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About Turtle At Home Canoe

Turtle At Home was born born abt 1755 and died in Sept 1829. He was also known as Attakullakulla , Captain Chulio Shoeboots ( dasi-gi-ya-gi) [1]

Parents: Dragging Canoe and U Leaf Pathkiller. He was the twin brother of Lila (Lilly) Concene of Shoeboots born abt 1755. [2]

His ethnic background was 3/8th Shawnee-Cherokee-Creek Metis[chickamauga cherokee] "Cherokee": Blood: Fullblood Cherokee Clan: Holly Clan (Ooloosta) born abt 1755 d. Sept 1829.


  1. Ahyague "Cherokee" born abt 1760 (?daughter or relation of a Governor?) [2]
  2. Clarinda Ellington
  3. Daull "Dolly" [ aka Congelloh or Cobcoblol] [3]

Children include:

  1. Tsinyahnehnaw Chippewa was born in 1780 in Lower Towns, Nickajack, Tennessee. She died after 1830 in Blount County, Tennessee. married John Boggs in 1798 in Lower Towns, Nickajack, Tennessee. John was born in 1770 in Tennessee. He died after 1830 in Blount County, Tennessee. [4]
  2. Turtle At Home II
  3. Peggy married principal chief Black fox.
  4. Lila (Lilly) Concene (twin)
  5. Chahwahyoocah Taketesky (twin) b abt 1737/50 md Pumpkin Boy [5]
  6. Elizabeth Jane Shoeboots [eliza, lizza jane] b 1808 ( aka Kahuga =roseberry) in KY , lived in GA, TN? , Ohio ,MO. IN. AR. married (1) George Lavender [ 1 ch. ] (2) Okilune Ferguson [ 1 ch. ] (3) Jordan Ross about 1839, probably a part blood ( unknown tribe) most children born in OH. [6]
  7. John Shoeboots (Shu-Boots) b 1814? in GA. [7]
  8. Mary Polly Shoeboots b 1817 in VA? married Robert Ross in 1839. most children born in IN. [1043 on the drennen roll]
  9. Sarah (Sallie) Sally Shoeboots married ________ Stevens (Stephens) [8]
  10. Lewis Shoeboots (twin) abt 1824.
  11. William Shoeboots (twin) abt 1824. in KY married Louisa in AR he lived in Ga or TN? , AR and IN then ?


  • Point Pleasant 1774, Cherokee War, raiding KY-VA-OH 1777, Boonesboro, Crawford
  • March 15, 1792, Headman of Running Water town. (Shawnee) village,
  • operated ferry at Nickajack (Shawnee) village
  • Treaty 1805, 1806, husband 1780 of Ahyague-Cherokee born abt 1760., father of Tsinyahnehnaw
  • Head man at Hightower/chota
  • March 15, 1792, Headman of Running Water town.
  • 1818-19 Calhoun Treaty ceding land north of the Hiwassee River and North and West of the Tennessee signed by Secretary of War John Calhoun and Cherokee in Washington and ratified by the U.S. Senate. The Glass, John Walker, Path Killer, Going Snake and more signed. Treaty signer John Boggs may have lived at Little Cedar Mountain. His wife was Turtle At Home's daughter.

Chickamaugan Lieutenant

In the summer of 1776, Dragging Canoe led attacks against white settlers, but didn't get much help, especially not from a Cherokee Warrior named Nancy Ward, Ghi-ga-u, or Beloved Woman. Having learned of a large scale plan to attack the Americans with the help of British troops, she informed traders William Falling and Isaac Thomas and provided them with the means of setting out on a hundred and twenty mile trip to warn the settlers on the Holston and Watauga. The attack was repulsed. Things were not going well for the resistance. Dragging Canoe was actually shot through both legs in one raid. The old chiefs desired peace but Dragging Canoe thought it would be far better to abandon the old towns, move south, and continue fighting. There was no way to beat the settlers with their rifles in open warfare, so during the winter of 76-77, Dragging Canoe and his followers built new settlements in the Chickamauga Creek area of north Georgia. The discontented from many tribes and even some renegade whites took refuge with him there where they became known as Chickamaugans.

Rather than capitulate with the older chiefs, the Chickamaugans waged war against the settlers for the next 17 years. Dragging Canoe's band of disillusioned-warriors, under the leadership of lieutenants, Benge, John Watts, Glass, Turtle at Home, Richard Justice, Doublehead, Black Fox, the half-breed Ooskiah of Abraham, and Raven, held out against the invaders. Their guerrilla raids, from camps near present-day Chattanooga Tennessee and Mussel Shoals, Alabama, left a trail of scalps, murdered victims, smoldering cabins and ruined crops.

