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James Cobb

Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Plymouth, (Present Plymouth County), Plymouth County (Present Massachusetts)
Смерть: Умер в Barnstable, Barnstable County, Province of Massachusetts
Ближайшие родственники:

Сын Henry Cobb, of Barnstable и Patience Cobb
Муж Sarah Cobb
Отец Mary Williamson; Sarah Hinckley; Patience Lombard; Hannah Davis (Cobb); James Cobb и ещё 6
Брат John Cobb, Sr; Mary Dunham; Hannah Lewis; Patience Parker Crocker (Cobb); Gershom Cobb и ещё 1
Полукровный брат Mehitable Cobb; Samuel Cobb of Barnstable; Sarah Cobb; Jonathan Cobb; Sarah Chipman и ещё 3

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Ближайшие родственники

About Sgt. James Cobb

From: Anderson, Robert Charles, The Great Migration Begins: Immigrants to New England 1620-1633, New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston 2000.

ORIGIN: Unknown MIGRATION: 1632 FIRST RESIDENCE: Plymouth REMOVES: Scituate 1634, Barnstable 1639 OCCUPATION: Tavernkeeper. Licensed to draw wine at Barnstable 5 June 1644 [PCR 2:73]. CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: "Goodman Cob and his wife" were members #7 and #8, admitted at the founding of Scituate church on 8 January 1634/5 [NEHGR 9:279]. "Decemb. 15, 1635 our Brother Cobb was invested into the office of a Deacon" at Scituate [NEHGR 10:37]. Ordained ruling elder of Barnstable church, 14 April 1670 [Cobb Gen, citing BarnChR 1:1]. FREEMAN: In the "1633" Plymouth list of freemen near others admitted on 1 January 1632/3 [PCR 1:4]; in 7 March 1636/7 list of freemen [PCR 1:53]. Initially entered in Scituate portion of 1639 list of Plymouth Colony freemen, then transferred to Barnstable section [PCR 8:175, 177]. In Barnstable section of 1658 and 29 May 1670 lists of Plymouth freemen [PCR 5:277, 8:200]. EDUCATION: Signed his name to coroner's jury findings [PCR 3:147]. His inventory included "books" valued at 24s. OFFICES: Deputy for Barnstable, 5 June 1644, 3 March 1645/6, 7 July 1646 (fined for "defect in appearance" 4s. [PCR 2:106]), 1 June 1647, 7 June 1652, 7 June 1659, 6 June 1660, 2 October 1660, 4 June 1661, 3 June 1662 [PCR 2:72, 95, 104, 117; 3:9, 162, 187, 198, 214; 4:14]. Coroner's jury, 5 June 1658 [PCR 3:147]. Plymouth petit jury, 4 June 1639, 3 September 1639, 3 December 1639, 3 March 1639/40, 1 September 1640, 2 March 1640/1, 17 June 1641, 7 September 1642, 6 June 1649, 6 June 1650 [PCR 7:12-15, 18, 19, 21, 32, 46, 49; 2:140]. Excise collector for Barnstable, 8 June 1664 [PCR 4:67].

In Barnstable section of 1643 Plymouth list of men able to bear arms [PCR 8:193]. Committee for defense of Barnstable, 10 October 1643 [PCR 2:65].

ESTATE: Assessed 9s. in the Plymouth tax lists of 25 March 1633 and 27 March 1634 [PCR 1:11, 29].

In the compilation of houses in Scituate prepared by Rev. John Lothrop, "Goodman Cobbe's" house is seventh on the list, among those in place before September 1634; this is annotated "now Goodman Rowlye's" and "now Goodman Vinall's," perhaps indicating that there were two houses on this lot, or perhaps implying that Rowley purchased the house from Cobb and then sold it to Vinall. Later in the list, at position #32, among houses built in 1636, is "Brother Cobb's, on his lot," this being his second residence in Scituate, and probably the lot that he sold to Manasseh Kempton when he removed to Barnstable.

