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William Henry Perkins, Sr.

Псевдоним: "James", "Perkyns", "Parkins"
Дата рождения: (65)
Место рождения: Ufton Parish, Warwickshire, England
Смерть: 1495 (65)
Hillmorton, Rugby, Warwickshire, England
Ближайшие родственники:

Сын Thomas Perkins, Esq. и Ellen Perkins
Муж Joanna Perkins
Отец John Perkins; William Perkins; Richard Perkins и Thomas Henry Perkins, II
Брат John Perkins, Lord of Ufton; Thomas Perkins, Lord of Madresfield; James Perkins; Richard Perkins и Lawrence Perkins

Менеджер: Diane Elaine Burks
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About William Perkins

William was born circa 1453 in Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England. Another source says that he was born in 1430, which would make him roughly 40 at the birth of his first child and 65 at his death. I am inclined to believe that he was born in 1453 and the 1430 birth date belongs to his uncle of the same name. ------------------------------------------- Quoting from “The Curd and Allied Families,” by William B. Curd and Lucy Price Rayne Truog (1927)

“‘A Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames,’ says: Parkin, Parkins, Parkinson, Parkisson, Perkin, Perkins, Perkinson, Parkyns, Bapt. ‘the son of Peter,’ from the pet Perkin or Parkyn. There are no Perkins or Parkins in the Hundred Rolls, while the French diminutives Perrin and Perrott are common. What May be called the Flemish forms appear in Yorkshire and the East counties about the beginning of the 14th century, with Perkins and Parkins.

“In the Herold’s ‘Visitation’ for the Berkshire 1623, this family is said to have descended from a certain Peter or Petrus de Morely of Shropshire, a county on the border of Wales. Hence, the family is sometimes said to have been of Welsh origin.

“For three hundred years the Perkins ancestors were seneshals or wardens of de Spencers and Warwich Castle. The Ufton Book shows the Perkins line, eldest son to eldest son, etc., continued to the present time. Some of the family were distinguished in the history of England and were prominent in Stratford district, the home of Shakespeare and his wife, Mary Arden. ”

“Domesday Book, A. D. 1085,” lists a manor in Berkshire, England, called Offstone, belonging to William Fitz Anscuff, and Ufton Court was a beautiful old Manor house at the same place, the ancient home of the Perkins family.”

Generation 14. Peter De Morley was Servous to Hugh de Spencer and was living in 1380. He was married to Agnes Taylor.

Generation 13. Henry Parkyns was the son of Peter.

Generation 12. John Parkyns, son of Henry Parkyns, was Seneschal to Thomas de Spencer, Earl of Gloucester. in 1390, he was the first to acquire property in Madresfield. He was living in 1400.

Generation 11. William Parkyns (1), son of John Parkyns, was 1st “Lord of Ufton. ”(bailiff to Humphry Plantagent, Duke of Glouster) He married Margaret, and was living in 1447.

Generation 10. Thomas Parkyns (1), son of William and Margaret Parkyns, was living in 1452-1479. He was called “Thomas of Ufton and Madresfield,” and gave Madresfield Manor House to his second son, Thomas.

Generation 9. Thomas Parkyns (2), son of Thomas Parkyns (1), was married to Ellen Tompkinson. They had four sons, William of Madresfield, James of Shropshire, and Richard and Lawrence, twins.

Generation 8. William Parkyns (2), son of Thomas Parkyns (2), was married to Joan Reade, daughter of Reade near Coventry.

Generation 7. Richard Parkyns, Sr., son of William Parkyns (2) and Joan Reade, was married to Ann Twynborrowe, daughter of Walter Twynborrowe, of Woodmention, Herfordshire.

Generation 6. Richard Parkyns, Jr., the son of Richard Parkyns (1) and Ann Twynborrowe, was of Bunny Park. He married Elizabeth Beresford, daughter of Aden Beresford, of Fenney Bently of Derbyshire. There were eight children: Sir George Parkyns, Knight who died in 1626; Adrien; John; Aden; Francis; Annie; Eliza; and Margaret.

