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About William Allred

The History of the Allred family of Spring City Utah:

Below is the history of the Allred family, complied by Rodney Dalton. Elizabeth Ann Heskett Allred was the thirteenth granddaughter of the furthest back in time Allred we have found. His name was William Aldrich. Elizabeth Ann was the second wife of Charles Wakeman Dalton who is Rodney Dalton’s Great, Great, Grandfather. There is a lot of history here about the Pioneer Allreds of early Spring City Utah.

Sources: Archibald Bennett, "Introduction" to Rulon C. Allred's The Allred Family in America.


Descendants of William Aldrich Sr.

Generation No. 1

1. WILLIAM ALDRICH SR. was born Abt. 1421 in Yarmouth, Norfolk Co. England, and died Aft. 1468 in Yarmouth, Norfolk Co. England. He married MRS. ALLRED Abt. 1445. She was born Abt. 1425 in Yarmouth, Norfolk Co. England.

Generation No. 2

2. WILLIAM ALDRICH JR. was born Abt. 1446 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, and died Bef. April 14, 1518 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England. He married ALICE. She was born Abt. 1450 in Yarmouth, Norfolk Co. England.


William Aldrich, Bailif of Yarmouth, born Abt. 1441 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England13; died April 14, 1518 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England. He was the son of William Aldrich, Bailif of Yarmouth. He married 9. Alice ??? Abt. 1472. 9. Alice ???, born Abt. 1450 in Yarmouth, Norfolk, England; died Abt. 1510 in Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.

Notes for William Aldrich, Bailif of Yarmouth: Connie Aldridge Service's notes from her research in Norwich, Norfolk, England say that William Aldrich was born c 1460. Wife unknown. Received from Allen D. Aldridge of Durham, NC in April, 1997. Earlier birth date, death date, and name and dates of wife, are from LDS Ancestral File.

Generation No. 3

3. THOMAS ALDRICH was born Abt. 1479 in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk Co. England, and died Bef. July 17, 1529 in Norwick, Norfolk Co. England. He married ELIZABETH CLARK OR WOOD Abt. 1503. She was born Abt. 1477 in Fulborne, Cambridge Co. England.


Thomas Aldrich, Sheriff and Mayor of Norwich, born Abt. 1473 in prob. Great Yarmouth; moved to Norwich by 1488; Norfolk Co, England; died Bef. July 17, 1529 in Norwich, Norfolk, England (Bur. St. Michael-at-Plea). He was the son of William Aldrich, Bailiff of Yarmouth and Alice ???. He married 5. Elizabeth Clark or Wood Abt. 1503 in (unsure of source of date; seems a bit late). Elizabeth Clark or Wood, born Abt. 1477; died Aft. 1530. She was the daughter of Gregory Clark.

Notes for Thomas Aldrich, Sheriff and Mayor of Norwich: Cozene, Hardy and Kent's "The Mayors of Norwich, 1403-1835" say that Thomas Aldrich was a draper (i.e., a cloth merchant) and was sheriff of Norwich in 1497 and mayor in 1507 and 1516. [This would place his birthdate at 1473 rather than the 1489 as indicated below.] See below for an account of the city politics in which Thomas Aldrich was involved.

Other Norwich, Norfolk records collected by Connie Service say he was born c 1489 and was Mayor of Norwich in 1516, and married Elizabeth Wood [Cozene, Hardy and Kent say he married Elizabeth Clark, the daughter of Sheriff Gregory Clark].

Archibald Bennett's account: "THOMAS ALDRICH, son of William, was born around 1473 probably in Yarmouth. He removed to the city of Norwich, and became Alderman there. The records of the Guild of St. George, Norwich, 1389-1547, show that THOMAS ALDRED was listed October 13, 1488; THOMAS ALDRYCHE April 6, 1496; THOMAS ALDRICHE March 17, 1497; THOMAS ALDRYCHE April 7, 1525. These spellings show the changing characteristics of the surname at that early date."

Bennett continues: "He married ELIZABETH WOOD, of Fulborne, Cambridge. They were the parents of sixteen children, twleve of whom died young. The husband and wife are both buried in Our Lady's Chapel in St. Michael's Church in Norwich."

LDS Ancestral File supplied earlier birth date, marriage date, wife's birth date, and husband's death date. The LDS IGI says he was born around 1472 in Greater Yarmouth, Norfolk. Here, I use Bennett's date, since his work is the best-researched.

