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Robert Tomlinson

生日 (82)
出生地 Randolph County, North Carolina, United States
逝世 1875年12月4日 (82)
Hamilton County, Indiana, United States
葬于 Washington Township, Hamilton County, Indiana, United States

父母: William Allen TomlinsonMartha Tomlinson (Coppock)
妻: Lydia Tomlinson
子女: Milton Tomlinson; James Tomlinson; Martha Cook; Noah Tomlinson; Allen Tomlinson另外5个
兄弟姐妹: Joseph Tomlinson; Josiah Tomlinson; William Tomlinson; Josiah Tomlinson; Moses Tomlinson另外5个

Occupation: Maintined a station on the Underground Railroad, Washington, Hamilton Co, Indiana
管理员 Michael Stergiopoulos

About Robert Tomlinson

Robert lived with his mother until Married at about age 26. "Came to Washington Twp., Hamilton Co. Indiana in 1837 buying 200 acres of land near where Milton now lives"

   "Politically a Republican, he was an influential man and a local leader of the party" He was member of a Quaker off shoot( The Anti Slavery Party ). His farm was two miles north of Westfield Indiana.Westfield finally became a city in 2007. You can visit their  website.
 "After thus battling along with the trials and hardships of life for fifteen years they concluded to search for a home in Hamilton County,Indiana. And after proper consideration Grandfather mounted a horse and rode to Hamilton County to view out a situation as near to his liking as possible

. The place that we have met upon today is a part of his selection. It then belonged to a man by the name of Anderson Scott. Here two men met, each wanting to do a thing, just to suit the other. Scott wanted to sell and Grandfather wanted to buy, but some time was taken to make the bargain.

  Finally the trade was made and about the sixth day of the second month,eighteen thirty-seven the family started for their new home in Hamilton County. After two days of hard and slow traveling, winding through the forest, fording streams, crossing slews and swamps they reached Westfield, a distance of about thirty miles. On arriving at Westfield they found poor accommodations for keeping travelers overnight. Shelter was obtained by a part of the family going into a house that had no heating apparatus and the floor was made long befor any white man ever thought of settling at Westfield. Thus they spent the night. Morning came and yet one-half day`s travel before they reached their journey`s end. 
   Taking the trail again, they pursued their journey until they reached their destination, two miles north of Westfield. Now their journey was over and what do you suppose they found at the end? A great fine two-story house painted white? That would have looked quite odd. But instead of that it was a log cabin, about eighteen feet square. Now in the midst of a howling wilderness, they found their new home.....a part of that house was wrapped in flames and burned to the ground, the twenty-third day of the fourth month, eighteen eighty-six. It had stood many severe storms of wind and rain but the fire was too powerful. In spite of the labor of many of us, who held it as almost sacred, into ashes it went."  [Tomlinson Family Tree-Acc898,page 9,10,11[JAT  4/2/2008]"The first night after John Rhodes (an escaped slave) and family had `spilled` out of the wagon they were taken to a hay stack, belonging to Robert Tomlinson, where they remained till morning." Violating the Slave return laws." "While this slavery agitation was going on, another line of work sprung up known as the Under Ground Railroad. Some of the slaves had found out, by some means or other, that if they could get across the Ohio river into Indiana or Ohio that they would find friends that would hide them from the slave hunter, and help them through to Canada.Grandfather(Robert) was very active in this work.[Tomlinson Family Tree page 17] JAT 4/8/2008. "In 1840 there was a separation in The Society Of Friends(Quakers)known as the"Anti-Slavery Separation"  Grandfather and Grandmother joined in this  separation, and from that time on to the time that the Civil War broke out in 1861 marked the greatest activities of our family in this great cause. We might stop here and mention that the only land mark of the location of the Anti-Slavery meeting house at Westfield is the grave yard at the north part of town, as that was laid out by Anti-Slavery Friends(Quakers).Tomlinson Family Tree Page 16. JAT 4/8/2008

Underground Railroad:;id=1683

Minutes of Indiana Yearly Meeting of Anti-Slavery Friends 1847:

The Underground Railroad in Westfield, Indiana:,+Indiana

North Carolina, Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868 about Lydia Killum

Groom: Robert Tomlinson

Bride: Lydia Killum

Bond date: 27 Sep 1819

Bond #: 000114750

Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868

ImageNum: 004482

County: Randolph

Record #: 01 272

Bondsman: Robert G Murdac

Witness: Alexr Gray

1860 United States Federal Census about Robert Tomlinson

Name: Robert Tomlinson

Age in 1860: 66

Birth Year: abt 1794

Birthplace: North Carolina

Home in 1860: Washington, Hamilton, Indiana

Gender: Male

Post Office: Westfield

Household Members:

Name Age

Robert Tomlinson 66

Lydia Tomlinson 60

Jane Tomlinson 23

Levi Tomlinson 21

Esther Tomlinson 18

Abigal Tomlinson 17

1870 United States Federal Census about Robert Tomlinson

Name: Robert Tomlinson

Age in 1870: 77

Birth Year: abt 1793

Birthplace: North Carolina

Home in 1870: Washington, Hamilton, Indiana

Race: White

Gender: Male

Post Office: Westfield

Household Members:

Name Age

Robert Tomlinson 77

Lydia Tomlinson 72

Jane Tomlinson 34

Esther Tomlinson 27

Abigail Tomlinson 26


Robert Tomlinson的年谱

Randolph County, North Carolina, United States
Randolph County, North Carolina, United States
Hendricks, Indiana, United States
Hendricks, Indiana, United States
Hendricks County, Indiana, United States
Hendricks, Indiana, United States