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Robert Howard

Дата рождения: (41)
Место рождения: Syon House, London, Middlesex, England
Смерть: 1578 (40)
Tybbenham, Norfolk, England
Место погребения: Tybbenham, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom
Ближайшие родственники:

Сын Father of Sir Robert Howard и Mother of Sir Robert Howard
Муж Phillipa Howard и Margaret Howard
Отец John Howard, Sr.; Elizabeth Burlingame; Robert Howard; Joan Ockley; Thomas Howard и ещё 7

Профессия: Knight
Менеджер: Private User
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Ближайшие родственники

About Sir Robert Howard, Kt.

Edited by Angus Wood-Salomon Mar 3rd 2014:

On the advice of June Tapsell and Justin Swanstrom I have removed the parents of Robert Howard..

June wrote."My opinion of James E. Moss's Providence Ye Lost Towne at Severn is that he linked the ancestry of Matthew Howard of Maryland to Lord Thomas Howard by heresay. He provides no concrete historical proof of what he writes about. Where is it proclaimed that James I recognized his descendants? I have yet to talk to a qualified historian who believes that Robert Howard was the son of Lady Margaret Douglas and Lord Thomas Howard. Until proven otherwise, it is all rubbish. Amen.

Justin wrote " There is no evidence about his ancestry. He used the Howard coat of arms and there is no reason to doubt he was related to them somehow, but no one knows how. You might want to consider disconnecting his parents.

This Matthew was the male line ancestor of my best friend in high school and college. He and I did a lot of work trying to find the connection, but ultimately figured out that the claims are wrong and the proof doesn't exist."


