Tudor Trevor ap Ynyr, Lord of the March

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Tudur Trefor ap Ynyr

Also Known As: "Tudur Trefor", "Tewdwr"
Birthdate: (48)
Birthplace: Denbighshire, Wales
Death: Died in Wales

Sohn von Ynyr ap Cadfarch und Rheingar verch Lluddoccaf
Ehemann von Angharad verch Hywel Dda
Vater von Rheingar verch Tudur Trevor; Dingad ap Tudur "Trefor", arglwydd of Maelor Gymraeg; Gronwy ap Tudur, Earl of Hereford; Arddun verch Tudur Trevor und Llyddoca ap Tudur Trevor, Lord of Maelors and Oswestry
Halbbruder von Cadwgan ap Ynyr

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About Tudor Trevor ap Ynyr, Lord of the March

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Tudor Trevor (a.k.a. Tewdor Trefor) who married Angharad around 942, had an impressive ancestry, which is illustrated by his many titles. He was Lord of Whittington, Oswestry and both Maelors in Powys, from his male line, and King of Gloster and Earl of Hereford from the female.

Powys was an ancient kingdom that centered around Shropshire and covered much of the modern Welsh border. Back then, what is now Wales was divided into four kingdoms: Gwynedd in the north, Powys in the east, Dyfed in the south west and Glywysing, or Morgannwg, in the south.

Oswestry is an ancient English market town located in the north of Shropshire, near the Welsh Border. It's also referred to as "where Shropshire meets Wales." Maelor is in Flintshire, Wales.

  • Tudur "Trefor" ap Ynyr

born 0918? Denbighshire, Wales died 0948 (end of information).

father: ??Ynyr King of Ghent born about 0894

mother: unknown

siblings: unknown


  • Angharad verch Hywel Dha

born about 0920 Dynevor, Llandyfeisant, Carmarthenshire, Wales


  • Lluddica ap Tudur born about 0930? Denbighshire, Wales died 1037
  • Gronwy ap Tudur born about 0940 Denbighshire, Wales
  • Dingad ap Tudur born about 0946 Denbighshire, Wales

biographical and/or anecdotal:

notes or source: LDS

TREVOR, ( TUDOR,) a British nobleman, the head of the Tribe of March, or Maelor, was the son of Ynyr ab Cadvarch, descended from Cadell Deyrnllwg, king of Powys. He is called Earl of Hereford, in right of his mother Rhiengar, the daughter and heiress of Lluddocca ab Caradawg Vreichvras, Earl of Hereford. Tudor had large possessions in Herefordshire, in right of his mother, as well as in that district called Feiiys, which lies between the rivers Wye and Severn. He was also in right of his father, lord of both Maelors, Chirk, Whittington, and Oswestry, Ewyas and Urchenfield. His chief residence was at Whittington castle, which continued for many generations in the possession of his posterity. He was contemporary with Hywel Dda, whose daughter Angharad he married, and he had by her three sons and a daughter. He was alive in A,D. 924.

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Denbighshire, Wales
Alter 30
Denbighshire, Wales
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Clywd, Denbighshire, , Wales
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Denbighshire, Wales
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Alter 48
5 November, 1936
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