Prince of Volynya Yaroslav Ioann Sviatopolkovich

Владимир-Волынский, Волынское Княжество

Prince of Volynya Yaroslav Ioann Sviatopolkovich's Geni Profile

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Prince of Volynya Yaroslav Ioann Sviatopolkovich

Russian: Князь Волынский Ярослав (Иоанн) Святополчич, Czech: Kníže Volyňský Yaroslav Ioann Sviatopolkovich
Birthplace: Владимир-Волынский, Волынское Княжество
Death: May 1123 (51-52)
Туров, Владимирское Княжество
Immediate Family:

Son of Grand Prince of Kiev Sviatopolk II and Barbara Komnene
Husband of princess N of Hungary; Judith Maria of Kiev and Rogneda of Kiev
Father of Jurij Jaroslavovich, prince of Turov; Sofia Yaroslavna; Jaroslav of Wladimir; Pribislava of Volhynia and Vyacheslav Yaroslavich
Brother of Mstislav of Vladimir-Volynsk and princess Sbyslava of Kiev
Half brother of Predslava of Kiev; Zbyslava of Kiev; Briachislav, prince of Turovsk; Iziaslav, prince of Turovsk and princess Anna Sviatopolkovna

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Chapter 4. PRINCES of TUROV and PINSK

The principality of Turov-Pinsk was located north of Kiev. It was bordered on the west by Volynia, on the east by Chernigov and on the north by Polotsk. The town of Turov, situated on the river Pripyat, was an episcopal see. Turov was ruled by descendants of Iziaslav Grand Prince of Kiev, eldest surviving son and successor of Iaroslav Grand Prince of Kiev but it was not mentioned in the latter's 1054 testament. After being held by Vladimir "Monomakh" Grand Prince of Kiev and his son Mstislav, administration of Turov reverted to the line of Iziaslav when his great grandson Iurii Iaroslavich was appointed Prince of Turov in 1157. Pinsk became a separate principality in the late 12th century. Very little information has been found about the princes of Turov and Pinsk.

IAROSLAV Sviatopolkovich, son of SVIATOPOLK II Iziaslavich Grand Prince of Kiev & his first wife --- (-killed in battle May 1123). The Primary Chronicle names Iaroslav, son of Sviatopolk, recording that his father installed him in Vladimir[662]. He was installed as Prince of Volynia at the conference of Uvetichi 30 Aug 1100[663]. He fought "the Yatvyag people" in 1113[664]. He was expelled in 1118 by Vladimir "Monomakh" Grand Prince of Kiev, who replaced him by own son Andrei[665]. As Iaroslav never became Grand Prince of Kiev, his descendants were effectively excluded from the succession in accordance with the family tradition referred to in the introduction to Chapter 1, Part B.

m firstly (before 1091) --- of Hungary, daughter of LÁSZLÓ I King of Hungary & his wife Adelheid von Rheinfelden (-before 1106). Her parentage and marriage are confirmed by the charter dated 1091 under which her father "Ladislauo…Rex" founded the church of St Egidius, Sumich, witnessed by "Dux Lambertus frater eius, Dux David consobrinus, Gerazclauus filius regis Rutenorum gener ipsius…"[666]. Baumgarten refers to the wife of Prince Iaroslav as the daughter of King László but only cites one secondary source in support[667].

m secondly (before 1108) --- of Poland, daughter of WŁADYSŁAW I HERMAN Prince of Poland & his third wife Judith-Maria of Germany (-before 12 May 1112). The Chronicæ Polanorum refers to (but does not name) the three daughters of King Władysław and his second wife, specifying that one of them "in Rusia viro nupsit"[668]. Baumgarten records the parentage of, but does not name, the second wife of Prince Iaroslav but cites only one secondary source in support[669].

m thirdly (1112 after 29 Jun, repudiated 1118) --- Mstislavna, daughter of MSTISLAV I Vladimirovich "the Great" Grand Prince of Kiev & his first wife Christine of Sweden. The marriage of "the daughter of Mstislav" with Iaroslavich Sviatopolkovich is referred to in the Chronicle of Novgorod[670].

Iaroslav & his second wife had two children (all of whom, together with their descendants named below, are named by Baumgarten with primary sources[671]):