  • Family records (1897) Vol.1 by Ashworth P. Burke
  • https://archive.org/details/familyrecords01burk
  • https://archive.org/stream/familyrecords01burk#page/n530/mode/1up
  • Pg.254
  • ROBERT HOWARD, of Brockdish, son of SIR JOHN HOWARD, Knt., who purchased the manor of Brockdish, 1457, and Alce, his wife, left by Isabel, his wife,
    • I. WILLIAM, whom presently. II. Richard. III. Henry. IV. John.
    • I. Christian. II. Margaret. III. Joane.
  • The eldest son.
  • WILLIAM HOWARD, of Brockdish, had by Alce, his first wife. I. Richard, d. young ; and I. Alce, d. young. He left by Margaret, his second wife, II. ROBERT, of whom presently, and II. Margaret. The only surviving: son,
  • ROBERT HOWARD, of Brockdish. left by Joan, his wife (with three daus., one m. to M. Le Grys. of Billingford, another m. Underwood, of Dickleborough, and a third m. — Lynsey, ot Suffolk), two sons,
    • I. THOMAS, of whom presently. ll. William. who had issue, two sons,
      • 1. John, m. the dau. of — Tutshall, of Barham, and left three daus, and co-heirs, Grace. d. unm. ; Elizabeth, m. John Knapp, of Brockdish; and Margaret, m. — Hynson.
      • 2. William, m. but d.s.p.
  • The elder son,
  • THOMAS HOWARD, of Brockdish, m. Alice Wyth, and left issue,
    • I. ROBERT, of whom presently.
    • II. William, m. the dau. of — Rout, and widow of — Rickinghall, and left issue, Robert, m. a dau. of — Crickmore, and had a son, Robert, who m. a dau. of — Shepard, and had issue.
    • Alce, m. — Puller.
  • The elder son,
  • ROBERT HOWARD, of Brockdish, m. Phillippa, dau. of Thomas Buxton, of Tydenham, and had issue,
    • I. Robert, m. 1st, Grace, dau. of Robert Buxton, of Tydenham, and had issue, 1. Robert; 2. John, d. young; 3. Henry, d. young; and 1. Grace, d. young. He m. 2ndly, Mary. dau. of William Steward, of Swarston, and by her had issue, 2. Mary. He m. 3rdly, Grace, dau. of Arthur Penning, of Kettleborough, and widow ot Francis Honings, of Eye, and by her had two sons.
    • II. Thomas, m. Anne, dau. of Henry Burllngham, of Burstow, and had issue, 1. Robert; and 2. Henry, m. the dau. of John Buxton, of Dickleborough, and widow of John Gostlen, and had issue, four sons and three daus.
    • III. John, m. a dau. of — Lock, and had issue, eight children.
    • IV. William, m. Alce Pratt, and had issue, 1. Robert; 2. Thomas; and 1. Mary.
    • V. Edward, d.s p.
    • VI. Philip, m. Joane, dau. of — Marriott, of Eye, and had issue, 1. Robert; 2. Philip; and 3. Henry.
    • https://archive.org/stream/familyrecords01burk#page/n532/mode/1up
    • Pg.255
    • VII. MATTHEW, of whom presently.
    • I. Elizabeth, m. --- Foyster, and had issue.
    • II. Sarah, m. John Pearse, of Syleham, and d.s.p.
    • III. Joane, m. Richard Ockley, of New Buckenham, and had issue.
    • IV. Anne, m. John Edwards, of Tydenham, and had issue.
  • The youngest son,
  • MATTHEW HOWARD, left issue, two sons and three daus.,
    • I. Samuel, m. Rebecca, dau. of — Farnihough, of London, and had issue, 1. Matthew ; and 2. Andrew.
    • II. MATTHEW, of whom presently.
    • I. Sarah, m. Major Huntington.
    • II. Rebecca, m. — King.
    • III. Hannah, m. Henry Crowe, of Norwich.
  • The younger son,
  • MATTHEW HOWARD, m. Sarah, dau. of William Burrough, of Suffolk, and had iasue,
    • I. SAMUEL, of whom presently.
    • II. Matthew, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Ralph Bucknall, and had issue,
      • 1. Bucknall, m. Rebecca, dau. of Benett Metcalfe, and had issue, Matthew.
      • 2. Samuel, left by Mary, his wife, Samuel, Matthew, Hannah, and Mary.
      • 1. Elizabeth.
      • 2. Sarah, m. John Cremer.
  • The elder son,
  • SAMUEL HOWARD, m. Hannah, dau. of August Mumford, of London, and had issue,
    • I. Matthew, m. Britannia, dau. of Thomas Cole, and had issue,
      • 1. Thomas, d. young, 1715.
      • 1. Elizabeth, m. Edward Rudge, of Wheatfield, Oxon.
      • 2. Britannia, d. unm.
      • 3. Hannah, m. John, Earl of Rothes, and had issue.
    • II. Samuel, d. young.
    • III. RICHARD. of whom presently.
    • I. Sarah, d. young, 1700.
    • II. . Hannah, d. young, 1703.
  • The third son,
  • RICHARD HOWARD, m. Mary, dau. of P. Le Pipre, and by her, who m. 2ndly, — Yyner, had issue, a son,
  • SAMUEL HOWARD, of Brockdish, m. 1st, Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Vere, M.P. for Norwich, and by her had issue,
  • Vere, d. young, 1742.
  • He m. 2ndly, Elizabeth, dau. and co-heiress of Thomas Spendlove, of Norwich, and d. 29 July. 1749, having issue, two daus. and co-heiresses,
    • I. Elizabeth, m. P. Forster, of Hedenham, and d. Jan. 1810.
    • II. MARY, of whom we treat.
  • The younger dau. and co-heiress,
  • MARY HOWARD, b. 27 May, 1749, m. as his second wife, 1780, BRAMPTON GURDON, of Letton, Norfolk (see BURKE'S Landed Gentry), who assumed the name of DILLINGHAM, and d. 1821, having by him, who d. 1823, had issue, an only dau. and heiress,
  • MARY HOWARD, m. 4 May, 1810 (as in the text), Mr. Serjeant William Frere, and had issue.