Quotes from Cozene, Hardy and Kent: The Mayors of Norwich, 1403-1835

"Thomas Aldrich, a draper, was sheriff in 1497 and mayor in 1507 and 1516. During both years of his mayorality he went to London on city business. His merchant's mark (dated 1510) is recorded by Ewing. His father and grandfather, each named William, had been bailiffs of Yarmouth. There is some confusion in the pedigree in the Herald's Visitations, but it seems that he married once only, namely Elizabeth daughter of Gregory Clark (sheriff 1477). Among his issue were Thomas, mayor in 1558 and Margaret "whiche died in hir floryiching youthe" in 1535 and was buried in Yelverton. His eldest son was Gregory and his daughter Anne married Ralf Wilkins, mayor in 1527. He resided in the parish of St.Michael-at-Plea, and owned property in Ber Street and in Swardeston (Mangreen Hall), Dunston and Hemlyngton. He died between January 1528-9 and the following July and was buried in the Lady Chapel in St. Michael-at-Plea. His will was proved in the P.C.C."

"Thomas Codde was one of the most worthy men that ever served the office of mayor. He was sheriff in 1540 and mayor in 1549. He was again chosen on Michaelmas Day 1555 on the death of Felix Puttock, the then mayor. He took his charge on the Sunday before Midsummer Day 1549. He, with Thomas Aldrich, signed the petition of grievances, organised by Kett, and he was therefore in favour with the rebels, when they encamped round about the city. But the city was his first care and he denied them passage and urged them to moderation. Kett, however, imprisoned Codde and Aldrich in Mount Surrey on Saint Leonard's hill, but afterwards released Codde. The citizens feared that the rebels would destroy him, for they cried: "Let us come together to-morrow, for we shall see a cod's head sold in the camp for a penny." However, he spent most of his tIme in the camp, and appointed Augustine Steward his deputy. It is said that when Kett demanded the keys of the city, Codde answered: "I will qive the blood and and life out of my body before I will by villany trecherously forsake the city, or through fear or cowardice wickedly cast off my allegiance to my king." This great rebellion having at length been ended, he retired to live in his house in King Street, which stood opposite the church of the Greyfriars and was, about 1860, occupied by Thomas Lound. In 1936 it was the residence of Walter Riley, Lord Mayor."

Notes for Gregory Aldrich: Acc. to Bennett (p. 1-37): "The will of GREGORY ALDRICHE, citizen and joyner of London, St. Olave in Southwerk, Surrey, was proved int eh Prerogative Court of Canterbury (48 Terwhite) in 1582."

Generation No. 4

4. JOHN ALDRICH was born Abt. 1518 in Norwich, Norfolk, England, and died Abt. 1582 in Norwich, Norfolk, England. He married FAITH STEWARD. She was born Abt. 1506 in Framington, Suffolk Co. England.


John Aldrich, Mayor of Norwich & Mem. Parliament, born Bet. 1509 - 1518 in Norwich, Norfolk, England; died Abt. 1582 in Norwich, Norfolk, England (altar tomb in St. Clement's Church). He was the son of Thomas Aldrich, Sheriff and Mayor of Norwich and Elizabeth Clark or Wood. He married Elizabeth Sotherton in prob. St. Michael-at-Plea or St. Clement's, Norwich, England. Elizabeth Sotherton, born March 1505/06 in Framingham, Suffolk, England; died Abt. 1587 in Norwich, Norfolk, England. She was the daughter of Nicholas Sotherton.

Notes for John Aldrich, Mayor of Norwich & Mem. Parliament: Cozene, Hardy and Kent's "The Mayors of Norwich, 1403-1835" gives the following account:

"John Aldrich was sheriff in 1551, burgess in parliament in 1555, 1558 and 1572. Blomefield states that as such he received 4s. per diem. He was mayor 1558 and 1570. He was the son of Thomas Aldrich, mayor in 1507, and married Elizabeth, daughter of Nicholas Sotherton, alderman, by whom he had inter alios a son, John, an alderman, who died in 1583, having married Faith, daughter of Augustine Steward. He was a grocer by trade. He died about 1582, giving f5 to the poor. His altar tomb is in St. Clement's Church. He lived in the Flint house, now absorded by the Labour Exchange, at the west side of St. Clement's churchyard. It was formerly the "sun and Anchor", a weaving factory belonging to the Custances and then to the Willetts, and later the warehouse of Messrs. C. and F. Bolingbroke. The ancient carved door, originally from Walsingham priory, is now in the Castle Museum. The spandrels of other doors with "1570", the date of his second mayoralty, and the initials of John Aldrich and Elizabeth his wife, are said to be incorporated in the interior of the Exchange. There is a quarry of stained glass in St. Clement's church window consisting of a knot containing the initials I.A., which Mr. T.G. Bayfield thought to be those of John Aldrich. It was during his mayoralty that there was a popish conspiracy in Norwich. His merchant's mark is recorded by Ewing."

