Sextus Pompeius Magnus Pius

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Sextus Pompeius Magnus Pius

生日 (32)
出生地 Pompeii, Italy
逝世 -35年 (32)
Pompeii, Italy

Gnaeus Pompeius MagnusMucia Tertia Minor之子
Pompeia MagnaPompeia Libo之父
Pompeia Magna; Gnaeus Pompeius Pompeius; Pompeia MinorPompeia的兄弟
Marcus Aemilius Scaurus; Pompeia MaiorUnnamed Stillborn的异母(或异父)兄弟

管理员 Reinhard Albrecht Buehling

About Sextus Pompeius Magnus Pius

Sextus Pompeius Magnus Pius, in English Sextus Pompey (67 BC-35 BC),[1] was a Roman general from the late Republic (1st century BC). He was the last focus of opposition to the Second Triumvirate.

Sextus Pompeius was the youngest son of Pompey the Great (Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus)[1] by his third wife, Mucia Tertia. His older brother was Gnaeus Pompeius, from the same mother. Both boys grew up in the shadow of their father, one of Rome's best generals and an originally non-conservative politician who drifted to the more traditional faction when Julius Caesar became a threat.


Sextus had married Scribonia, a distant relative of his. Scribonia was the daughter of Lucius Scribonius Libo, consul of 34 BC. Sextus and Scribonia had a daughter and only child called Pompeia Magna.


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