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Sten Turesson, till Örby

Also Known As: "(Bielke)", "Bielke"
Death: June 27, 1431 (46-55)
Place of Burial: Vadstena, Östergötland County, Sweden
Immediate Family:

Son of Ture Bengtsson, till Örby (Bielke) and Margareta Arvidsdotter (Sparre av Vik)
Husband of Margareta Karlsdotter (Sparre av Tofta) and Agneta Eriksdotter Krummedige
Father of Birgitta Stensdotter Bielke; Ture Stensson (Bielke); Katarina Stensdotter, till Vik (Bielke); Knut Stensson (Bielke) and Margareta Stensdotter (Bielke)

Occupation: Riksråd
Managed by: Sveneric Rosell
Last Updated:

About Sten Turesson, till Örby (Bielke)

Sten Turesson (Bielke)

  • Sten Turesson (Bielke), son of B. 6 , f. Probably around 1380, d. 1431 (buried in Vadstena Sept. 8). National Council by 1422 (on the other hand never became a knight); chieftain to Piksborg from 1426.


Sten Turesson (son of Ture Bengtsson, to Örby and Vik in the Balingsta parish, both of whom belonged to his mother's family, Ekholmen in the Veckholm parish, which he obtained through his 1st marriage, both in Uppsala county, and from 1419 Fogelvik in Tryserums parish, Kalmar county. Was resident at Ekholmen 1414. Riksråd latest 1422. Hövidsman at Piksborg 1426-02-02. Died 1431 before 27/6 and buried 1431-09-08 in Vadstena. He was later King Karl Knutsson's guardian and foster father. Married (1st) in 1414 with Margareta Karlsdotter (Sparre av Tofta) , in her 2nd marriage [married 1st: 1408 with the knight and chief at Turku Knut Tordsson Bonde, died in 1413 and in this married mother of King Karl Knutsson], died about 1428, daughter of the knight, the Swedish Council and Marshal, the lawyer in Uppland Karl Ulfsson ( Sparre av Tofta ) to Tofta and Helena Israelsdotter ( Finstaätten ). Married (2) o probably 1429 with Agneta Eriksdotter Krummedige, in her 1st marriage (married 2: o with Axel Nilsson to Barsebek), death (Bbl.) Between 1452-09-14 and 1453-06-01, daughter of the Danish national court master and the Swedish Council of Representatives Erik Krummedige to Tranekärr and his 1st wife Beata von Thienen . She owned Örby, which she sold to her sister Johan Kristersson ( Vasa ) (Bbl.) In 1451 .

Children with Margareta Karlsdotter (Sparre av Tofta)

Sten had two sons and three daughters, all born in marriage to Margareta Karlsdotter (sparrow)

  • Birgitta Stensdotter (Bielke); to Ekholmen after brother Knut Stensson's death 1451 (Bbl.) Lived 1461-01-02 but was dead (Bbl.) 1464-06-04. Married 1st before 1438-08-29 with the knight, the national council and the governor of Kalmar castle Gustaf Anundsson Sture, dead 1444 (Pt XXI p. 103), and in this married mother of the governor Sten Sture d. o before 1446-12-02 with the knight, the national council and the lawman of Uppland Gustaf Karlsson (gum head) to Ekholmen, in his 2nd marriage [married 1st with Märta Karlsdotter. Married 3: o 1474 to Ingeborg Filipsdotter, daughter of Filip Axelsson (Tott)], Deceased 1486-07-26.
  • Ture Stensson, (Bielke); born about 1416. Arms. Council of Ministers 1436. Teamman in Uppland 1438-03-06 and also chief magistrate at Älvsborg in the beginning of the year 1439. Resumed a Norwegian attack on this fortress in the summer of 1439. Then participated in the autumn of 1439 in the day of the reign in Telge (Bbl.), Where King Erik was finally deposed, and then accompanied his half-brother, Deputy Governor Karl Knutsson on his journey to Kalmar, but fell ill just south of Nyköping and died after a few days, probably (1439) 23/10 and buried 1439-10-29 in Vadstena (Bbl .).
  • Katarina Stensdotter (Bielke); to Vik, lived widow 1458. Married 1438-10-00 with the Danish knight and the national council Klaus Nilsson ( Sparre av Ellinge ), to Ellinge in Skåne, lived 1449, but was dead 1452-02.
  • Knut Stensson (Bielke), to Ekholmen. Became a knight at King Kristoff's coronation 1441. Council of Ministers. Obtained at Karl Knutsson's ascension to Axvall Castle, but soon exchanged it for Nyköping Castle and County (Bbl.). Lawman in Uppland 1450. Died 1451 and buried 1451-11-11 in Vadstena. Married [? 1: o with Kerstin Knutsdotter , daughter of Knut Bengtsson (Blå) to Arnäs. Married 2nd: with Elin Gustafsdotter in her 1st marriage [married 2nd before 1455 with the knight and the governor Erik Axelsson (Tott), dead just before 1481-03-28]. Lived 1494-07-15 but was dead 1496-06-02, daughter of the knight and the national council Gustaf Algotsson ( Sture ) to Ängsö and Lagmansö and his 2nd wife Märta Ullsdotter ( Sparre av Hjulsta and Ängsö ).
  • Margareta Stensdotter (Bielke), died 1439. Married at the latest by 1436 (Bbl.) With the Swedish National Council and the Governor of Stegeborg Nils Stensson ( Night and Day ), died 1439-10-00 in Norrköping (SK.). -

