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Samuel Joachim Goldreich

别名字号 "Präger"
逝世 1834年2月15日
Breclav, Břeclav District, South Moravian Region, Czechia

Magdalena Goldreich的丈夫
Sibila Goldreich; Sara Goldreich; Moses Goldreich; Michael Goldreich; Löbl Goldreich另外2个之父

管理员 Randy Schoenberg

About Samuel Joachim Goldreich

Location: Břeclav Code number: 022-00012 Tomb number: 322 Tomb Index: Date day: 15 Date of death month: 2 Date from: 1834 Date of death year to: 5594 of the day: Šq Heb.den: 6 Jarcait: Adar Year of birth: 0 Surname: Goldreich Name: Samuel / Šem. Chajim Father's name: Präger (gb) Husband name: Note: Type of stone: Slivian limestone Stonemason: Occupation info: Symbolics: star, starfish Note:

פנ הל * ליל שק ונקבר ביום א ו אדר תקצד ל ספדו עמי = הה על שבר ספקו כף = על מות גבר הדר זקנים = הולך תמים נוצר תורה = היי עולמים פזר מהונו = לדל ואביונים הה הק ה שמואל חיים ב * הגמוה ליב פרעגר זצל קק שעשה ס * ת כחק יי נדב זה חלקיהו פי כל אומרים אשריהו תנצבה Samuel Goldreich F. SA

epitaf and comment

They saved the one who went to his world during the Saturday night and buried him on the first day of the week, on the 6th day. 5594 Grieve with me - woe, over the rubble! Shake hands - for the death of the noble! Wisdom of wise men (transgressions) - blameless ways! The shoots of doctrine - for eternal life! From his possessions he gave out to the poor and needy ... He was the spiritual prince of Shamuel Chajim, the son of ha-gaon ha-rav Lejba Präger (zaca * l), who had the Sefer Torah, according to the law issued by the Sovereign. And this volunteer gift is also his noble share, for everyone who praises him is blessed (tanceva) ------------------------------ 1) At first glance, the Latin name of Goldreich is quoted in the Latin alphabet , -gaon Lejb has the name Präger (Prägel). 2) The abbreviation k * k with the abbreviation zaca * l is also not very clear, it has more significance in the tradition, and I do not know whether it relates to the town of Břeclav and Prague (see Präger), it would mean blessing to the city (kadiša card) 3) is an indication - as-sefer (s * t). Little distinct in the sense that we do not know whether Mr. Goldreich was a sphere - whether he wrote the scrolls as his craft, or whether the Torah scroll had been made by the Breclav community , then the epitaph in the following. (from the chelkea) - Even this tombstone would like to be seen in the field


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