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Winifred Gilbert (Rossiter)

别名字号 "widow Winnifred Peaslee", "“widow Peaslee”"
生日 (73)
出生地 Somerset, England, United Kingdom
逝世 1663年 (69-77)
Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts

Nicholas Rossiter, GentlemanElizabeth Rossiter之女
Mr. Peaslee ?; Joseph CombeJohn Gilbert, Gentleman的妻子
Agnes Torrey (Combe); Joan Gilbert; Mary Norcross; Giles GilbertJoseph Gilbert之母
Edward Rossiter的姐妹

管理员 Hatte Blejer

About Winifred Gilbert

  • GILBERT, John (1580-1657) & 1/wf Mary STREET (1578/9-); Bridgewater, Eng. 17 Ja 1602, 1602/3; Dorchester/ Tauton
  • GILBERT, John & Alice HOPKINS (-1688); ?Bristol, Sep 1606
  • GILBERT, John (-1657) & 3/wf Winifred (ROSSITER) COMBE (-1663+); in Eng, b 1619; Dorchester/ Taunton


New England marriages prior to 1700 By Clarence Almon Torrey, Elizabeth Petty Bentley Pg.302


John Gilbert was born in England about 1580. He married Mary, the daughter of Nicholas and Mary Street, on January 17, 1602, in St. Mary's Church, Bridgwater, Somersetshire. John accompanied his nephew, Rev. Nicholas Street, to Taunton, Plymouth Colony, America. Information about the John Gilbert who married Mary Street. THE WILL OF JOHN GILBERT, SR. MD 14:2; Plymouth Colony Wills & Inventories [Provided by Robert Davenport, Sep. 2002.] The will of "Mr John Gilbert senir" was probated at Plymouth 3 June, 1657, on the testimony of "Mr Nicholas Street And Captaine Willam Pole" The will of "John Gilbert of Pondsbrooke in Taunton" was written "the tenth Day of May in the yeare .... one thousand six hundred fifty and foure" and ordered my body to bee buried heer by my house att Pondsbrooke upon the hill neare the pine tree seven or eight foot Deep att the least;" Bequests were made as follows: "unto my son Gyles my farme att Pondsbrooke Containeing one hundred acres with with the house and houses and Commons therto belonging" also "ten acres of the meadow lying in Scadingsmore" also "one yoake of my 2cond bigest oxen Named Colliar and Browne" also "two Cowes named Cherry and Colly" also "my two steers Named Summer and winter" also "one feather bed one bolster two pillowes my green rugg a paire of blankett and a paire of my best sheets" also "my best brasse pot or Crocke my best brasse pan one pewter platter and one pewter porrenger one pewter Chamberpott" also "my best bedsteed with the curtaines and vallence" also "my Cubbert" also "one halfe of my bookes of which hee shall make his Choise" also "two Chists or trunkes of which hee shall make his Choise" also "my best suite of apparrell;" "unto my son Josepth all that my great lott att Pondsbrooke lying on the otherside of the brooke next the towne of Taunton aforsaid Containing thirty acres with the Devisions not yet layed out adjoyning therto" also "five acres of meadow in Scadings more lying or to bee layed out together att the further end of the fifteen acres in Scadingsmore aforsaid to be layed out att the Descretion of the overseers of this my last will;" also "my two bigest steers named Duke and buttler" also "my Cow called Bunne and one heifer Called gentle and my two steer yearlings" also "one feather bed one bolster one pillow one paire of blanketts and one paire of sheets with one bedsteed;" also "my 2cond best brasse pott or Crocke my 2cond best brasse pan one pewter platter and one pewter porrenger & one pewter Chamberpott" also "the other halfe of my bookes" also "one Chest or trunke;" also "my 2cond best suite of apparell;" To "my son Thomas my best sowe hee to make his Choise" To "my son John one shilling to bee Delivered in silver" "unto my wives grandchild Elizabeth Pester my blacke-sowe and that one of her piggs which already is given her and shee hath made Choise of" "I give ten bushells of Indian Corn unto such as have most need of corn in the Towne to bee Desposed by the Descretion of the two Deacons of the Church of Taunton;" To "my Daughter Mary Norcrosse my great ffurnace or brewing kettle if shee bee liveing or otherwise unto her Daughter Mary the furnace to bee sold by my overseers and the vallue to bee Imployed to Increase somthinge untill the Child bee of Age;" "if either of my said sonnes Gyles or Josepth Die before they or either of them are married that then all the lands goods or whatsoever soe given to either shall Decend bee and remaine unto the Surviveer" "I give all my goods unbequeathed unto my Wife Winnefred and my will is that shee shall have the use and profitt of the one moyety or halfe of the farme with my son Gyles During her life if she remaine in Widdowhood or will live upon it; And Doe make and appoint her my exequitrix .... And Doe Constitute and appoint my welbeloved frinds in Christ Nicolas Street and Richard Williams overseers of this my last Will and Testament and Doe give unto each of them foure bushells of wheat for and Towards theire paines and Christian Care they shall use in this behalfe" "Upon the fift Day of Aprill 1656 the said Testator John Gilbert Desired this his last Will to bee Attested unto by Witnesses after hee had caused it to bee read before his wife and sonnes and they expressed their good liking of It This wee whose names are heerunder written Doe Testify Nicolas Street Willam Pole" The inventory of the estate of "Mr John Gilbert" taken by Richard Williams, Walter Deane and James Wyate, was presented at the court held 3 June, 1657, on the oath of "mis Wennefred Gilbert". Joseph Hackett and John Bryant were indebted to the estate From The "Mary and John" ... comes [provided by Robert Davenport]: John Gilbert married (1) Jan. 17, 1602, in St. Mary's Church, Mary, daughter of Nicholas and Mary Street, baptised Mar. 22, 1578, in Taunton, England. She died before 1630, as when John Gilbert came to America in 1630, he had with him his second wife, widow Winnifred Peaslee. The first wife was probably the mother of Thomas and John Gilbert, who are described by Savage (whoever that is) as "well grown youths." She may also have been the mother of Elizabeth, who is mentioned Nov. 16, 1632, in the will of Emma Escott of Bridgwater, England, but is not mentioned in the will of John Gilbert. Sources: Kuhns, Maude Pinney; The "Mary and John", A story of the founding of Dorchester, Massachusetts, 1630 published by Charles E. Tuttle Company, Rutland, Vermont (provided by Robert Davenport, 2002)