Perhaps the best work on linking Matthew Howard's family back to the Duke of Norfolk Howards is the following book:

Moss, James E., "Providence Ye Lost Towne At Severn", Maryland Historical

Society, Baltimore, Maryland, 1976

The bulk of the book can be categorized as historical - deals

with the Howards and related families; Mr. Moss provides a great deal of

historical and genealogical background in the back of his book. This is well worth

locating via inter-library loan.


James E. Moss' "Providence Ye Lost Towne At Severn" ... Mr. Moss' research links the ancestry of Matthew Howard (of Maryland) to Lord Thomas Howard (circa 1513 - 1537) and his wife, Lady Margaret Douglas (1515 - 1578). Lord Thomas Howard was the son of Thomas Howard, Earl of Surrey and 2nd Duke of Norfolk (1443 - 1524), and his second wife, Agnes Tilney (? - 1545). He was the secretary to the infant Princess, later Queen, Elizabeth. While he was the secretary to the infant Princess, Thomas Howard met and fell in love with Princess Margaret Douglas, daughter of Queen Margaret of Scotland (sister of King Henry VIII). Margaret was the First Lady-in Waiting to Princess Elizabeth.

   On Easter Day, 16 April 1536, they became betrothed.  In England at that time, a betrothal was the equivalent of marriage, although it was customary to formalize the marriage with a church wedding, this was not required until the Council of Trent in 1563.
  The marriage did not set well with the King, Henry VIII.  Because Henry VIII did not have a male heir, any male issue from this marriage would be a potential successor to the throne.  Accordingly, Henry VIII had Thomas Howard imprisoned in the Tower of London on 8 July 1536 and charged with High Treason.  The charge of High Treason would crush any claim that Lady Margaret might have to the throne and mark any of her children as illegitimate. One cannot underestimate the Tudor desire to destroy Lady Margaret's claim to the throne of England.  It was a particularly touchy issue for the Tudors, especially if Princess Mary and Princess Elizabeth were declared illegitimate by the Church as a result of Henry VIII's divorce of Catherine of Aragon. 
  Lady Margaret, refusing to abandon her husband which, per the Royal Marriage Act, would have secured her freedom, was also sent to the Tower on 18 July.  Being "overcome with worry and melancolia" ... i.e., pregnant ...the King's physician, Dr. Cromer, recommended that Lady Margaret be moved to Syon House, a monastery.  She was transferred from the Tower on 10 November. It is here that her son, Robert, was born.  Apparently, his birth was known to but a few and he was sent to his Uncle Thomas's estate to be raised as his son.  Note that Thomas Howard had another brother from a different mother also named Thomas.
  Subsequently, Queen Jane Seymore bore Henry VIII a son, Edward VI, and the threat to the Tudor succession was removed.  Lady Margaret was restored to her honors and returned to court.  Unfortunately, her husband Thomas soon thereafter died of natural causes in the Tower.  
  Robert Howard was the only child of Lord Thomas Howard and Princess Margaret Douglas.  He was raised quietly by his uncle, Thomas Howard at Brockdish Manor, Burston, Norfolk County, as his son until the Tudor threat was removed by the death of Queen Elizabeth in 1603 and the ascension of James IV of Scotland onto the English throne as James I.
  He resided at Brockdish Manor until the fall of 1585.  He then moved to Pelham Manor, Kenninghall, Norfolk County, located approximately 30 miles southwest of Norwich, Norfolk County. 

Robert Howard's descendents were recognized by James I after his succession to the throne.




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Хронология Sir Robert Howard, Kt.

5 января 1537
London, Middlesex, England
3 апреля 1578
Возраст 41
Tybbenham, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom
1 декабря 1578
Возраст 41
Brockdish Hall, Norfolk, England
Возраст 41
Tybbenham, Norfolk, England
Возраст 41
Ketteringham, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom