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William Morgan, Kt.

Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Llandorf, Glamorganshire, Wales
Смерть: Умер в Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales
Ближайшие родственники:

Сын Rowland Morgan, Lord of Castell-Arnallt и Blanch Thomas
Отец John Morgan
Брат Thomas Morgan, of Machen and Tredegar, MP; Henry Morgan; Anne Morgan; Mary Lewis; Elizabeth Kemeys и ещё 1

Менеджер: Private User
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About Sir William Morgan, Kt.


  • The pedigree ends with this painting, the heraldic "achievement" of Sir William Morgan. One year after the preparation of this pedigree in 1612, Sir William became Sheriff of the county and in 1628 was a Member of Parliament. He died in 1653.
  • From: http://www.data-wales.co.uk/ped_1612.htm


  • The next Morgan lineage in our family does not go back quite as far. This family can be traced back to a man named WILLIAM MORGAN, born around 1550. He married a woman named CWLADIS. All we really know about this man is that he was born about 500 years after Bleddri, but where his line veered off from the one listed above is unknown. William and Cwladis had a son, also named WILLIAM MORGAN, in the village of Llandaff, Glamorganshire, in 1582.
  • In 1606, William II, a merchant of Dderw (Thurrow), married Elizabeth. It must have been nice for Elizabeth to get married but not have to change her last name. Anyway, this union gave us many famous descendants (beyond us, I mean): Millard Fillmore, John Robbinson Jeffers, John Pierpont (J.P.) Morgan, General John Hunt Morgan, Archibald MacLeish, Humphrey Bogart, Thomas Lanier ("Tennessee") Williams, and Princess Diana Spencer and her sons.
  • William and Elizabeth moved to Bristol, and so our two Morgan lines merged back into one. Together William Morgan and Elizabeth Morgan had three sons that we know of, and possibly a daughter named BLANCHE: ....
  • From: http://hausegenealogy.com/morgan.html


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Хронология Sir William Morgan, Kt.

Llandorf, Glamorganshire, Wales
Возраст 30
Southwark, Surrey, England
Возраст 72
Cardiff, Glamorganshire, Wales