Yitzhak Yungerlieb, of Radwil

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Yitzhak Yungerlieb, of Radwil

Hebrew: הגה"צ רבי יצחק, מראדוויל
Also Known As: "Isaac ben Jeḥiel Michel of Radwil", "Isaac of Radzivilov", "Yitsḥaḳ", "me-Radvil", "Isaac", "of Radzivilov", "Rav Yitzchak Yungerleib Michalowicz", "Rav Yitchak Yungerleib Goldman", "R' Yitzchak Yungerlieb of Radziwillow (Radwill)"
Birthplace: Radziłów, Grajewo County, Podlaskie Voivodeship, Poland
Death: May 21, 1832
Immediate Family:

Son of R' Jehiel Michel Yungerlieb, Maggid of Zloczow and Miriam Brandwein
Husband of אשת ר' יצחק מרדוויל בת ר' משה שהם; 1st wife of R' Isaac Yungerlieb of Radziwillow (Radwil) and Wife of R' Isaac Yungerlieb
Father of Dan Yungerlieb; בת הרב יצחק מ'ראדוויל; Ruchla Muszkat and ר' יחיאל מיכל מרדוויל
Brother of Yosef Rabinowitz, Admur Yampol (s#1); R' Mordechai of Kremenets; R' Moses of Zvil, Admur Zloczew; Rabbi Binyamin Zeev Wolf M'Zbaraz and Yentel? Miriam? Segal

Occupation: ABD Opoczna (Opotoschne) and Rymanov, author of Pri Yitzchak
Managed by: Malka Mysels
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About Yitzhak Yungerlieb, of Radwil

R' Yechiel Michel - The Zlotschover Maggid FAMILY TREE (Scroll and see below)

Parable on the Language of Melody by R' Yitzhak of Radvil

יצחק פון ראדוויל Wikipedia - Hebrew


R' Yechiel Michel - The Zlotschover Maggid FAMILY TREE


The family were decendants of the famous Chayut family.  The Zlotchover Maggid's

  • Father:  R'  Yitzchok M'Drohobic 
  • Grandfather:  R' Yoseph Sproidlyer of Pistin (died in Israel), 
  • Great Grandfather: R'  Moshe of Zvirech,
  • GG Grandfather was R Yitzchak Chayut (d.1585)*  (R Yitzchak Chayut's father-in-law was also the father-in-law of the Maharal of Prague.  This account is from the book "Otzar Harabanim" by Friedman. 


The Zlotschover Maggid, R' Yechiel Michel had at least one daughter. This daughter married R' David of Stefan, a descendant of the "Taz", R' David Segel.  R David of Stefan was himself a Rebbe.  

He also had five sons (whom he referred to as "my chamisha chumshai Torah" (my five Books of the Torah) who were replete with Torah and chassidus, each of whom became Rebbe in a different place. They were:



A conception of dreams found in a hasidic text, Or Yizhak, by Isaac of Radville (d. 1825), explaining the phenomenon of dreams in terms of the soul's leaving the body and roaming through the world while the body is asleep, can be found in rabbinic sources (reflecting very similar notions in other cultures) and also in the Zohar.

Isaac of Radville, however, added his own elaboration to that conception, adding that while the soul experiences its nocturnal journey on its own higher level, upon the body's awakening, the soul conveys its experience to the body in a way that the body can understand, making for a distinction between the dream-as-experienced and the deeper meaning of the same dream, a distinction recalling later Freudian theory.

Though never explicitly stated, the real significance of the Radviller's conception of dreams lies in an implicit parallel with his view of the Torah as he viewed the surface-meaning of the Torah-text-like the scenario in a dreamas a garment of its deeper and truer meaning. And furthermore, also foreshadowing later psychological theory, he held that the dream-as-experienced contains allusions to its real meaning and, similarly, the pshat (surface-level) of the Torah is to be read as a network of allusions to the Torah' s deeper and truer meaning. Both dreams and Torah (like poetry) speak in a language of allusion.


The Zlotchover maggid was the scion of an illustrious family of rabbis and kabbalists from Galicia who lived and operated in the town of Brody and its environs; the maggid’s great-grandfather was R. Moshe of Zvirsh, who died as a martyr without suffering at all by virtue of his communion with God. His son, R. Joseph Spravidliver, was called a “man of truth,” and his wife, “Yenta the Prophet.”

Their son,R. Isaac of Derhovitch, the father of the Zlotchover maggid, was one of the scholars at the Beit Midrash (study hall) of R. Yozfa in Ostrog and a maggid in the community of Horhov.  Traditions preserved in In Praise of the Baal Shem Tov portray him as a man of intimidating wizardry, endowed with a prophetic spirit and expertise in the Divine names, who did not flinch from a head-on confrontation with R. Isaac Hamburger and his associate, R. Ezekiel Landa, author of Noda Bi-Yehuda.

Already during the lifetime of the Zlotchover maggid his origins gained special notice, and one of his most prominent disciple, R. Meshullam Feibush Heller, referred to him as the “son of holy ones, a Tzaddik the son of a Tzaddik.”

Like his forefathers, the Zlotchover maggid was also gifted with extraordinary spiritual abilities.  According to his disciple, R. Abraham Joshua of Apta, he was capable of conducting ascents of the soul at will or when so directed from Heaven: “For his Holy Rabbi our Rabbi Yehiel Mikhal of Zlotchov would sleep... either when he wanted to ascend to Heaven, or when Heaven called him to ascend.” 

