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Susannah Cloward (Mendenhall)

Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Wilmington, New Castle, DE, US
Смерть: Умер в Moroni, Sanpete, Utah, USA
Место погребения: Moroni, Sanpete County, Utah, United States
Ближайшие родственники:

Дочь Thomas Mendenhall, I и Mary Ann Mendenhall
Жена Jacob Cloward, Jr.
Мать Jacob Albert Cloward; Lewis V Cloward; Thomas James Cloward; Mary Catherine Cloward; Joseph Willis Cloward и ещё 5
Сестра Edmond Mendenhall; Thomas Mendenhall, II; George Madison Mendenhall; Lewis Henry Mendenhall и Elizabeth Mendenhall

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About Susannah Cloward

Marriage: To Thomas Mendenhall on 30 September 1852 Provo, Utah, Utah Territory, United States

SUSANNAH MENDENHALL CLOWARD 20 September 1834 – 4 May 1909 (Written by Colleen Goodman, 2nd great-grand daughter)

Contributed By: betsygoodman1 · 22 November 2015 ·

Susannah Mendenhall was born 20 September 1834 in New Castle, Delaware to Thomas Mendenhall (b. 10 Mar 1806, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware; m.5 Sep 1883, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware; d. 2 Sep 1888, Dayton, Franklin, Idaho) and Mary Ann Sinex (b. 16 Sep 1812, Christiana, New Castle, Delaware; d. 27 Apr 1848, Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa). She was the first child of six children. The Mormon missionaries visited their community where their family listened to their message. Susannah was baptized and confirmed the same day by David Jorley in 28 Nov 1846. She was twelve years old. Her father, Thomas, joined in 1843 but her mother, Mary Ann, joined the same year as Susannah on 7 January 1846. Now that the Mendenhalls had joined the Church, Susannah's family had a great desire to join with the other saints in Nauvoo, Illinois so they moved there. As a young girl, Susannah grew up amid the trials of the saints but also had the great privilege of seeing the Nauvoo Temple built and was well acquainted with the Prophet Joseph Smith. (Ed. note: Since Susannah was baptized at age 12 in the year 1846, the Prophet would have already been dead. Her husband, Jacob Cloward, and his family did know the Prophet so the historian must have assumed that Susannah did, also.) Susannah's younger brother, Edmond, died at four years old while they were still in Nauvoo. The family, along with the other saints, gathered their belongings and prepared for the move westward. Susannah's mother was expecting her sixth baby at the time of the move. The baby, named Elizabeth, was born in February 1847 but she died two months later. The family moved on and arrived at Council Bluffs, Iowa. Susannah's mother, Mary Ann, became very ill and died on 27 April 1848. The family buried her at Council Bluffs by wrapping her in a blanket and placing her in an old hollow tree for a casket. This left Susannah, 13 years old, responsible for her three younger brothers while her father gathered supplies and prepared for the long journey to Salt Lake Valley. Two years later, while still in Council Bluffs, Susannah's father married Catherine Barton in March 1850.

Susannah met Jacob Cloward, Jr., fell in love, and was married on 5 December 1851.  She was seventeen years old.  They left for Utah with Jacob's brother, William's family, in 1852 as listed in an Unidentified Company:

Cloward, Jacob, Jr. (24) Cloward, Lenora Maria (2) Cloward, Rebecca Ann Searles (22) Cloward, Susannah Mendenhall (18) Cloward William (30)

Susannah and Jacob settled near Spanish Fork, Utah and then later moved to Moroni, Utah where they had a large farm and became a prominent farming family in Sanpete County. Susannah and Jacob had nine children:

BornDied Jacob Albert 6 Jun 18547 Feb 1913 Mary Catherine23 May 185625 Mar 1915 Thomas James21 Dec 185924 Sep 1917 Lewis21 Mar 18628 Oct 1943 Louisa Ann16 Aug 186428 Dec 1921 George Delbert23 May 186715 Feb 1936 Eleanor Marie16 Apr 18705 Oct 1928 Edmund12 Mar 187310 Mar 1874 Joseph Willis26 Dec 187825 Nov 1944

Her husband, Jacob, died 17 July 1883. Susannah's youngest child, Joseph, was only four years old at the time. Susannah and her family carried on with the farm in Moroni. Susannah lived seventeen years as a widow and died in Moroni, Utah on 4 May 1909. She was buried in the Moroni Cemetery.

  • Information for this history came from DUP histories, wagon train records, and census records.

Inscription: Lead Kindly Light, Susannah M. Cloward, born Sept. 20, 1834 in New Castle Co. Delaware. Died May 4, 1909 in Moroni, Utah.

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Хронология Susannah Cloward

20 сентября 1834
Wilmington, New Castle, DE, US
6 июня 1854
Возраст 19
Payson, Utah County, Utah, United States
23 мая 1856
Возраст 21
Spanish Fork, Utah, UT, US
23 декабря 1859
Возраст 25
Spanish Fork, Utah, UT, US
22 августа 1860
Возраст 25
21 марта 1862
Возраст 27
Payson, Utah, UT, US
16 августа 1864
Возраст 29
Salem, Utah, UT, US
Возраст 29
Возраст 29