Baptized, December 21, 1608, Combe St. Nicholas, died June 10, 1690, Weymouth, Massachusetts; Freeman, 1642; representative. 1642, and often afterward, having special qualifications for that office. He was lieutenant and captain, clerk of the house of representatives and magistrate. (Savage "Geneal. Dic. Papers Pioneers of Mass." Hobart's "History of Obington, Massachusetts"). He married (first) in 1629, at Combe St. Nicholas, Agnes Combe, daughter of Joseph and Winnifred (Rossiter) Combe, who died 1629. ______________________

Combs &c. Families of Combe St. Nicholas, Somerset, England

21 Mar 1619/20 - 28 Apr 1620 (SOAME, FOL. 31; 335; pg 115) Joseph COMBE of Combe St. Nicholas, a peculiar ddoc. Of Bath and Wells. (Dat. 21 Mar. 1619-20.) Bur. in Ch. of Combe; dau. Agnis (und. 21); dau. Joan (und. 21); my child unborn; Extx: wife Winefred; John BOWDAGE of Totworthe in psh. of Chard; George FRYE of Combe; bro. Wm. COMBE of Combe; Edm. MEADE, of Crockstreete, hatter; John NOTHAN of Yarcombe [Devonshire], rooper; Overs: my bro. Edw. ROSSITER and my brother Edm. COMBE. [mark] Wits: Joseph GREENEFIELD, clk., John FRYE, Edwarde ROSSITER, Edmunde COMBE (mark). (Pr. 28 Apr. 1620.) (Abstracts of Wills in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury at Somerset House, London, England; Register SOAME 1620 by J. Henry Lea, 1904) According to ROSSITER Researcher Stephen M. Lawson, Hugh ROSSITER (1615-1680), named s/o Edward, was the son of an unnamed Combs who was the sister of a Joseph Combs, who would appear to be the same as above. The ROSSITER genealogy also shows that Hugh ROSSITER had married, by 1641, a Dorothy Combs, said to have been the daughter of one Joseph & Winnifred (-----) Combs who would also appear to be the same as above (a first cousin marriage then?). Edward ROSSITER & his Combs wife left Combe St. Nicholas, Co Somerset, EN for the MA Colony, voyaging on the Mary & John, which departed from Plymouth 20 Mar 1630, with Edward ROSSITER listed as a settler and stockholder in Massachusetts Bay Colony, where he died the same year. Dorothy Combs is said to have been the widow of one William NORRIS who died in Salem [Essex Co] MA (See Rossiter-Alsop) She is not named in the above will; however, mention is made of a "child unborn," possibly Dorothy, who is shown by ROSSITER as having been b in 1620? Some ROSSITER researchers aver that Edward's wife's given name was Elizabeth, and that she was the daughter of a John Combs, but their sources are unknown (perhaps the reference is to the above John & Mary Combs of Taunton, Co Somerset above who had a daughter, Elizabeth?). According to Rossiter researcher Paul McBride, Mrs. Combs Rossiter was the daughter of a John COMBE who d aft 1592, and who was the son of Thomas COMBE, d 1559, who had resided at Combe St. Nicholas, and at Otterford, Co Somerset England. The McBride records show that John COMBE'S daughter, given name unknown, married Edward ROSSITER (b1575, Combe St. Nicholas, Co Somerset, EN; d 23 Oct 1630, Dorchester, MA), and had a brother named Joseph COMBE (Ref: "The New England Historical and Genealogical Register", The New England Historic Genealogical Society) Note: This source has not yet been pulled.


John Gilbert of Bridgwater, Somerset, one of the original purchasers of Taunton, Mass., brought with him to Dorchester, in or about 1635, a wife Winifred, four sons, and a daughter. He was born in 1580, and in January 1602-3 he married Mary Street, both in Bridgwater. Mary has been considered the mother of the two older sons, Thomas and John, Jr., who were “well grown youths” in 1636. The two younger sons, Giles and Joseph, and probably the daughter Mary, have been assigned more or less doubtfully to Winifred. As to the identity of Winifred, the only clue has been a clause in John’s will referring to his wife’s grandchild Elizabeth —-; the surname has been variously deciphered as Peaslee, Peslee, Peter, and Pester. This clause has been the basis for a guess that Peaslee or a variant was the name of Winifred’s first husband, and she has appeared in some genealogies as “widow Peaslee”, though obviously this would only be true if Elizabeth were the child of a son of Winifred, not of a daughter.



Winifred Gilbert的年谱

Somerset, England, United Kingdom
Combe St. Nicholas, Somerset, England, (Present UK)
Combe St. Nicholas, Somerset, England
Taunton,Bristol Co.,MA
Taunton, Bristol, Massachusetts