Connie Aldridge Service's notes (from Allen D. Aldridge of Durham NC) from the Norwich, Norfolk library records say John Aldrich was born c 1518 and died 1583, was Mayor of Norwich in 1558 and 1570, and was married to Elizabeth Scherton (possibly mis-transcribed from "Sotherton") and Faith Steward.

LDS Ancestral File gives earlier birthdate of John (1509) and says he was married c 1537 to Elizabeth Sotherton. Marriage to Faith is not mentioned [see my note below]. The LDS IGI gives two birthdates for John--one version as 1502, and one as 1509.

Connie Service's records divide the children between the two wives; however, the LDS IGI (British Isles) lists all of them as being the children of John and Elizabeth--Thomas, John, Elizabeth [who is not mentioned on Connie's Norwish list; rather another John is listed], Timothy, Anne, Hester--and gives dates of birth for them. Henry is not listed. Bennett also lists Faith as this John's second wife after Elizabeth Sotherton, andt he mother of his final four children.

I interpret the passage from the Cozene, Hardy and Kent book to mean that Faith Steward married John's *son* John Aldrich [which would solve many of the logistical problems]. For this reason, I have deleted Faith as a wife of this John and put her as wife of John and Elizabeth's son John.

Archibald Bennett says: "These names appear in the list of wills proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury:

1582 JOHN ALDRICHE, alderman, citie of Norwich, 27 Terwhite 1583 JOHN ALDRICHE, citizen and alderman of Norwich, 2 Butts"

Generation No. 5

5. HENRY ALLRED SR. was born 1530 in Worstead, Norfolk Co. England, and died November 03, 1612 in Worstead, Norfolk Co. England. He married MARGARET ELIZABETH BROWNE June 04, 1557 in Worstead, England. She was born 1534 in Worstead, Norfolk Co. England.


Henry (Rev?) Aldred/ Aldrich, born Bet. 1528 - 1538 in Norwich or Worstead, Norfolk County, England; died 1593 in Worstead, Norfolk, England. He was POSSIBLY the son of 2. John Aldrich, Mayor of Norwich & Mem. Parliament and 3. Elizabeth Sotherton. He married (1) Margaret Boswell Bet. 1544 - 1554 in London, England (probably his first wife) He married (2) Elizabeth ??? Bet. 1553 - 1557 in Norfolk, England (probably his 2nd wife and mother of children) he was born Abt. 1534 in Worstead, Norfolk, England, and died November 13, 1612 in Worstead, Norfolk, England.

He become a vicar of Worstead "following the dissolution of the priory of Bromholm when the manor belonging to the priory, the rectory and the patronage of the vicarage were granted to the dean and

ALDRICH, HENRY. Matric. pens. from TRINITY, Easter, 1563. Son of John of Norwich, and brother of Thomas (1557-8). B.A. from Corpus Christi, 1567-8, M.A. 1571. Fellow at Corpus Christi, 1569-79. Licensed to teach grammar at Norwich, May 1583. Died 1593. Benefactor to the College."

Generation No. 6

6. JOHN ALLRED was born October 03, 1558 in Worstead, Norfolk Co., England, and died January 11, 1610/11 in Worstead, Norfolk Co. England. He married AGNES ANN ROLFE 1583 in Worstead, England. She was born March 01, 1561/62 in Worstead, Norfolk Co. England, and died January 11, 1609/10 in Worstead, Norfolk Co. England.

Notes for JOHN ALLRED:

John Aldrich/ Aldridge, born October 03, 1558 in Worstead, Norfolk County, England; died January 11, 1609/10. He married 5. Agnes Anna Rosse/ Rolfe February 09, 1583/84 in Worstead, Norfolk, England5. 5. Agnes Anna Rosse/ Rolfe, born 1562 in Worstead, Norfolk, England; died January 11, 1609/10 in Worstead, Norfolk, England.