1810: Turtle at Home - Speaker of Council

Be it known That this day, the various clans or tribes which compose the Cherokee Nation have unanimously passed an act of oblivion for all lives for which they may have been indebted, one to the other, and have mutually agreed that after this evening the aforesaid act shall become binding upon every clan, or tribe; and the aforesaid clans or tribes have also agreed that if in future, any life should be lost without malice intended, the innocent aggressor shall not be accounted guilty. Be it known also, That should it so happen that a brother, forgetting his natural affection, should raise his hand in anger and kill his brother, he shall be accounted guilty of murder and suffer accordingly. And if a man has a horse stolen, and overtakes the thief, and should his anger be so great as to cause him to kill him let his blood remain on his own conscience, but nosatisfaction shall be demanded for his life from his relatives or the clan he may belong to. By order of the seven clans. TURTLE AT HOME Speaker of Council. Approved. BLACK FOX, Principal Chief. PATH KILLER, Sec'd. TOOCHALAR. CHARLES HICKS, Sect'y to the Council. Oostanallah, April 10, 1810


  1. Shoeboots [Aka Turtle at home , White Owls Son, tuskingo/tishingo ( causing trouble name) horse), Chulio Shoeboots (boots shoeboots)-( there are treaties showing just this name) , , Possibly little owl too, Teaskiyargi ( impersonal) turtle/terapin shell) , Sullicooahwolu, Fulaquokoko , Sullecookiewalah ( political name) snapping turtle at home), Dasogiyagi ( personal) ,going/getting like a hard shell turtle) , Tah see key yaw gee, Tuskingo ( horse. for stealing or stealing back horses) , ] son of Attakullakulla-1/4th Shawnee-Cherokee Metis & NayO nay ( is how we said it) Ollie Nionee Oconastota 1/2 Shawnee- Cherokee-Creek, daughter of Old Hop.]
  2. ** Dragging Canoe's wives and children. Many know about Leaf... but researching online says that there are some family stories about Dragging Canoe and a woman from Lookout Mountain who was from the ancient ones there... some say that she was either Natchez or that she was a Napuchi (?). Dragging Canoe was to have had children with her. Not much, if anything is known about this union. **
  3. Shoeboots and first wife(s) would of been having children from 1775 to 1795 or so. but Shoeboots States " he has no other children in the nation in 1824" so any children of shoeboots would be dead or missing from the nation in that year for sure. not that they didn't come back after selling reservations etc. One of shoeboots daughters married a Boggs moved to Creek Territory ?. -- His grandson had a set of twin boys and the father of him was a boy ?girl set of twins. and think that shoeboots nephew had twins too.
  4. Doll was indian and black, a slave Shoeboots married, or took as a wife. She is said to have died in choctaw territory during the civil war -- so maybe a possibility that she was part Chickasaw. Shoeboots being Dragging Canoe's relation probably had many occasions to have interaction with the chickasaw both in Georgia and KY. ** hoeboots wife Dolly gets bounty land from shoeboots ( a Battlion leader at horseshoe bend) 120 acres in MO in 1858 and it looks like the HAMMER family(cousins) and John move to MO about then. Shoeboots is a captain in many wars and signs many treaties, is interpreter for a few Principle Chiefs, like Pathkiller his probably grandfather at least by a sort of adoption.
  5. John Boggs was a member of Boggs clan of Blount County, Kentucky - His family are known to be Eastern Cherokee, and continue that line today in an unbroken string of Chiefs, which includes John's father. In 1986 the US Government recognize the tribe as genuine. Study the following excerpt ... "In 1986, Florida Tribe of Eastern Creek Indians whose members include the Boggs clan was recognized by the State. Today, they still maintain their ancient traditions. Their unbroken line of titled chiefs is:
  • Tuskie Hajo Cochrane-1832;
  • Polly Parrot, regent matriarch 1833-1898;
  • Tuskie Hajo John James William Joseph Boggs-1900;
  • Tuskie Hajo James Daniel Boggs-1920;
  • Alice McClellan Boggs, regent matriarch 1933-1961;
  • Tuskie Mahaya Hajo Dr. Andrew Boggs Ramsey-1962.

The Tuskie Hajo (zealous Warriors) all descend from Polly.

  1. [Testimony of Chau-e-u-kah, re: Estate of Doublehead, 6/12/1838] ".... Applicant states that a brother of Old Doublehead named E-yah-chu-tlee was married to applicant, Chau-e-u-kah, and they had Catherine & he went off to war and was killed in the war and left Catherine his only child and left a considerable quantity of good property..." She is said to be the daughter of the grandmother of John Norton.
  2. [1042 on the drennen roll ) [ Jane killed him in self defense with a rolling pin when Robert was young?, but could be right after the civil war.] [ Jordan Ross was also md April 26, 1831 to Marinda Jane Gilkison in Lawrence County, OH. She is the sister of my 3rd great-gfather, James Gilkison. Marinda Jane was bn in Fleming Co., KY, grddau. of John Gilkison from Augusta Co., VA. ** ]
  3. John Boots is set free from Chicot CO after the civil war , he was a slave [listed on a slave schedual ] I THINK he ends up in IN with his family near indianapolis as William Boots born 1814 KY parents born KY listed as white.
  4. William Stephens applied for citizenship w/ the Cherokee Nation CHM-58. Before the Cherokee Commission on Citizenship Fort Gibson, Cher Nation April 22nd 1879. Shows his mother's maiden name as Sarah Allenton, who was the daughter of Clarinda Allenton. They spelled it a few different ways. It says Clarinda was married to a well-known Cherokee named Shoe-Boots whos Indian name was well known in the War of 1812 w/ the Creeks and the U.S. When Clarinda left w/ their children Chulio (Shoe Boots) considered them dead, but when he was old himself, changed his words, concerned about the children. It says teh Claimant's own Uncle WIlliam Allenton, now living in Bosque Co. near Clifton Mills, Tx. was recognized as a Cherokee by the Old Settler Cherokees and drew Per Capita as such at their payment of 1851-2 for himself and family and to the record of such fact as well as to himself. refers his uncle (Claimants) being recognized as the son of Shu-Boots.


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Turtle At Home Canoe's Timeline

September 1829
Age 77