William Thornton "the younger"

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William Thornton, V

Дата рождения:
Место рождения: Petsworth Parish, Gloucester, Virginia
Смерть: Умер в Gloucester, Virginia
Ближайшие родственники:

Сын William Thornton, IV и Elizabeth Thornton
Муж Elizabeth Thorton; Jane Thornton; Prudence Thornton и Elizabeth Thornton
Отец Elizabeth Carter; Mary Boylston; Margaret Thornton; Elizabeth Everett; William Thornton, III и ещё 13
Брат Ann Thornton; Francis Thornton, I; Rowland Thornton, Sr.,; Esther Thornton; Prudence Thornton и ещё 2
Полукровный брат Luther T. 'Luke' Thornton, I; Edward Thornton и Francis Thornton

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About William Thornton "the younger"

Notes on William Thornton II

On April 26, 1704, as William Thornton "the younger" he received a grant of 110 acres of land in Petsworth Parish, Gloucester, adjoining the land of Mr. William Thornton "the elder". He was vestryman of Petsworth.

William Thornton, Will Book, Vol. 3, 1726-1734 (Reel 23), Isle of Wight County (Va.), p. 272-273. Inv. & Appr. rec. 27 Feb. 1726, p. 388-389. Accounts rec. 25 Feb. 1733. Can't be this William so who is he?

I have seen on other's genealogy where William Thornton, Jr. married Elizabeth FitzHugh on August 24, 1671. I do not have any documentation to confirm this.

Smithsons and Relatives by Jesse Hezekiah Smithson, Edited by Kenneth Wayne Smithson. This book can be found at the LDS Genealogy Library in Salt Lake City, UT: William was a vestryman of Petsworth, Gloucester County, and owned a good deal of land in that parish. He married three times, but his Bible while giving the date of his marriages and the names and dates of birth of his fifteen children does not give names of his wives. Elizabeth Thorton Carter being the eldest child, as his first marriage took place Aug 24, 1671.

Genealogies of Virginia Families, Volume II, Pages 838-861, The Fitzhugh Family, Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, (with an introduction by John Frederick Dorman); indexed by Thomas L. Hollowak. Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, Maryland, 1981. 5 v. : ill. ; 23 cm. "...And also a deed, August 2d, 1802, from John Taliaferro, Jr., administrator of John Taliaferro, of "Hayes," deceased, who was executor of Mrs. Lucy Alexander, late of King George county, and relict of John Alexander, of "Salisbury," King George, reciting that the said Mrs. Lucy Alexander was the only surviving child of Colonel William Thornton, of King George, many years deceased, and that the said Lucy Alexander, in her will, January 6, 1781, directed that, among other things, 50 acres should be sold and the proceeds divided between her daughters, Lucy Taliaferro, now Lucy Fitzhugh, and Mary Thornton, now Mary Posey..."

Genealogies of Virginia Families Volume V; The Thornton Family 1600s to 1800s; From the William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine. William Thornton, of Gloucester county, was born March 27, 1649, and died February 15, 1727 (Family Bible). He was married three times, viz, on August 24, 1671; April 11, 1688; and October 20, 1720; but the name of none of his wives is known. . . . Issue (1st m.): 4, Elizabeth, born August 26, 1672; 5, Margaret, born August 14, 1674; 6, Mary, born May 11, 1676; 7, Esther, born January 6, 1677; 8, Sarah, born August 17, 1679; 9, Jane, born August 10, 1681; 10, Judith, born October 22, 1683; 11, Anna, born June 15, 1681; 12, William, born September 11, 1686; (2nd m): 13, Susan, born June 11, 1686; 14, Francis; 15, Seth, born October 13, 1694; 16 and 17, William and Prudence (twins), born March 31, 1699; 18, John, born April 17, 1701; 19, Johanna, born December 3, 1703.

MISCELLANEOUS FACTS 1) Born March 27, 1649, according to Francis Thornton and Alice Savage Bible transcript; William, Jr. and Elizabeth had at least nine children, according to J. Duvall 2) Owned land adjacent to his father in 1704 3) Married three times, but full names of all wives are not known 4) Vestryman for Petsworth Parish; no issue by wife number three; according to Betty Vaughn over Prodigy network, he had daughter Prudence, who married Samuel Pryor.

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Хронология William Thornton "the younger"

27 марта 1649
Gloucester, Virginia
26 августа 1672
Возраст 23
Petsworth Parish, Gloucester, Virginia, USA
14 августа 1674
Возраст 25
Gloucester Co, VA
11 мая 1676
Возраст 27
Gloucester Co, VA
6 января 1677
Возраст 27
Northumberland , Va
17 августа 1679
Возраст 30
Gloucester Co, VA
10 августа 1681
Возраст 32
Gloucester Co, VA
22 октября 1683
Возраст 34
Gloucester Co, VA