Apparently John was absent from home for quite some time, and Agnes/Anna remarried and had at least one child by her new husband, Edmund/Edward Boutman, whom she married on 2 Feb 1596 (while still legally married to Aldridge). Her offspring William is probably the son of Boutman, according to Sekanick.

Sekanick, citing Boddie, writes: "John Aldrich and his wife were involved in a domestic dilemma which surely caused acute embarrassment to his clerical family. It seems that he was absent from home for some time, and, thinking him dead, his wife remarried one Edmund/Edward Boutman on February 2, 1596. John's reappearance and the resulting dilemma were addressed by Bishop Redman during his visit to the Diocese of Norwich in 1597; he noted, "Ann Aldrige. For having two husbands living." The problem was resolved, and she returned to her husband, John Aldrich.”

Generation No. 7

7. CLEMENT ALLRED SR. was born 1601 in Worcester, Norfork, England, and died 1668 in Northumberland Co., Virginia. He married SUSAN BOSWELL CROMPTON July 02, 1626 in Worstead, England. She was born 1604 in Worcester, England, and died 1640 in Worcester, England.


Clement Allred and his wife Susan Boswell migrated from Norfolk, England to Northumberland County, Virginia in the late 1600's. At least four of his sons --George, Thomas, William and Clement -- are believed to have come to America as well. The descendants of George (1639-1677) and his wife Ann, who settled in Talbot County, MD, became ELDRIDGE. Thomas and William may also have settled in the tidewater area of Virginia or Maryland. It seems to have only been the children of the junior Clement (below), whose name became ARLEDGE.

Notes for Clement Aldridge:

The Northumberland County Record Book 1666-1670 p. 100 includes a grant from Sir Wiliam Berkeley unto Abraham Joyce and Rich. Thompson of 200 acres of land in ye county of Northumberland, bounding upon the land of Thom. Adams and Phil. Carpenter & upon ye land of Hen. Roach and upon ye land of Geo. Courtney & Walter Weeks, beginning at a marked corner red oake and running Southerly 320 pole and Westerly 100 pole, Northerly 320 pole and Easterly to ye place where it first began; ye land being due to sr Joyce & Thompson by & for ye transportation of fower (4) persons into this colony whose names are on ye records mentioned underneath this patent...the 7th day of March 1366. William Berkeley

Know all men by these presents yt I Abraham Joyce doe assigne all my right & interest of ye withing mentioned patent to Clement Alderidge his heirs and assignes for ever.Wit: John Roberts, Rich. Roberts. signed Abraham Joyce. Recognized and recorded 20th 9ber 1666. (November)

Generation No. 8

8. CLEMENT ALLRED JR. was born September 25, 1636 in Worcester, England, and died January 19, 1698/99 in Wicomico, Northumberland Co. Virginia. He married (1) ALICE 1659 in Worstead, England. She was born 1640 in Worcester, England. He married (2) ELIZABETH TILLES October 18, 1668 in Worstead, England. She was born 1646 in Worcester, England, and died September 02, 1699 in Wicomico, Northumberland Co. Virginia.


Clement Aldridge, born September 25, 1636 in [or christened 25 Sept 1635] Worstead, Norfolk, England1; died January 19, 1698/99 in Northumberland Co, VA. He was the son of 2. Clement Aldridge and 3. Susan ??? Boswell. He married (1) Alice ??? Bef. 1668. She was born 2, and died September 01, 16682. He married (2) Elizabeth Tilles/ Tills October 18, 1668 in Worstead, Norfolk, England3. She was born 1646 in Worstead, Norfolk, England, and died September 20, 1699 in Northumberland County, Virginia. She was the daughter of William Tills and Mary ???.

Notes for Sr. Clement Aldridge: Clement and Elizabeth were immigrants to Virginia. His parents, Clement and Susan, may have preceded them. Sekanick speculates that, since Clement (Sr) died in 1668, Clement (Jr) may have come to America to claim an inheritance. A Clement Aldridge first appears in records of Northumberland Co, VA in 1666. However, Clement and Elizabeth's two children were christened in Worstead, Norfolk, England, in 1669 and 1670.

