATKINS from IRELAND into CANADA as: 1824 or 1825. And virtually all agree that the ATKINS Family - along with the LONGS, SPARLING'S, HEAVENORS and TESKEY'S arrived in QUEBEC at the same time and cite the CENSUSES OF CANADA (LOWER CANADA) for: 1825 as the first post-immigration record identifying... Surname: Atkins, Given Name: Robert - Number of Residents: 3, District Name: Huntingdon, Sub-District Name: Sherrington, St. Constant, St. Philippe, Volume Number: 2, Page Number: 1032 1033, Microfilm: C-717, Reference: MG 31 C1, Lower Canada/Canada East census returns Item Number: 53619. Confirming this to be the correct Robert Atkins are the Households immediately prior to his: George Sparling, and immediately following: TUSKEY (Teskey). In 1825 this household would have been comprised by: Robert, wife Anne, and daughter: Catherine - born June 1824

And again in the 1831 Census for LOWER CANADA: Lacolle TP, L'cadie County, Quebec as the second historical identification in Quebec for Robert's household: 5 District Name: L'Acadie Sub-District Name: Lacolle Volume Number: 13 Page Number: 787 Microfilm: C-721 Reference: MG 31 C1,Lower Canada/Canada East census returns Item Number: 49373 Correct Identity virtually certain as here again George Sparling appears on the same page immediately prior to Robt. This close proximity of the SPARLING and ATKINS Households were continue well after they have re-settled in ONTARIO Both 1825 & 1831 in SOURCES for: Robert Atkins

Prominent ATKINS/TESKEY FAMILY Researcher PAUL DOHERTY places the Family's re-settlement in GREY COUNTY, ONTARIO (West Gwillimbury) to 1839 which would conform as to why JAMES, WILLIAM H., and JOSEPH C. cite birthplaces so geographically removed from other Atkins children being they were all born prior to 1840.



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Robert Atkins's Timeline

Limerick, Ireland
June 24, 1824
Age 26
Quebec Canada, or Limerick, Ireland
Age 28
Age 33
December 15, 1832
Age 34
March 1835
Age 37
Grey County, Ontario, Canada
Age 42
Grey County, Ontario, Canada
July 11, 1842
Age 44
Grey County, Ontario, Canada
October 27, 1844
Age 46
Grey County, Ontario, Canada
Age 47
Meaford, St. Vincent Twp., Ontario, Canada