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Владимир Владимирович Моженков

английский (по умолчанию): Vladimir Vladimirovich Mozhenkov
Псевдоним: "VolodyA! V Anarhist", "Mojenkov"
Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Роддом №1 «Бежицкий», ул. Комсомольская, 2, Брянск, Бежицкий район, Брянская область/РСФСР, 241035, USSR
Ближайшие родственники:

Биологический сын Private User и Private
Патронатный сын Private; Christopher Bradley Allen; Private и Private
Брат Private; Private; Михаила Владимировича Моженкова; Private и Private

Профессия: educational worker
Последнее обновление:
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Ближайшие родственники

About Volodya Mozhenkov

Educational worker, software engineer, vegan, anarchist.

Notes on my family tree

The reason why i have 3 sets of parents is actually quite simple. I have mother and father as my biological parents, and the other two pairs are my hostparents from the adolescence.


I identify as genderqueer and would describe myself as a genderfluid individual. I am not that fussed about pronouns and when contacting me please use whatever you feel comfortable with. I do not insist that everybody drops whatever they are doing and start learning queer theory, thus i recognise that most people will not even know what the terms "queer" or "genderfluid" mean. Therefore, just don't be purposefully insulting and i won't take anything personally. If you are interested in learning about these terms a little bit, you can drop me a message, i will do my best to explain.

Notes on my description

Educational worker

I currently work as a private tutor in computer programming, general IT, and practice of English as a foreign language for Russian speaking people in the area. My past "official" positions include a senior lecturer in polytechnic, a lecturer assistant in a university, and a lecturer in a linguistic centre.

I run a youtube channel in Russian language, that is composed mostly of lessons on different subjects relating to IT. By the end of 2015th September i have more than 9000 subscribers.

There is also a project dedicated to my lectures on the Internet Genealogy.

Software engineer

I have finished a university bachelors programme for the software engineer with First Honours, and have worked as computer programmer, system administrator, and software engineer.

Currently i home my skills creating free software and administering a website for my father's company.


I went vegan on first of September 2002. Have done so on the basis of ethical and political considerations. For me veganism is something that does define me as a person, but i am willing to discuss these views in a polite and calm manner, and do not state from the get-go that i am correct and others are wrong. This, however, doesn't mean that i am unsure about what i believe; in fact the opposite is true, i am convinced that my beliefs are consistent enough for you to question them. I do, however, ask that if you expect for me to consider your points, you also consider mine.


Unlike my veganism, i didn't really "become" an anarchist. At least there was no time that i remember, when i would not consider myself one. I have realised that i was an anarchist and first time used that label to describe myself was at age 15 in the final year of my school.

For me anarchism is just a label, and once again, i do not hold these beliefs "religiously". I agree that it is very possible that there is another political stance that is more rational and leads to a free and equal society; i just have not heard of such position until today.

I really do not know how to defend my belief that freedom and equality are a goal, except to say that i wish to live in the world where i am free and happy. If you wish to discuss these goals, i might be interested, but it is unlikely that you will convince me to want something different. I don't think that such thing is possible for anybody to do to anybody else. In other words you can't convince me to desire to live in the way, that i don't want to live... sorry for this truism.

Genealogy work

To understand my main interests in genealogy it maybe easiest to look at the following projects:

Tools to help with Genealogy (that i've developed)

Other hobbies

List of my other hobbies (in alphabetical order): hosting couchsurfers, poetry, pornography, postcrossing, social activism, stragegy games.