Lived in Bowtracy and Fairfield Parishes north of the Wicomico River (in 1698 these parishes merged to form St. Stephen's Parish, the records of which are in the State Library of VA)

Many, many references to Clement and Elizabeth in Northumberland Co. Order Book. Many lawsuits over tobacco. Occasionally the spelling Arledge or Aldredge appears instead of Aldridge. See F.R. Aldridge's "Aldridge Records, Vol. II" for a thorough listing.

1668 Court order determining that Clement Aldridge stands indebted to Richard Haskins and that Aldridge should pay Haskins 680 pounds tobacco.

21 Aug 1678: Graves Garrett son of Thomas Garrett, dec'd, bound to Clement Aldridge [Northumberland County Court Orders p.1].

17 Aug 1681: William Leach, orphan and noe Estate, bound to Clement Aldridge [Northumberland County Court Orders, p.99].

Clement was a joiner by trade and, in 1678, took Graves Garratt as an apprentice. In November, 1674, Clement and Thomas Flynt were requested by the court to inspect a building for its worthiness, and on November 19, 1679, he was paid for mending the parish church.

On June 7, 1679 the Court of Northumberland ordered the list of tithables divided into forties; each group of forty was ordered to deliver an able man along with a horse, arms and other provisions to the house of Thomas Mathew. Clement was one of the men charged with the responsibility of insuring that this order was carried out.

On May 16, 1694, Clement was appointed constable for Cherry Point Neck, one of six constables appointed for the county [Northumberland County Court Orders, p. 652].

16 Oct 1695: CLEMENT ALDRIDGE was one of witnesses (along with CAPT. RODHAM KENNER and Mr. THOMAS BUSHROD) to probate the will of Mr. CHRISTOPHER NEALE, as petitioned by HANNAH NEALE, Executrix. [Northumberland County Court Orders, p. 711]

17 Mar 1797: ELIZABETH ALDRIDGE wife of CLEMENT ALDRIDGE, JUNR, relinquishes her rights of dower to 64 acres of land sold to THO.MILLER. SHe also relinquishes dower in the sale of 60 acres to JOHN CRALLE. [Northumberland County Court Orders, p. 759]

19 Jan 1698/9: Motion of ELIZABETH ALDRIDGE, Exx. a Probate to her of the Last Will of CLEMENT ALDRIDGE, proved by DAVID STRAUGHAN and MARY TULLOS. [Northumberland County Court Orders, p. 759] Clement's will was presented to court on January 19, 1698-99. Unfortunately, this will was destroyed in a courthouse fire.

21 Sept 1699: Motion of CLEMENT ARLEGE, probate to him of the last will of ELIZ. ARLEGE his wife, proved by Edw'd Barnes and Hugh Staten. [Northumberland County, VA, Court Orders, p. 66] This is most likely a reference to the next-generation CLEMENT, who also had a wife Elizabeth.]

Generation No. 9

9. WILLIAM ALLRED was born February 1677/78 in Wicomico, Northumberland Co. Virginia, and died January 20, 1723/24 in Wicomico, Northumberland Co. Virginia. He married (1) SARAH ALIRE. He married (2) ALICE FALLEN June 11, 1703 in Wicomico, VA.. She was born 1678 in Wicomico, Northumberland Co. Virginia, and died April 19, 1729 in Wicomico, Northumberland Co. Virginia.


WILLIAM ALDRIDGE was born February 1677/78 in St. Stephen's Parish, Northumberland Co, VA. and died Bef. January 21, 1724/25 in Wicomico Parish, Northumberland Co, VA. He married (1) ALICE FALLIN Bef. 1703.

He married (2) SARAH ??? Bef. 1721 in prob Northumberland Co, VA.

19 May 1703 [Northumberland County Court Orders, page 246]: WM. ARLEGE and ALICE his wife ack. a deed for 50 acres to HANNAH NEALE and Mrs. Hannah Neale ack. Deed of 50 acres to RODHAM NEALE.

23 Sept 1715: "WILLIAM ARLEDGE of Wiccomoco Parish fined for absence from church for 2 months. Probably a Quaker."

Will, of WILLIAM ARLEDGE Northumberland Co (VA) Record Book, dated 25 August 1724, proved 21 Jan 1725:

Leaves tract of land in Wiccocomoco Parush to be equally divided between sons William and John; his still to be divided between sons William, John and Clement; his widow Sarah Arledge to have rest of moveable estate, but if she remarries to be equally divided between her, daughter Jane, and sons William, John, Clement and Isaac. Names WILLIAM FALLIN as to have the tuition of son William until he comes to the age of 21 years, and CHARLES FALLIN to have the tuition of son John until he is 21. Wife Sarah as Executrix. Wit: THOMAS NORMAN and CHARLES FALLIN.

