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Susanna Hayden (unknown)

Псевдоним: "Susanna Nee", "Susannah Pullen", "Susanna Lyon of Dorchester"
Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Probably, England
Смерть: Умер в Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Ближайшие родственники:

Жена John Hayden, of Dorchester & Braintree
Мать Samuel Hayden; John Hayden, II; Joseph Hayden; Jonathan Hayden, Sr.; Hannah Paddleford и ещё 3

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About Susanna Hayden

John Hayden (ca 1609-b 1684) married, By about 1634 Susanna _____, who was named in his will, and had been his "faithful companion for many years"; there is no indication of any earlier wife, and she was very likely the mother of all his children. Since John Hayden was in Dorchester by 1632, and the eldest child was probably born about 1634, the marriage most likely took place in Dorchester. She died by 3 October 1684.


  1. JOHN, b. say 1634; m. Braintree 6 April 1660 Hannah Ames.
  2. JOSEPH, b. say 1636; a "distracted or possessed child" (provided for in father's will); d. by 4 April 1695.
  3. SAMUEL, b. say 1638; m. Braintree 28 October 1664 Hannah Thayer.
  4. JONATHAN, b. Braintree 19 May 1640; m. Braintree 20 April 1669 Elizabeth Ladd
  5. HANNAH, b. Braintree 2 September 1642; she was married and presumably deceased by the time of her father's will, having had at least two children; the identity of her husband is unknown, although a search of Braintree men of the right age might allow such an identification.
  6. EBENEZER, b. Braintree 12 September 1645; m. by 1673 Hannah _____ (eldest known child b. Milton 13 January 1673).
  7. NEHEMIAH, b. Braintree 14 February 1647[8]; m. Braintree [blank] March 1678[/9] Hannah Neale.


Name seen as Nee, "daughter of Edward Pullen, and "probably Susanna Lyon of Dorchester"


  1. Genealogies of the Families Of Braintree, Norfolk, Mass., 1640-1850 by Waldo Chamberlain Sprague, AB, Including the modern town of Randolph & Holbrook and the city of Quincy, after the separation from Braintree in 1792-3. New England Historic Genealogical Society. Card Page: 2210-2211


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Хронология Susanna Hayden

12 Мая 1635
Возраст 21
Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts, USA
Возраст 21
Braintree, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Возраст 22
Braintree, MA, USA
Возраст 26
Braintree, MA, USA
7 апреля 1642
Возраст 28
Braintree, Suffolk, Massachusetts
12 сентября 1645
Возраст 31
Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA
14 февраля 1648
Возраст 34
Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts, USA
9 февраля 1684
Возраст 70
Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts