Sir Robert Erskine of that ilk, 1st Lord Erskine

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Geni профиль Sir Robert Erskine of that ilk, 1st Lord Erskine

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Robert Erskine, 1st Lord Erskine

Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Sinton,,Selkirkshire,Scotland
Смерть: Умер в Sinton,,Selkirkshire,Scotland
Ближайшие родственники:

Сын Sir Thomas Erskine, 2nd Lord Erskine, 13th Earl of Mar и Janet Keith of Syntoun
Муж Margaret Stewart и Elizabeth Lindsay, of Crawford
Отец Janet Erskine; John Erskine; Malcolm Erskine; Thomas Erskine 2nd Lord Erskine и Christian Erskine
Брат Margaret Erskine; John Erskine, 1st of Dun и Elizabeth Erskine
Полукровный брат Hugh Barclay и Margaret Barclay

Менеджер: James Fred Patin, Jr.
Последнее обновление:

About Sir Robert Erskine of that ilk, 1st Lord Erskine

ROBERT ERSKINE; s. and h. of Sir Thomas E. of that ilk [i.e. Erskine, on the Clyde] (d. between Martinmas [11 Nov.] 1403 and Whitsunday [18 May] 1404), by Janet,1 widow of Sir David Barclay, of Brechin, and probably dau. and h. of Sir Edward Keith, of Syntoun; knighted before 20 Dec.1400; was taken prisoner at the battle of Homildon, 14 Sep. 1402; was one of the hostages for the ransom of King James in 1424, when his revenue was estimated at 1,ooo marks, being set at liberty 19 June 1425. He was made a Lord of Parl.,2 as LORD ERSKINE in or shortly before 1433.3 Soon after the death (1435) of Alexander, husband of Isabel,Countess of Mar (to which Alexander and his heirs by her that Earldom 4 had been resigned), Lord Erskine was served h. to the said Countess Isabel, and having had seizin 21 Nov. 1438, assumed the title of EARL OF MAR. He m., soon after 20 Dec. 1400,5 Elizabeth, dau. of David (LINDSAY), 1st EARL OF CRAWFORD, by Elizabeth, dau. of ROBERT II. He d. between 7 Sept. 1451 and 6 Nov. 1452.

Father of Thomas Erskine, 2nd Lord Erskine (d. 1494),_2nd_Lord_Erskine

Sir Robert Erskine, knight, was one of the hostages for the ransom of James the First in 1424. On the death of Alexander, earl of Mar, in 1435, he claimed that title in right of his mother, and assumed the title of earl of Mar, but the king unjustly kept him out of possession. He died in 1453.

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Хронология Sir Robert Erskine of that ilk, 1st Lord Erskine

март 1405
Возраст 37
Glenesk, Angusshire, Scotland
Возраст 39
Glenesk, Angus, Scotland
Возраст 46
Возраст 50
Erskine, Renfrewshire, UK
6 ноября 1452
Возраст 84
Marshal of Scotland