Rabbi Simcha Hagadol HaCohen Rappaport, ABD Lwow

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Rabbi Simcha Hagadol HaCohen Rappaport, ABD Lwow

Hebrew: שמחה הגדול הכהן רפאפורט, ABD Lwow, German: Simcha Hagadol HaKohen Rappaport, ABD Lwow
Also Known As: "Simcha Hagadol Hakohen Rappaport", "Simcha Rappaport", "HaGadol"
Birthplace: L'viv, L'vivs'ka oblast, Ukraine
Death: August 04, 1718 (67-68)
Szczebrzeszyn, Lublin, Poland (died on the way to Levov where he was appointed to be Av Bris Din,)
Immediate Family:

Son of R' Nachman Hacohen Lifshitz Rappaport, of Belz, Kremnitz, Dubno and Yenta Rappaport
Husband of Yara Rapaport and Ella Anschel Rapaport
Father of Yisroel Hacohen Rappaport, Rav in Piesk and Vilna; R. Benjamin Rapaport, A.B.D. Kalisz; R' Chaim HaKohen Rappaport, A.B.D. Lvov; Avrohom Shaul Hacohen Rappaport; Tzvi Hirsch Av Bet Din Lublin Hacohen Rappaport and 12 others
Brother of Moshe Meir Katz Rapaport - Posek in Lvov; wife, Heschel Sirkin; Gershon Kahana Rappoport and Michla Epstein

Occupation: AB"D Doobna, Groodna, Lebov, Looblin, Rav in Dubno and Grodno, Av Beis Din in Lublin
Managed by: Ori Joseph Avihail
Last Updated:

About Rabbi Simcha Hagadol HaCohen Rappaport, ABD Lwow

Rabbi Simcha Hagadol HaKohen Rappaport (Hebrew: שמחה הכהן ראפאפארט; b. 1650 - August 4, 1718) was a 17th-century Ukrainian rabbi and progenitor of the Rappaport rabbinic dynasties. Born in about 1650 in L'viv, Ukraine. His father, Rabbi Nachman of Belz was a minor rabbi and a descendant of Rashi through his mother. In his early years Rabbi Rappaport studied in L'viv. In 1688 he was appointed the Chief Rabbi of Horodna. He was later appointed to be Av Bris Din of Levov, although he died on the way there on August 4, 1718 in Szczebrzeszyn. The Soloveitchik dynasty claims Rabbi Rappaport as a notable ancestor and progenitor.

Future Researchers Take Note: There could be a triplication of the same person occuring but at the moment I do not see enough evidence to seal the merger deal. Here are the three profiles: 1) R' Simcha HaKohen Rappaport, A.B.D. Grodno and Lublin, 2) Rabbi Simcha Hagadol HaCohen Rappaport, ABD Lwow, 3) R' Simha Rappoport, A.B.D. Dubno and Grodno

Please read all of the 'about' sections to get the scope of the intersection between these profiles. Maybe one of the managers will have an insight and be able to do some merging.

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The death date was:

July 4, 1717

Ori modified to:

Aug 4/1718 based on the below grave story

See Grave story here


Became Rabbi of Horodna in 1688 http://www.hebrewbooks.org/pdfpager.aspx?req=36783&pgnum=66

http://www.hebrewbooks.org/pdfpager.asp ... 3&pgnum=66


Mentioned in the book

See Here



Ancestor of the Soloveitchik dynasty.

The Soloveitchik family includes many significant rabbinical forebears, most notably Rabbi Chaim Volozhiner, famed Talmudist and founder of the Volozhin yeshiva.

Rabbi Chaim Volozhiner ( 1749-1821), was a student of the Vilna Gaon, and thus some students of Brisk talk of a line of tradition extending "from Moses at Sinai, to Joshua, to the Elders ... to the Vilna Gaon, to Rabbi Chaim Volozhiner, and then to the Soloveitchik dynasty."

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaim_Soloveitchik (see bio)

Most scholars, however, begin the Soloveitchik dynasty with Rabbi Joseph Dov (HaLevi) Soloveitchik known as the Beis HaLevi (see below), as he was the first rabbi of Brisk surnamed Soloveitchik. More significantly, the "Brisker style" described below can already be found to some degree in the Beis HaLevi's works, which is not the case for earlier ancestors.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yosef_Dov_Soloveitchik_(Beis_Halevi) (see bio)

All members of the Soloveitchik family are descended from the tribe of Levi and thus sometimes go by the descriptor "HaLevi".

The surname "Soloveitchik", in fact, is Polish for "nightingale"; it was chosen by the family because the primary duty of the Levites in the Temple in Jerusalem was singing. (Note that the surname "Soloveitchik" can be spelled either as presented, or as "Soloveichik", without the "t".



See http://rapaport-heb.blogspot.com/

I corrected the name Rapoport to Rappaport

This fits theHebrew spelling and the explanation in the above site



There is a clear mistake here. On the signs it says (in Hebrew) that his father is called Nachman

על השלטים כתוב ששם אביו נחמן This is the grave of his grandfather Rabbi Simcha Hagadol HaCohen Rappaport, ABD Lwow


A descendent of the great rabbi, Abraham Menachem son of R. Ya´akov Rappa of Porto, author of Mincha Belulah´´ - the partriarch of the Rapaport family. [Shalshelet Zahav]

About שמחה הגדול הכהן רפאפורט , רב של דובנא הורודנא ולובלין (עברית)

הגאון מוה' שמחה הכהן ראפפורט

בשנת תע"ח לאחר

פטירת הגאון מאוה"ג חכם צבי ז"ל בלבוב ביום ב׳ דר"ח אייר תע"ח לפ"ק קראו ראשי

ומנהיגי העדה דשם את הגאון רבינו שמחה הכהן הנ"ל לבוא אליהם לכהן פאר בעדתם,

ולהיות אב"ד ור"מ בק"ק לבוב והגליל, למלאות מקום הגאון חכם צבי ז"ל, והגאון

מוה' שמחה קבל המשרה הנכבדה הזאת, כי חפץ לשבת על כסא אבי אמו הגאון

מוה' יוסף במוה' אליקים געץ ז"ל שהי' מקודם אב"ד בלבוב ויצא הגאון מעירנו וילך

לבובה קרית משוש תפארתו ״ אבל לדאבון נפשו לא נהקיימה מחשבתו כי חלה באם

הדרך ונפטר והלך לעולמו בעיר שעברשין ביום ז' אב תע"ח לפ"ק

עיר דובנא ורבניה

הג"מ שמחה כץ ר"פ אב"ד דובנא הוראדני לבוב

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Rabbi Simcha Hagadol HaCohen Rappaport, ABD Lwow's Timeline

L'viv, L'vivs'ka oblast, Ukraine
Dubno or Grodno
November 27, 1699
Lviv, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine
Lviv, Ukriane
Slutsk, Minsk, Belarus
Slutsk, Minsk, Belarus
August 4, 1718
Age 68
Szczebrzeszyn, Lublin, Poland