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Richard Southworth, Knight

Псевдоним: "Sir Richard Southward"
Дата рождения: (52)
Место рождения: Samlesbury, Lancashire, England
Смерть: 21 декабря 1472 (48-56)
Samlesbury, Lancashire, England
Ближайшие родственники:

Сын Sir Thomas Southworth, Kt. и Joanna (de Boothe) Southworth
Муж Elizabeth Southworth
Отец Sir Christopher Southworth, of Salmesbury; Mary Southworth; Anne Southworth; Elizabeth Southworth; Margaret Southworth и ещё 2
Брат Elizabeth Holland; Sir John de Southworth и Gilbert de Southworth

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About Sir Richard Southworth, of Salmesbury

  • Richard Southworth, Esq.1
  • M, #33868, b. 1410, d. 1472
  • Father Sir Thomas de Southworth b. 1393, d. 27 Apr 1432
  • Mother Jane Booth b. c 1386
  • Richard Southworth, Esq. married Elizabeth Molyneux, daughter of Sir Richard Molyneux and Joan Haydocke. Richard Southworth, Esq. was born in 1410 at of Samlesbury, Lancashire, England. He died in 1472.
  • Family Elizabeth Molyneux
  • Children
    • Jane Southworth+
    • Sir Christopher Southworth+ b. c 1443, d. 12 Aug 1502
  • Citations
  • 1.[S10558] Unknown author, Burke's Commoners, Vol. II, p. 263.
  • From:


  • Richard Southworth1
  • M, #545403
  • Last Edited=4 Oct 2011
  • Child of Richard Southworth
    • 1.Jane Southworth+2
  • Citations
  • 1.[S37] BP2003 volume 2, page 2991. See link for full details for this source. Hereinafter cited as. [S37]
  • 2.[S37] BP2003. [S37]
  • From:


  • Sir Thomas Southworth of Samlesbury (b c1392, d 1432) - continued above m (1409) Joan Booth (dau of John Booth of Barton)
    • 1. Richard Southworth of Samlesbury (b c1420, d 1472) m. (1429) Elizabeth Molyneux (dau of Richard Molyneux of Sefton)
      • A. Sir Christopher Southworth of Samlesbury (d 1487) m. Isabel Dutton (dau of Thomas Dutton of Dutton, brother/coheir of John)
      • B. Juliana or Jane Southworth m. Sir Richard Towneley (d 1482)
      • C. Anne Southworth m. Sir Thomas Molyneux
      • D. Elizabeth Southworth m. Thomas Screven
      • E. Margaret Southworth m. Richard Vernon
      • F. Emma Southworth m. __ Cholmley
    • 2. John Southworth
  • Main source(s) Visitation (Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664-5, Southworth of Samlesbury) with some support/input from VCH (Lancashire, vol 6, Towneships - Samlesbury) and, for upper section only, from a family web site
  • From:


  • A genealogy of the Southworths (Southards), descendants of Constant Southworth : with a sketch of the family in England (1990)
  • Pg.412
  • Sir Thomas Southworth's heir was Richard de Southworth, who married Elizabeth Molineux, daughter of Richard Molineux, a descendant of William des Molines, one of the Norman nobles who came to England with William the Conqueror.
  • Sir Christopher de Southworth succeeded his father Richard, as Lord of Samlesbury. He married isabel Dutton, daughter of Sir Thomas Dutton of Dutton, whose descent from eight of the barons who were sureties for the observation of the Magna Charta is given in "The Magna Charta Barons."*

Sir John Southworth, son and heir of Sir Christopher, married Helen Langton, daughter of Sir Richard Langton. The descent of Helen Langton is in part the same as that of Margaret Hoghton and is given later in detail, being of more than usual interest. Sir John died in 1519. .... etc.

  • Pg.425
  • SIR GILBERT DE SOUTHWORTH m., before 1332, Alicia D'Ewyas.
  • SIR JOHN DE SOUTHWORTH, d. Octobert, 1415, at seige of Harfleur; m. Margaret, dau. of Sir Richard de Houghton.*
  • SIR THOMAS DE SOUTHWORTH, b. 1393; d. 27 April, 1432; m. Johan, wid. of Thomas Sherburne, Knt., dau. of John de Bothe.
  • RICHARD DE SOUTHWORTH, b. 1420; d. 21 Dec., 1467 [1, pp. 658-661]; m. Elizabeth Molineux, dau. of Richard and Joan (Haydock) Molineux [1, p. 205].
  • SIR CHRISTOPHER DE SOUTHWORTH, d. 18 Henry VIII; m. Isabel Dutton, dau. of and coheir of Sir Thomas Dutton of Dutton, Co. Chester, by his first wife, Ann, dau. of James, Lord Audley
  • Pg.426
  • [61. p. 712]. Sir Christopher was knighted on his expedition to Scotland in 1482 [1, p. 658]. Sir Thomas Dutton was son and heir of John Dutton, Esq., who m. Margaret Savage, dau. of Sir John Savage, of Clifton [82].
  • SIR JOHN SOUTHWORTH, d. 1519; m. Helen Langton, dau. of Sir Richard Langton, baron of Newton and Lord of Walton-le-Dale, and Isabel Gerrard. Helen was of royal descent, from the same ancestors as Margaret Hoghton. Their oldest son was Thomas; the second son was Christopher. See page 420.


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Хронология Sir Richard Southworth, of Salmesbury

Samlesbury, Lancashire, England
Возраст 23
Samlesbury, Lancashire, England
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Hoghton, Lancashire, , England
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Samlesbury, Lancashire, UK
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Salmesbury, Lancashire, , England
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Salmesbury, Lancashire, , England
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Samlesbury, Lancashire, UK
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Blackburn, Lancashire, , England
21 декабря 1467
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