Generation 5. Aden Parkyns, the son of Richard Parkyns, Jr. and Elizabeth Beresford, was married to Mary ____. They came to Virginia in 1607, where he was registered as “Grocer. ” Whether he returned to England, or died in Virginia, is not known. They had four children: George; Richard (3); Annie; and Thomas.

Generation 4. Richard Parkyns (3), son of Aden and Mary Parkyns, owned land near Jamestown, or on the James River. Whom he married is not known.

Generation 3. Nicholas Perkins (1), the son of Richard Parkyns (3), was also married to a Mary, and there were 7 children. Records show that in 1641 Nicholas Perkins was transported to Hernia County, Virginia, by Brayant Smith, although it appears he was born in America, the grandson of the immigrant. On 30 August 1650, he was granted land in Bermuda Hundred, beginning in Cole’s Swamy, Henrico County, for the transportation of four persons into the colony, although only three are named: Mary Perkins, William Owen, and Richard Hues. The original document is almost illegible, and the names are given differently in several references. However, it is thought these persons were Mary Perkins, his wife, and his sons, William, Owen, Richard (4), and Thomas. He died about 1664, and his will mentions only his daughter, Lydia, and his two youngest children, Elizabeth and Nicholas (2). His widow married Richard Parker.

Generation 2. William Perkins, son of Nicholas and Mary Perkins, was born about 1633. His wife, was also named Mary. William and Mary, and their daughter, Mary, were passengers on the ship “Kent,” in 1667. Members of the Society of Friends, they joined the Burlington Monthly Meeting, in New Jersey.

Generation 1. Mary Perkins, daughter of William and Mary Perkins, was married 24 May 1683, at Burlington Monthly Meeting, to Henry Grubb

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From Michelle Boyd at http://www.boydhouse.com/michelle/hussey/perkinsmed.html:


  • was born 1430 in Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England, and
  • died 1495.
  • He married JOANA READ 1455.
    • She was born 1434 in Coventry, Warwickshire, England.
  • Children of WILLIAM PERKINS and JOANA READ are:
      • b. 1458, Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England;
      • d. April 21, 1528, Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England.
    • ii. JOHN PERKINS,
      • b. 1456.
      • b. 1460.
      • b. 1470.


see http://kristinhall.org/fambly/Perkins/WilliamPerkins2.html

William Perkins

  • BIRTH: William was born circa 1453 in Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England[1,3,5].
    • Another source says that he was born in 1430, which would make him roughly 40 at the birth of his first child and 65 at his death.
    • I am inclined to believe that he was born in 1453 and the 1430 birth date belongs to his uncle of the same name.
  • DEATH: He died in 1495; he was 42[1,3]. [If he was 42 @ the time of death, he would have been born in 1453 NOT 1430!]
  • MARRIAGE: William married Joana READ, in Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England[5].
    • Joana was born in 1434 in Coventry, Warwickshire (West Midlands), England[1,5].
      • Her surname is variously spelled "Read" & "Reed" in contemporary records.
    • 18. i. Richard PERKINS: Richard was born circa 1470[1,5], most likely in Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England
    • 19. ii. Thomas PERKINS: Thomas was born circa 1475 in Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England; he died and was buried there on 21 April 1528; he was 53[1,3,5] His will was dated 3 Apr 1528.
    • 20. iii. John PERKINS: John was born circa 1479[1,5].
    • 21. iv. William PERKINS: William was born circa 1481[1,5] and died in 1536; he was 55[5]. He was buried in Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England.
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Хронология William Perkins

Ufton Parish, Warwickshire, England
Возраст 26
Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England
Возраст 30
Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England
Возраст 40
Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England
Возраст 45
Hillmorton, Warwickshire, England
Возраст 65
Rugby, Warwickshire, England
23 июня 1934
Возраст 65
23 июня 1934
Возраст 65
26 сентября 1934
Возраст 65