Children with Agneta Eriksdotter Krummedige

  • Two sons and one daughter, dead young.

List of Swedish Diplomatarium's Medieval Letters from

SDHK No: 20415

Swedish Diplomatarium's main directory of medieval letters

  • Dating: 1425 January 26, Issue: Ekholm

Sten Turesson gives Harald Olofsson a letter of receipt on the accounts he has presented for the administration of Örby.

Margareta Karlsdotter, wife of Sten Turason seals. -

SDHK No:19210

Swedish Diplomatarium's main directory of medieval letters

  • Dating: 1419 January 25, of Issue: Uppsala

The gunman Sten Turesson agrees with his wife Margareta Karlsdotter's consent and with certain conditions to two prebendas in Uppsala Cathedral land in the following farms, namely in Vallby, "Endista" and Fantebo in Viksta sn, Norunda hd, in "Alsekeby" and Kibrunna in Ramsta sn , in Norsta, "Bærby" and "Bersta" in Balingsta sn and in Brunna (?), as well as a mill in Tensta sn, Norunda hd. -

SDHK No: 20589

Swedish Diplomatarium's main directory of medieval letters

  • Dating: 1425 October 25

Sten Turesson (Bielke) sells, with his wife Margareta Karlsdotter (Sparre av Tofta) and her stepson Karl Knutsson (Bonde) as co-sigilants, to Kristiern Nilsson (Vaasa) land in Håbo and Sollentuna herds in Uppland, Snevringe herad in Västmanland, and Väster - and the Austrians are hardening in Södermanland, for a total of DKK 2318. SDHK No: 25494, Archbishop Jöns i Uppsala, Margareta Eriksdotter, widow of Kristiern Nilsson, Erik Nipertz, Erik Turesson and Kristiern Bengtsson , knight, attest that they and other Messrs. Kristiern's heirs collected stated sums for goods, which King Karl repurchased by Mr Kristiern, and as Kristiern Nilsson acquired on various occasions by Mr. Sten Turesson, Mrs. Margareta (King Charles's mother) and Karl Bonde, namely: 3 land land in Tofta on Alsnö and more for 400 English nobles (SDHK no. 20986 ); 3 farms in Rumby in Ed's parish and more for FIM 2,318 (SDHK no. 20589 ); 3 farms in Hummelsta and more for 50 English nobles (SDHK no. 21545 ); land in Sparrsätra church village and more for 220 English nobles (SDHK no. 21009); land in Lundersta in Fittja parish and more for 150 English nobles (SDHK no. 21410 ); farms in Limsta and more in Irsta parish for 200 Swedish marks (letter missing; SDHK no. 44741 ) and in Sylta in the same parish for 28 barrels of iron (SDHK no. 20604 ); a farm in Västerås for 2 1/2 read iron (letter missing; SDHK no 44742 ) -

SDHK No: 20056

Swedish Diplomatarium's main directory of medieval letters

  • Dating: 1423 April 8, of Issue: Stäkeholm (Stegeholm)

