Udolphus Haron, duke of Friesland (Fictitious)

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Udolphus Haron

Death: 392
Immediate Family:

Son of Odilbald van Friesland, duke of Friesland {Fictitious}
Brother of Odilba, {Fictitious}

Occupation: Duke
Managed by: Anton van der Merwe
Last Updated:

About Udolphus Haron, duke of Friesland (Fictitious)


[p.49] [...] The Friesen, saw a people of Germanic afkoomst, gelyk wy, very on the Vryheid made ​​zynde had lost them by the usurpation of the Romans, dog continually getragt to shake off the yoke when she the clean chance saw there. This was them more than once failed; but as soon as the Roman power, in thefe provinces, began to weaken, this militant People's bier, put under their heads, Udolf Haron , head bravely above, the Roman Yoke afschuddende; and it is sufficiently certain that the omleggende Nations, and thus help the bewoonders Holland, have lent them going on there, and as a People ZYN become the Friesen. To then further, well founded, the Vaderlandsche History and the out there, if applicable; reasoning should wy [p.50] the first Friesen some more come to know after by without taking our Egter with fables. It is waarschynlyk that Friesen, a kind of German Irish, HAVE arrived in thefe provinces, about 313 years before the birth of Christ, under the guidance of their Master and Commander, gewoonlyk Frost called Friso , who was gesturven about 245 years before Christ. This is all that wy, with some zeekerheid since determining konnen; The dog is very onwaarschynlyk that Friso a Sovereign Prince on Friesen has been, as zynde strydig saw with the custom of Germaanen, gelyk wy, by whom the People had the Supremacy. Here matters nothing to say that Zyne descendants Princes of the Friesen ZYN geweeft until the 85th year after Christ's birth; because it does not follow that that state of Frost erffelyk is geweeft but that she, the beloved tribe of Friso , where she bore the name, have chosen their heads, for we shall see that this principality, first there long after became erffelyk; to show this, wy need to consider kortelyk Monarchs. After the death of Friso , wierd ZYN eldest son Adel chosen as the 2nd prince, who 157 years before Christ's birth would ZYN died. 3rd Prince was Uffo Son of Adel , geftorven 71st year BC. 4th Prince was Azinga Askon , Son of Uffo , Founder Staveren, so one meend, geftorven 11th Year after Chriftus. 5th Frost was Diokarus Segon , zynde no son but Cousin Azinga Askon geftorven in the 45th year after Christ; the dog blykt not ready, or deezen left a son, and why it is voorbygegaan them. 6th Prince was Dibbald Segon Son of Diokarus Segon , died in the 85th year after Christ, without leaving kids at minften, one finds not registered them. Dog taken thefe 6th Prince had no children, so blykt enough out the Schryvers, who previously tense action that "there verscheide descendants of Friso in 'were not live, where a (as the Principality was erffelyk) Dibbald Segon should follow, gelyk 5th Frost Diokarus Segon ZYN Cousin Azinga Askon was followed. it verkoor, on the contrary, to 7th Prince Tabbo , Field Commander [p.51] of Dibbald Segon also one finds no Blyk the least of which Friso would ZYN system descended. All one from that dark Historien is konnen dig up schynd that previous Sovereigns not always Field Superiors ZYN been too gelyk, equally gelyk wy, regarding the Batavians have seen. Tabbo and Zyne descendants now schynen the Burgerlyke and Krygsbestier gelyk to having obtained, where wierd greater their authority as that of voorige Princes. Tabbo , about the year 120 AD, gesturven zynde, so wierd he followed up by ZYN son Asconius . Thefe called zig first Duke of Friesland. Hy schynd Egter have the liberty not entirely verkragt but the Succession in ZYN House for nebben entered the not been schynd the first step ZYN to deprive the People of the possession of Supremacy. The 8th Prince, and Duke was Asconius , died on the 162nd year after Christ, which Chronology we shall follow in future. 9th Prince or 2nd Duke was Adelbold Son of Asconius , in the Jare 208 Childless geftorven. That he no Supremely powerful prince is geweeft, blykt ready; because by a langduurige disease outside enabled zynde the Government behoorlyk where to obtain your lots, where by created much inconvenience, so he wore ZYN bastard brother, Titus Bojocalus for, with request by it to Duke in ZYN place, preferable, effected gelyk. This is a perfectly bewys that the Higher Power was still in the hands was of the People. Adelbold become zynde healthy, as did Titus again put into his hands the Government, dog Adelbold wanted them not aanneemen, wearing a quiet life. The 10th Prince or 3rd Duke Titus Bojocalus , natuurlyke Son of the 8th Prince Asconius , and bastard brother of the 9th Prince Adelbold was a very civilized and loved Prince, who on the jare 240 died, leaving no children. Zyn successor was Ubbo , HAVE Cousin, the 11th prince or 4th Duke, coming from another Brother of Adelbold and Titus , who died in the year 299. The 12th Prince or 5th Duke Haron Ubbo , Son of Ubbo , gesturven in the year 355. 13 Frost or 6th Duke Odilbald , son of Haron Ubbo , the Batavians defeated in Vriesland [p.52] had fallen, gesturven in the year 359. the 14th Prince or 7th Duke Udolf Haron , son of Adil Bold , was a famous War -held, which the Romans used to do a lot of prejudice in Germaanie, and the ancient Britons, saw gelyk wy, called in to help zynde that country vermeesterden and held in possession, getting ZYN son after him King of Britain; dog, when he 90 years old became, he stood bestiering about Friesland alter Richold Uffo , who was married to ZYN Dogter, zynde 15th Prince. They think plainly that thefe distance, in the year 433, was done with the consent of deputies or of Friesland, where the power of the Romans, in those provinces, grotelyks was crippled; and from which the consent of the States blykt that the Supremacy still not entirely up to the Prince of the People, had passed. It is plain enough that the seven Dukes so had acquired much power that they complacency gave up everything she desired, but the fear of the Romans, schynd them publicly aanneemen of the Supreme Power, and to have the verkragten of Vryheid restrain . Ten Tyde of deezen Richold Ubbo , the 15th Prince and 8th Duke of Vriesland, the invasion of the Normans done in thefe regions, and also in Friesland, the omleggende land areas, and the Fatherland of the Batavians. The brave Richold Uffo collected an Army with which he drove the Vikings from Friesland. After that great victory he the Supreme Power opentlyk assumed, under the Tytel of Richold the I , King of Friesland. The States of Friesland schynen have this consent, in order that she could not prevent it, or that they thought they needed a Supreme Prince to protect the country against the incursions of the fierce meenigte. It blykt also ready enough, that he Norsemen persecuted and expelled has all the Countries subsequently been known ZYN under the Friesland name, and thus not only in Holland, but from all the countries that now carry the name of the United Netherlands, wearing the King it supreme area over there. At last he built at Staveren, putting it on the Limits of Friesland to Holland after a Koninglyk Palace, where he took ZYN verblyf; and against it on, on the Limits of North Holland and West Friesland, he built the City Medenblik, [p.53] who reinforce answer, after using this tense to ensure zig those countries, and at last came he, to die in the Jare 496.

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