Generation No. 10

10. JOHN ALLRED was born May 16, 1706 in Wicomico, Northumberland Co. Virginia, and died Aft. 1756 in Randolph Co. NC.. He married ANNIE HAMILTON June 11, 1733 in Stafford, Co., Virginia. She was born 1709 in Randolph Co. NC.

Notes for JOHN ALLRED:

ii. JOHN ARLEDGE, b. Abt. May 16, 1706, Wicomico, Northumberland Co, VA (to Fairfield, SC by 1750); d. Abt. 1765, prob. SC (Fairfield Co area) --NEED WILL; m. ELIZABETH THOMAS, Bef. September 1741, Northumberland Co, VA.


Given half of father's land in Wicomico Parish (the plantation) in father's will dated 25 Aug 1724. Appears to have left Northumberland Co, VA shortly thereafter.

This John Aldridge/ Arledge who ends up in SC records is most likely the son of William Aldridge/Arledge and Alice Fallin, born in Wicomico, Northumberland CO, VA. I had originally connected this one as William's son because of the Arledge spelling of his name. The only child of William whose birth was listed in the Northumberland Co Record of births 1661-1810 (page 4, mutiliated), was "--n Aldridge" (prob. John) born May 16, 170_. Becaue of ages, this must have been between 1704-1709, and it seems likely that John was the second oldest son, so I lean toward 1706.

In 1750, a JOHN ARTLEDGE is a witness in the will of Joseph Reed of Anson County, NC, which mentions land near the Catawba River.

Other SC land transactions and mentions (from Index in SC Archives):

ARLEDGE, John. Plat for 350 Acres on Wateree Creek 16 Oct 1749

ARLEGE, John . Land Grant from George II for 350 acres on Wateree Creek 5 Sept 1750 (adjacent to land granted to Richard GREGORY)

ALDRIDGE, John. James HARRISON, plat for 150 acres in Craven County, 20 Sept 1754

Generation No. 11

11. THOMAS ALLRED SR. was born 1730 in Hillsborough Dist., Northumberland Co. Virginia, and died May 08, 1809 in Randolph Co. North Carolina. He married ELIZABETH DIFFEE 1752 in North Carolina, daughter of WILLIAM JR. and BETTY ?. She was born in Randolph Co. North Carolina, and died Abt. 1810 in Randolph Co. North Carolina.


Grays Chapel Cemetery

Grays Chapel

Randolph County

North Carolina, USA

1- William ALLRED (0102) b abt 1750-6 Hillsboro, Randolph Co., NC d 11/13/1808 or 1824 Bedford Co., TN


s- current-> Elizabeth THRASHER b 04/01/1754 Randolph Co., NC Married 11/14/1782 Randolph Co., d bet 1808 1830 Bedford Co., TN daughter of NOT KNOWN

   2- Sarah ALLRED (010201) b abt 1781/82 d abt 1860/61 descendants: 5508
   2- Mary ALLRED (010202) b 1783 d 05/19/1820 descendants: 3837
   2- James ALLRED (010203) b 01/22/1784 d 01/10/1876 descendants: 19153
   2- Elizabeth ALLRED (010204) b abt. 1786 descendants: 0
   2- Isaac ALLRED (010205) b 01/27/1788 d 11/13/1870 descendants: 15088
   2- William ALLRED (010206) b 01/19/1790 d 07/28/1841 descendants: 3980
   2- John ALLRED (010207) b 1796 d aft 1860 descendants: 23
   2- Martha ALLRED (010208) b abt. 1794 descendants: 0

8 children - 47597 descendants (that we know of)

view all 37

William Allred's Timeline

Randolph County, North Carolina, United States
August 15, 1772
Age 16
Randolph, North Carolina, United States
November 3, 1783
Age 27
Hillsborough, Randolph , North Carolina, United States
November 3, 1783
Age 27
Randolph , North Carolina, United States
January 22, 1784
Age 28
Asheboro, Randolph County, North Carolina, United States
Age 30
North Carolina
January 27, 1788
Age 32
Pendleton, Anderson, South Carolina, United States
January 19, 1790
Age 34
Franklin County, Georgia, United States