Sten Turesson and his wife Margareta Karlsdotter join Jeppe Petersson Skytte and his wife Katarina Fickesdotter farms and land in Glo (Ö. Eds sn), in Slätvik in Tryserums parish and in Tingstad in Lofta parish against other land in Äskevarp, Bankeböta, Björnvarp, Västanbäck and more in Tryserums parish. 5 seals, 1 strip, 1 notch -

SDHK No: 24802

Swedish Diplomatarium's main directory of medieval letters

  • Dating: 1445 September 14, of Issue: Copenhagen

Agneta Eriksdotter, widow of Sten Turesson, and Knut Stenson, knight , presents to Archbishop Nicolaus in Uppsala Nicolaus Johannis to receive Vendel's parish church after the deceased Mr. Ingevald. -


Sten, which is mentioned for the first time on May 19, 1399, in preserved documents, never came to play any particularly prominent political role but rarely participated in Nordic Grand Duchy assemblies and Swedish council meetings. If one disregards that he is after his cousin Ture Stensson(see above 7) Death was chieftain of the Småland fortress Piksborg, he should have mainly devoted himself to the care of his individual earthly goods. These were many and significant. Thus he owned Viks, Örby and Ekholmens farms in Uppland, of which the first two had originally belonged to his mother's family, while Ekholmen joined him through the marriage with the notorious Karl Ulfssons to Tofta daughter. In addition, from 1419 he had Fågelvik in Småland, but the estate, which was also owned by Karl Ulfsson, came at the inheritance after S's first wife in 1429 to move to her son in the previous married, later King Karl Knutsson, whose guardian and foster father S. had been. - In keeping with his family's traditions, S. faced generosity against spiritual foundations. So for example. In 1419 he founded the wish of two prebends in Uppsala Cathedral in connection with his father's lifetime, and in Vadstena's monastery he is praised as a special benefactor of Birgitta's creation. On the other hand, he became the involuntary instigator of another monastery's abomination: according to a note from Stockholm Franciscan's calendar, he caused, through his "ignorantia", the latter monastery's fire an October night in 1424.

Of Stens children, two sons and three daughters, all born in marriage to Margareta Karlsdotter and thus half-siblings of King Karl Knutsson, reached mature age. The most significant of the sons was Ture Stensson, b. About 1416, d. 1439. During his later years he made himself very noted as one of Karl Knutsson's closest friends and confidants and participated diligently in the many ranks of 1435—39, from 1436 as a member by the National Council. Lagman in Uppland from 1437 or 1438, he was also introduced at the beginning of 1439 by Karl Knutsson as chieftain of the important Älvsborg, where in the following summer he triumphantly fought against a Norwegian siege army who wanted to recover the West Swedish fortress for King Erik but who at last as a result of the young palace chieftain's good-natured and valiant behavior with the great man pile must retreat. After this event, which is drastically and vividly portrayed in the Karl Skronikan, Ture Stensson made in the fall of 1439 to Karl Knutsson's summit in Tälge, where King Erik was definitely deposed. So, the Riksbank, along with his young half-brother, took a trip to Kalmar to take this castle into his possession. However, after traveling on a journey south of Nyköping, Ture Stensson fell short of time and died after a couple of days, probably October 23. (he was buried in Vadstena Oct 29). The writer of the Christian chronicle, who may have been close to him during his lifetime, interprets in seemingly personally known words the profound grief of Karl Knutsson and the whole of the Swedish people over the hopeful youngster's passing and characterizes him in this context as a "hero, male both in storm and battle "and abstained from everyone with whom he touched. Ture's probably younger brother Knut Stensson, d. 1451 (buried Nov. 11), became a knight at King Kristoffers crown 1441 and each later a national council and (probably 1450) lawyer in Uppland. After having received Axvall's castle county at Karl Knutsson's throne climb, he soon exchanged this (probably 1450) against Nyköping's castle and county. Married to Elin Gustavsdotter (Sture), who after his death (probably at the end of 1452 or at the beginning of 1453) remarried with later the Riksbank Erik Axelsson (Tott), he left as little as Ture Stensson had some children. Of the three sisters, Margareta Stensdotter was probably the oldest. She married in 1436 with Nils Stensson (Night and Day), the end of 1439, and would have survived her husband but was dead in 1451. Sister Birgitta Stensdotter, between 2 Jan. 1461 and June 4, 1464, stayed in before 29 August. 1438 entered into marriage with the knight and the government council Gustav Sture, d. 1444, mother of the governor Sten Sture d. Ä. Since she married in 1445 or 1446 with the knight and the national council Gustav Karlsson (gumsehuvud), she came through the brother Knut Stensson's death in 1451 in possession by Ekholmen, who has been his seat farm. At the same time, of S's other earthly goods, Vik went to the youngest daughter K.atarina Stensdotter, who in October. In 1438, the Danish knight and the national council Klas Nilsson (sparre) to Ällinge in Skåne and after his death 1458 lived at Vik. Örby, on the other hand, came to belong to their mother, S widow Agneta Eriksdotter, after S's trained child in the later marriage of the late age.