On 1 December 1640 "Henry Cob" sold to "Manasseth Kempton" of Plymouth his house in Scituate with twelve acres of upland with the parcel of meadow lying before the house and fourscore acres of upland in the fourth lot by North River, with a parcel of marsh meadow of about twelve acres [PCR 12:65].

One of five men "granted liberty to view and to purchase a tract of land at Saconeesett," 7 June 1659 [PCR 3:164, 208, 216].

In his will, dated 4 April 1678 and proved 3 June 1679, "Henery Cobb" of Barnstable, though "weak in body," bequeathed to "my son James Cobb" my great lot in Barnstable; to "my sons John, James, Gershom and Eliezer" half my lands at Suconeesett equally divided between them "and 40s. being in the hand of my son James for my son Eliezer's part"; to "Sarah my dear and loving wife during her natural life" my new dwelling house and all the rest of my lands; at Sarah's decease, to "my son Samuel" my dwelling house and two acres of upland, and an acre and a half of my marsh which I bought with his stock in partnership with my son James; to "my sons Samuel, Jonathan and Henry" residue of lands equally; to "my sons John, Gershom and Eliezer" one shilling each; to "my daughters Mary, Hannah and Patience" one shilling each; to "my daughter Sarah" my second best bed and furniture; residue to Sarah "my loving wife and sole executrix." Codicil dated 22 February 1678[/9]: "my son Samuel" shall have only two acres of my upland after my wife's decease and all the rest of my lands equally divided between my "three sons Samuel, Jonathan and Henry"; Henry to have my house after my wife's decease and his part of the land to lie most convenient to the house, only my lands at the Island equally divided between my three sons; "my son James to dry thatch on half an acre of the Island when the English corn is taken off..." [transcribed in full in Cobb Gen 14-15, citing PCPR 4:1:22-23].

The inventory of the estate of "Elder Henery Cobb Late of Barnstable" was undated and untotalled and included "a house land and meadow" valued at œ80. He also owned part of a "thachboate" [transcribed in full in Cobb Gen 16-17, citing PCPR 4:1:23].

On 2 March 1679/80, administration of the estate of Sarah Cobb was granted to Mr. Thomas Hinckley and Samuel Cobb, who were "with the advice and help of their friends and relations, to make a distribution of the estate amongst the children, still having a special respect therein to the youngest children, for their best good" [PCR 6:32].

BIRTH: By about 1607 based on approximated date of first marriage. DEATH: Barnstable between 22 February 1678[/9] (writing of codicil) and 3 June 1679 (proving of will). MARRIAGE: (1) By 1632 Patience Hurst, daughter of JAMES HURST (his will names Cobb grandchildren); she was buried Barnstable 4 May 1648 "the first that was buried in our new burying place by our meeting house" [PCR 8:42; NEHGR 9:285].

(2) Barnstable 12 December 1649 Sarah Hinckley [PCR 8:42; NEHGR 9:287]; she was admitted to Barnstable church 20 January 1649/50 [NEHGR 9:281]; she died before 2 March 1679/80 [PCR 6:32].