  • 1. IURII Iaroslavich (-after 1166). Prince of Turov 1157. m ([1144]) --- Vsevolodovna, daughter of VSEVOLOD Davidovich Prince of Gorodno & his wife Agafia Vladimirovna of Kiev (-after 1190). Iurii & his wife had seven children:
    • a) SVIATOPOLK Iurievich (-19 Apr 1190). Prince of Turov. m ---. The name of Sviatopolk´s wife is not known. Sviatopolk & his wife had two children:
      • i) VLADIMIR Sviatopolkovich . Prince of Pinsk. 1207.
      • ii) ROSTISLAV Sviatopolkovich . Prince of Pinsk. 1228/1236. His descendants are not shown in Baumgarten[672]. m ---. The name of Rostislav´s wife is not known. Rostislav & his wife had two children:
        • (a) VLADIMIR Rostislavich . Prince of Pinsk. 1228/29. m ---. The name of Vladimir´s wife is not known. Vladimir & his wife had three children:
          • (1) FEDOR Vladimirovich . Prince of Pinsk. 1262.
          • (2) IURII Vladimirovich (-1292). Prince of Pinsk. m ---. The name of Iurii´s wife is not known. Iurii & his wife had two children:
            • a. son. 1292.
            • b. son. 1292. m ---. The name of his wife is not known. He may have been the ancestor of Aleksandr Prince of Czetwertnin, ancestor of the Princes Swiatopolk-Czetwertynski[673].
          • (3) DIONID Vladimirovich . Prince of Pinsk. 1292.
        • (b) MIKHAIL Rostislavich . Prince of Pinsk. 1247.
    • b) IVAN Iurievich (-19 Apr 1207). Prince of Turov 1167-1190, 1195-1207.
    • c) IAROSLAV II Iurievich (-1202). Prince of Pinsk 1184. m IEFROSINIA Borisovna of Belgorod, daughter of BORIS Iurievich Prince of Belgorod and Turov & his wife Maria --- (-1202).
    • d) IAROPOLK Iurievich . Prince of Pinsk. m (1190) ---.
    • e) GLEB Iurievich (-after 1195). Prince of Dubrovitsa 1182-1190. Prince of Turov 1190-1195. m ---. The name of Gleb´s wife is not known. Gleb & his wife had three children:
      • i) VLADIMIR Glebovich of Pinsk. He and his descendants are not shown in Baumgarten[674]. 1228. m ---. The name of Vladimir´s wife is not known. Vladimir & his wife had three children:
        • (a) FEDOR Vladimirovich . of Pinsk. 1262
        • (b) DEMIN Vladimirovich (-after 1292). of Pinsk.
        • (c) IURII Vladimirovich (-1292). of Pinsk.
      • ii) ALEKSANDR Glebovich (-killed in battle Kalka River 1223). Prince of Dubrovitsa. He was killed fighting the Mongols during their first invasion of Rus territory. m VERA Vsevolodovna, daughter of VSEVOLOD Sviatoslavich "Chermnyi" Grand Prince of Kiev & his second wife --- .
      • iii) ROSTISLAV Glebovich . He and his descendants are not shown in Baumgarten[675]. 1228. m ---. The name of Rostislav´s wife is not known. Rostislav & his wife had one child:
        • iv-) GLEB Rostislavich (-before 1292). of Stepan. m ---. The name of Gleb´s wife is not known. Gleb & his wife had one child:
          • (a-) IVAN Glebovich (-1292). of Stepan. m ---. The name of Ivan´s wife is not known. Ivan & his wife had one child:
            • (1-) VLADIMIR Ivanovich ([1290]-). of Stepan.
    • f) ANNA Iurievna (-[1205/14] maybe [19 Apr 1211]). m (before 1172) as his second wife, RURIK Rostislavich Prince of Ovruch, son of ROSTISLAV Mstislavich Grand Prince of Kiev & his wife --- (-[1215]). Prince of Novgorod 1169-1171. He succeeded in 1194 as RURIK II Grand Prince of Kiev.
    • g) MALFRIDA Iurievna . m (1166) VSEVOLOD Iaroslavich Prince of Lutsk, son of IAROSLAV Iziaslavich Prince of Volynia [later Grand Prince of Kiev] & his wife --- of Bohemia (-after 1210).
  • 2. SOFIA Iaroslavna (-1158). m ROSTISLAV Glebovich, son of GLEB Vseslavich Prince of Minsk and Polotsk & his wife Anastasia Iaropolkovna of Volynia and Turov (-[1162]). Prince of Minsk [1151]. Prince of Polotsk 1151-1158.

Iaroslav & his third wife had two children:

  • 3. VIACHESLAV Iaroslavich (after 1112-after 1128). Prince of Smolensk and Kletsk after 1128.
  • 4. PRIBISLAVA Iaroslavna (-[1156]). Baumgarten names the wife of Ratibor and states her origin but cites only another of his works as the one secondary source in support[676]. Konrad Bishop of Pomerania confirmed the possessions of Kloster Grove, including donations by "dominus Ratiboro cum…consorte sua Pribizlaua…successors eius Bogozlauus et Cazimerus", by charter dated 1168[677]. m ([1136]) RATIBOR I Duke of Pomerania, son of --- dux de Kolberg & his wife --- (-1155 or 7 May 1156).

О Князе Волынском Ярославе (Иоанне) Святополчиче (русский)

Князь Волынский, от Рюрика VIII колено, Князь Волынский 1100—1118 годы

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Prince of Volynya Yaroslav Ioann Sviatopolkovich's Timeline

Владимир-Волынский, Волынское Княжество
Wladimir, Russia
Turowski, Russia
Wladimir, Russia
May 1123
Age 52
Туров, Владимирское Княжество