Source - Swedish biographical dictionary -


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About Sten Turesson, till Örby (Bielke) (Svenska)

Sten Turesson (Bielke)

Sten Turesson (Bielke), född omkring 1380, död 1431, var ett svenskt riksråd, herre till Örby i Vendels socken. Han var son till Ture Bengtsson (Bielke) och Margareta Arvidsdotter (Sparre). Fosterfar till Karl Knutsson (Bonde)

Gift första gången 1414 med Margareta Karlsdotter (Sparre av Tofta), och hade med henne bland annat dottern Birgitta Stensdotter (Bielke). Herr Sten blev änkling 1428 och året därefter gifte han om sig med Agneta Eriksdotter (Krummedige). Äktenskapet blev barnlöst och Agneta övertog bland annat Örby efter maken.

Riksråd , Var styvfar till Kung Karl Knutsson Bonde

Möjlig son Ture Stensson Bielke ( f 1416 d 1439 son till Sten Turesson (Bielke) ) lagman 1438 i Uppland

Ture Stensson, född omkring 1416. Väpnare. Riksråd 1436. Lagman i Uppland 1438-03-06 och tillika hövidsman på Älvsborg i början av år 1439. Tillbakaslog ett norskt anfall mot denna fästning på sommaren 1439. Deltog därefter på hösten 1439 i herredagen i Telge (Bbl.), där konung Erik definitivt avsattes, och åtföljde därefter sin halvbroder, riksföreståndaren Karl Knutsson på dennes färd till Kalmar, men insjuknade hastigt strax söder om Nyköping och dog efter ett par dagar, troligen (1439) 23/10 samt begraven 1439-10-29 i Vadstena (Bbl.). Utdrag från

SDHK-nr: 23050

Utfärdat: 14380829, (Söder-)Tälje Innehåll: Karl Knutsson, marsk i Sverige, Ture Stensson, lagman i Uppland samt Nils Stensson och Gustav Sture intygar att välborne Sten Turesson före sin död för sin och sin hustru Margareta Karlsdotters själar skänkt 7 örtugland jord i Brunnby, Brännkyrka socken, och 3 ½ örtugland jord i ”Åby” till Själakoret i Stockholm, såsom även Sten Turessons brev utvisar. Brevutfärdarna beseglar.

SDHK-nr: 23293

Utfärdat: 14391002, ”i Telgom” Innehåll: Ture Stenson, lagman i Uppland, intygar att välborna Fader Ulfsson och Gustav Larsson infunnit sig inför ärkebiskopen, marsken och rikets råd i Södertälje och tvistat om ett arv efter Olof Haraldsson. Gustav Larsson påstod att Ficke Olofsson hade givit sin syster Margareta, Gustavs hustru, full brodersdel i arvet efter fadern, och hänvisade till vittnen: Birger Trolle d. y., Matts Ödgislesson och ”gorfwen” ( = greven? = Hans von Ewersten?). Ärkebiskopen, marsken och rikets råd befallde då brevutfärdaren att utse en nämnd av 12 riddare och svenner. I denna satt riddarna Lars Ulfsson och Gottskalk Bengtsson samt väpnarna Bengt Jönsson, Erengisle Nilsson, Johan Karlsson (Färla), Otto Ulfsson, Bo Knutsson, Sten Petersson, Gustav Karlsson, Eskil Isaksson, Herman Rodenkirke och Nils Ingelsson. Då Gustav Larsson inte hade vare sig brev eller andra bevis hördes nyssnämnda vittnen, som intygade att de hört Ficke säga att han gett sin syster brorsdel. Då Gustav ålades att skaffa nya vittnen men inte kunde det tilldömdes Fader Ulfsson två tredjedelar av arvet på sin hustrus vägnar och Gustav Larsson en tredjedel.

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