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Samuel Höchstetter (Simson)

Also Known As: "Samuel Simson; Schmuel Höchstetter", "Schmuel Simson"
Birthplace: Frankenwinheim, Lower Franconia, Bavaria, Germany
Death: Died in Buttenhausen, Germany

Sohn von Schimschon und Therese
Ehemann von Bärle Höchstetter
Vater von Rifka Höchstetter; Theresia Höchstetter; Samson (Simon) (Samuel) Höchstetter; Gidel Höchstetter; Hirsch Zwi Moshe Höchstetter und 3 andere

Managed by: Wendy Ann Hoechstetter
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About Samuel Höchstetter

Schmuel is the Hebrew name for Samuel. I have used the latter because it is what was shown in secular civil records.

Simson is likewise the secular version of Schimschon, which is also recorded with various spellings, since it is a transliteration from the Hebrew (and thus no exact and unequivocal equivalent is possible), and was not a surname per se, but a patronymic, in other words, the "son of Simon" or "son of Simson".

JewishGen tends to record only the Hebrew names in the burial registry, which is helpful for following family lines when surnames and patronymics were fluid and spellings varied, but not for tracking people through public records.

It was not until Samuel moved to Buttenhausen from Frankenwinheim in the 19th century because of conditions particularly favorable to the Jews there that he took an actual surname, which was at the direction of the nobleman head of the village (whose German title I can't think of at the moment), who was renowned for his tolerance and excellent treatment of the Jews.

(by Wendy Hoechstetter, March 19, 2013)

Herr Walter Ott in Buttenhausen, who has diligently guarded the history of the Jews in that town, told my father and likely other members of our family that our name was originally Samson. I believe this "Simson" is what he must have been referring to (or perhaps referring to Samuel's offspring as "Sam's son"?), but am unsure if it was ever actually used by the family. I have recorded it here because of this as well as the reasons mentioned above, in order to tie various stories that seem to be circulating together with my research into actual historical documents. (added March 23, 2014/wah)

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Lebenslinie von Samuel Höchstetter

Frankenwinheim, Lower Franconia, Bavaria, Germany
6 Mai, 1788
Age 30
4 Februar, 1792
Age 34
13 Mai, 1793
Age 35
Buttenhausen, Germany
18 Februar, 1796
Age 38
15 September, 1798
Age 40
23 Februar, 1803
Age 45
8 April, 1806
Age 48
17 April, 1846
Age 88
Buttenhausen, Germany