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Thomas Brackett

Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Strawberry Bank, Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Смерть: Умер в Falmouth, Cumberland, Maine
Причина смерти: Killed by Indians
Место погребения: Falmouth, Cumberland, Maine, United States
Ближайшие родственники:

Сын Anthony Brackett и Eleanor Brackett
Муж Mary Brackett
Отец Sarah Hill; Samuel Brackett; Mary Mitchell и Lt. Joshua Brackett
Брат Capt. Anthony Brackett, Jr.; Eleanor Johnson; Jane Marston и John Brackett

Профессия: Farmer
Менеджер: Gene Daniell
Последнее обновление:
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Ближайшие родственники

About Thomas Brackett

Thomas Brackett

  • Birth: 1635 - Strawberry Bank, Rockingham, New Hampshire
  • Death: Aug 11 1676 - Falmouth, Cumberland, Maine
  • Parents: Anthony Brackett
  • Married: Mary Mitton

Killed at Clark's Point, in Falmouth (now Portland), Cumberland, ME. by Indians on 11 Aug. 1676 at age 40. He was shot while working in his field. His wife and children were carried into captivity, where she (Mary) died within a year. Her children returned to Portsmouth.

From: One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families

1671,6,2. Received a deed from Elizabeth Harvey, widow, for natural love and parental affection that she beareth her son-in-low Thomas Brackett and Mary his wife, and also in consideration that he is "engaged to maintain her in meat and drink, apparel, housing, washing, lodging and all other things necessary and convenient for me as usually accustomed in this place during my natural life," etc. For these considerations, she deeded her son-in-law, the housing and lands purchased by her first husband of her father George Cleeves, all land on the Neck, dwelling house, outhousing, tillage, wood, trees, etc., all cattle, young and old, and all household stuff, except what is noted hereafter, provided that Thomas shall not sell any lands or meadows without free consent of his wife, and if his wife die, Thomas to enjoy during his life, and at his decease to go to his children begottne of Mary his now wife; but he may sell during Mary's life with her consent. The exceptions were 3 pewter dishes, 1 feather bed, "the best of them," 1 kettle, 1 little pot and all my apparel.

From Collections of the Maine Historical Society, Volume 1 (Google eBook) Maine Historical Society The Society, 1865 - Local history.  Page 260.  "Death of Mrs. Harvey"

"In 1682, died Elizabeth Harvey, the only daughter of George Cleeves. She came from England with her father probably in 1637, and was either then or soon after married to Michael Mitton. She was the last survivor of the first settler, and had been through scenes of great suffering and sorrow. She had buried two husbands and three adult children, one of whom, her only son, was killed by the Indians, and the lives of two of her daughters, the wives of the Bracketts, were probably shortened by their captivity. Two daughters only survived her, Elizabeth, the wife of Thaddeus Clark, and Martha, the wife of John Graves,* neither of whom, that we are aware of, has posterity now residing here.

The descendants of her daughter Mary, the wife of Thomas Brackett, are numerous among us. Mrs. Harvey had seen the town which on her first visit was an entangled forest, inhabited by wild beasts and savages, become the seat of civilization and prosperity, and holding forth the promises of future greatness."

  • "Graves was living in Kittery in 1712, aged about sixty-seven. He moved to Little Compton, R. I., where he died, leaving one son and two daughters."


  1. Genealogical and Family History of the STATE OF MAINE. Compiled under the editorial supervision of George Thomas Little, A. M., Litt. D.. LEWIS HISTORICAL PUBLISHING COMPANY, New York 1909.


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Хронология Thomas Brackett

Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Возраст 37
Falmouth, Cumberland, ME
4 март 1673
Возраст 38
Falmouth, Cumberland, ME
Возраст 39
19 июля 1676
Возраст 41
Falmouth, Cumberland, ME
11 август 1676
Возраст 41
Falmouth, Cumberland, Maine
13 август 1676
Возраст 41
Falmouth, Cumberland, Maine, United States