CHILDREN: With first wife i JOHN, b. Plymouth 7 June 1632 [PCR 8:42; MD 3:73]; m. Plymouth 28 April 1658 Martha Nelson [PCR 8:17]. ii JAMES, b. Plymouth 14 January 1634[/5] [PCR 8:42; MD 3:73]; m. Barnstable 26 December 1663 Sarah Lewis [MD 3:73]. iii MARY, b. Scituate 24 March 1636/7 [PCR 8:42; MD 3:73]; bp. Scituate 26 March 1637 [NEHGR 9:281]; m. Plymouth 15 October 1657 as his second wife Jonathan Dunham [PCR 8:17], son of JOHN DUNHAM [TAG 30:145]. iv HANNAH, b. Scituate 5 October 1639 [MD 3:73]; bp. Scituate 5 October 1639 [NEHGR 9:281]; m. Barnstable 9 May 1661 Edward Lewis [MD 10:250]. v PATIENCE, b. Barnstable "about 15 of March 1641 [sic]" [MD 3:73] or "about the 19th of March 164 [sic]" [PCR 8:42]; bp. Barnstable 13 March 1641/2 [NEHGR 9:282]; m. (1) Barnstable "beginning August 1667" Robert Parker [MD 11:100], as his second wife; she m. (2) after 1 June 1685 William Crocker and d. Barnstable 23 October 1727 [NEHGR 112:190-97]. vi GERSHOM, b. Barnstable " about" 10 January 1644/5 [PCR 8:42; MD 3:73]; bp. Barnstable 12 January 1644/5 [NEHGR 9:283]; bur. Swansea 24 June 1675 [PCR 8:61]; unmarried (division of his estate to brothers and sisters [PCR 5:180]). vii ELIEZER, b. Barnstable "about" 30 March 1648 [PCR 8:42; MD 3:73]; bp. Barnstable 2 April 1648 [NEHGR 9:283]; residing in Barnstable in 1703, apparently unmarried [Otis 1:172].

With second wife viii MEHITABLE, b. Barnstable 1 September 1651 [PCR 8:42; MD 3:73]; bp. Barnstable 7 September 1651 [NEHGR 9:284]; bur. Barnstable 8 March 1651/2 [PCR 8:42; NEHGR 9:286]. ix SAMUEL, b. Barnstable 12 October 1654 [PCR 8:42; MD 3:73]; m. Barnstable 20 December 1680 Elizabeth [blank] [MD 3:73], said to be Elizabeth Taylor, daughter of Richard Taylor [Otis 1:173]. x SARAH, b. Barnstable 15 January 1658 and bur. there 25 January 1658 [PCR 8:42; MD 3:73]. xi JONATHAN, b. Barnstable 10 April 1660 [PCR 8:42; MD 3:73]; m. Barnstable 1 March 1682/3 Hope (Chipman) Huckins [MD 3:149], daughter of John Chipman and widow of John Huckins. xii SARAH, b. Barnstable 10 March 1662/3 [MD 3:73]; m. Barnstable 27 December 1686 Samuel Chipman [MD 4:121]. xiii HENRY, b. Barnstable 3 September 1665 [MD 3:73]; m. Barnstable 10 April 1690 Lois Hallet [MD 3:73]. xiv MEHITABLE, b. Barnstable 15 February 1667 [MD 3:73]; no further record. xv EXPERIENCE (daughter), b. Barnstable 11 September 1671 [MD 3:73]; no further record.

BIBLIOGRAPHIC NOTE: Henry Cobb and his family were treated in detail by Philip L. Cobb early in this century [A History of the Cobb Family, Part 1 (Cleveland 1907), cited above as Cobb Gen]. This genealogy is to be commended for including full transcripts of many records for the early generations, while at the same time avoiding the many legends and traditional tales typical of volumes published in that era. (See also Otis 1:166-79.)

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Хронология Sgt. James Cobb

14 января 1634
Plymouth, (Present Plymouth County), Plymouth County (Present Massachusetts)
14 января 1634
Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts
14 января 1634
Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts
24 ноября 1664
Возраст 30
Barnstable, Cape Cod, Plymouth Colony
20 января 1666
Возраст 32
Barnstable, Cape Cod, Plymouth Colony
12 января 1668
Возраст 33
Barnstable, Cape Cod, Plymouth Colony
28 март 1671
Возраст 37
Barnstable, Massachusetts, American Colonies
8 июля 1673
Возраст 39
Barnstable, Cape Cod (Present Barnstable County), Plymouth Colony (Present Massachusetts)
4 август 1675
Возраст 41
Barnstable, Cape Cod (Present Barnstable County), Plymouth Colony (Present Massachusetts)