Stigand, Archbishop of Canterbury

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Дата рождения:
Место рождения: East Anglia, England
Смерть: Умер
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Брат Æthelmær, Bishop of Elmham и NN

Менеджер: Джейсон Скотт Уил...
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About Stigand, Archbishop of Canterbury

Stigand (died 1072) was an English churchman in pre-Norman Conquest England. Stigand acted as an advisor to several members of the Anglo-Saxon and Norman English royal dynasties, serving six successive kings. Excommunicated by several popes for his pluralism in holding the two sees, or bishoprics, of Winchester and Canterbury concurrently, he was finally deposed in 1070, and his estates and personal wealth were confiscated by William the Conqueror. Stigand was imprisoned at Winchester, where he died without regaining his liberty.

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Хронология Stigand, Archbishop of Canterbury

East Anglia, England
22 февраля 1072
Возраст 77