Such ability was ascribed to only two people at the outset of Hasidism, the Ba’al Shem Tov and the Zlotchover maggid.  Similarly, two of his sons - the first-born, R. Joseph of Yampela and the second, Isaac of Radvil - were also blessed with spiritual powers, and their ascents of the soul were widely recognized.

R. Joseph of Yampela is quoted to the effect that the Divine spirit had been present in their forefathers’ line for 72 generations. 

Admittedly, of the Zlotchover maggid’s five sons, whom he termed the five books of the Torah, only the fourth son, R. Moshe of Zweihil, established a Hasidic court.  However, the rabbis of the Zweihil dynasty, who live in Jerusalem, are known to this day as the “preservers of the holy covenant,”[28] meaning those who preserve the sanctity of the covenantal organ.  This sobriquet is a reminder of the tradition whereby the Tzaddikim of the Zlotchov dynasty have the capacity to correct the sexual transgressions of their fellows, such as the spilling of seed.  In Lurianic kabbalah this sin is deemed to delay the redemption, a misdeed which only the Messiah can correct.

The appellation of the rabbis of the house of Zweihil, therefore, alludes to the special supernatural status ascribed for over two hundred years to descendants of the house of Zlotchov.

The Zlotchover maggid was born in Brody in around the year 1726.  The first position he held was that of maggid in the town of Kluk, and according to In Praise of the Baal Shem Tov during this period he was a disciple of the Besht.  From Kluk he accepted the nomination of maggid in the town of Zlotchov, where he grew famous. 

At the end of his life he was “received” in Yampela, a small town in the Ukraine, which surely did not befit his intellectual prowess or stature in the view of his disciples. The reasons for this descent have never been completely clarified, but his son, R. Isaac of Radvil, hints that his father was so embittered that he sought to take leave of the world.

Throughout the years of his wandering the Zlotchover maggid’s activity was centered in Brody, the town of his birth, in eastern Galicia on the Ukrainian border.  Brody was a major Jewish hub in economic and cultural terms, and won repute as a town of Talmudic scholars and Jewish legal experts.  It was also known as a center of kabbalistic study by virtue of the members in its “Kloize”, who adopted kabbalistic customs. The reputation garnered by the Kloize reflected the considerable interest in kabbalah among all the towns of Eastern Galicia and the Ukraine. Read complete article

About הגה"צ רבי יצחק Yungerlieb, מראדוויל (עברית)

רבי יצחק פון ראדוויל זצ"ל (ה'תקי"א - י"א אייר ה'תקצ"ה), דער צווייטער זון פון זלאטשאווער מגיד. איז געבוירן אין יאר ה'תקי"א צו זיין פאטער רבי יחיאל מיכל פון זלאטשאוו, א זון פון רבי יצחק פון דראהאביטש, א זון פון רבי יוסף ספראוועדליווער, רב אין פיסטין, א זון פון רבי משה, רב אין זאווריש, און צו זיין מוטער מרת מרים, אן אייניקל פון רבי מאיר פאפריש. רבי איציקל איז געווען באוואוסט פאר זיין צדקות און גרויסקייט אין לערנען, רבי איציקל שרייבט אין זיין ספר אור יצחק, אז זיין פאטער האט אויף אים געזאגט אז ער איז געגליכן צום חומש שמות, דיין לעבען וועט שטענדיג זיין פארנימען מיט אויסוואנדערונגן פון ארט צו ארט, און זיין געפלאגט פון קריגערייען, אבער די תורה וועט זיין אין דיר וויבאלד דער תורה איז געגעבן געווארן אין דעם ספר. רבי איציקל איז ערשט געווען רב אין ראדוויל, שפעטער איז ער אויפגענומען געווארן אויף זיין צווייטן שווער'ס ארט אין נאדווארנא, נאך א קורצע צייט האט זיך דארט צופלאקערט א פייער צווישן רבי איציקל'ס חסידים און צווישען די קאסאווער חסידים איבער די שוחטים פון שטאט, און רבי איציקל איז צוריק געפארן קיין ראדוויל. א צייט שפעטער האט דער חוזה פון לובלין ערלעדיגט מען זאל אויפנעמען רבי איציקל רב אפאטשנא, אויך איז רבי איציקל געווען א צייט רב אין רימאנאוו, באטאשאן, פאלטישאן, און אין יאס. רבי איציקל איז נפטר געווארן י"א אייר ה'תקצ"ה. זיין פאמיליע רבי איציק'ל האט געהייראט בזיווג ראשון א טאכטער פון הרב משה שהם פון דאלינא.זייערע קינדער:

   הרב דן פון ראדוויל ( - כ"ה ניסן ה'תקצ"ח), ממלא מקום פון פאטער אין ראדוויל.
   די ווייב פון הרב ישעיהו מושקאט, רב אין פראגא דער ראשי בשמים.

בזיווג שני האט רבי איציקל געהייראט א טאכטער פון הרב צבי הירש פון נאדווארנא פארפאסער פון ספר "צמח ד לצבי". זייערע קינדער"

   די ווייב פון הרב צבי רבי ישעי'ס, פון האליטש.
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