Coenraedt Ten Ten Eyck

您也姓Ten Eyck吗?

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Coenraedt Ten Ten Eyck

别名字号 "Coenraet TenEyck", "Conrad Ten Eyck"
生日 (70)
出生地 Moers, (Present Kreis Wesel), Graftschaft Moers (within present Nordrhein-Westfalen), Heiliges Römisches Reich (within present Germany)
逝世 1687年4月5日 (70)
New York City, Kings County, Province of New York, (Present USA)

Wilhelm Ten EyckMichele Puitzen之子
Jacannyntye Ten Eyck; Maria Tobias BoeleAnnetje Waldron的丈夫
Matthys Ten TenEyck; Maria Ten Broeck; Dirck ten Eyck; Jacob ten Eyck; Margariet ten Eyck, (d.y.)另外7个之父
Druitgen Ten EyckAnna an gen Eick的兄弟

Occupation: Master Tanner and shoemaker
管理员 Private User

About Coenraedt Ten Ten Eyck

one of the signers of the petition to surrender New Amsterdam


  • *Revised history of Harlem (city of New York). Its origin and early annals, prefaced by home scenes in the fatherlands; or, notices of its founders before emigration. Also, sketches of numerous families and the recovered history of the land-titles .. (1904)
  • Joseph Waldron, "living near the hoeck of Passenger Street," in Amsterdam, and on the eve of his second marriage, appeared before the orphan master, May 12, 1649, according to custom, and gave bonds for the maintenance of his two children by his late wife, Aeltie Hendricks; as "the children by the former marriage had no property." One of these perhaps was left at Amsterdam with its grandmother, Maria Goverts, since it is not named in our records here, and Waldron was wont to order part of his salary to be paid his said mother. The last time noticed was on August 30, 1661, being two months' wages, 48 florins. He was butler to the garrison, and had charge of the magazine of the company. Waldron died in 1663. Just before his end, sending for a notary to draw up his will, he said "there would be nothing left, of his widow, who intended to leave for the Fatherland." Upon these representations and it appearing that there were "six minor children, two of whom are of a former marriage," the orphan's court of New Amsterdam, December 10, 1663, at the desire of the widow Annetie Daniels, appointed Resolved Waldron, "her husband's brother," and Hendrick Jensen Vander Vin, "who is her oldest and most intimate friend," as gardians of her surviving children. It is uncertain whether she visited Holland, as she was married here, in 1668 to Harman Smeeman, and again, in 1682, to Coenraet Ten Eyck. Joseph Waldron's children known to us were Sarah, Daniel, Mary, Anna, Deborah and John. Deborah died in infancy, and John, when not quite 8 years old was accidentally killed in his step-father's mill, January 23, 1669. Sarah, born about 1646, at Amsterdam, married, in 1662, Jan Gerritsen Van Voorst, and in 1666 Laurens Jansen Colevelt, by whom she had children whose descendants are yet found. Mary, born 1652, married Hendrick Gerritsen Blauvelt (see page 363), and Anna, born 1657, married John Delamontagne. To her son Daniel and son-in-law Delamontagne, Annetie Daniels, then for the third time a widow, conveyed some city property, May 10, 1688. She was afterward allowed pay by government "for tending sick soldiers." Daniel Waldron, born 1650, at Amsterdam, married, in 1673, Sarah Rutgers, daughter of Rutger Willemsen. .... etc.


Ten Eyck family

  • The Ten Eycks are an influential family of Dutch origins who came to New York in the 1630s.[1] The Patriarch of the American branch of the family, Coenraedt Ten Eyck, came from Holland to settle in New Amsterdam (later renamed New York City). His son, Jacob moved to Albany where he was a silversmith, and the later efforts of several family members gained the family land, wealth, and a positions of power in both the city of Albany and the state of New York as a whole. Using their influence, the Ten Eycks formed several businesses, including the Ten Eyck hotel and the Ten Eyck insurance group, helping to establish the city of Albany as it is known today.
  • Jacob Coenradt (1709-1783)
  • Jacob Coenradt Ten Eyck was the son of Jacob and Geertje Ten Eyck. At fifteen, he was apprenticing as a silversmith, adding to the popularity of the family name and the already considerable wealth that had been accrued by his father, who was a silversmith before him. During his time as a silversmith, Jacob also served as a constable and Chief Fire Officer and, .... etc.
  • Notable Family Members
  • Coenraedt Ten Eyck (1617-1686)- moved from Holland to New Amsterdam about 1651.[6] He was a shoemaker and a tanner and owned property in New Amsterdam.[7]
  • Jacob Ten Eyck - moved from New York City to settle in Albany, son of Coenraedt.[2]
  • Coenraedt Ten Eyck II (1678-1753)- Albany silversmith.[2]
  • Jacob Coenradt Ten Eyck (1709-1783)-See above, son of Coenraedt Ten Eyck II.[2]
  • Anthony Ten Eyck (born 1739)- member of Convention of 1787, which ratified the United States Constitution. First judge of Rennselaer county and member of state senate. Son of Jacob Coenradt Ten Eyck.[2]
  • Coenraad Anthony Ten Eyck (1789-1845)-Sheriff of Albany county and county clerk. Son of Anthony Ten Eyck[2]
  • Abraham Cuyler Ten Eyck (1830-1900)- "Forty-niner" in the California gold rush. Son of Coenraad Ten Eyck[2]
  • Jacob Lansing (1864-1942)- see above. Son of Abraham Cuyler Ten Eyck[2]
  • Peter Gansevoort (1873-1944)-see above. Son of Abraham Cuyler Ten Eyck[2]
  • .... etc.
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  • Coenraet Ten Eyck
  • Birth: Apr. 9, 1678 Albany County, New York, USA
  • Death: Jan. 23, 1753 Albany County, New York, USA
  • Coenradt Ten Eyck was born in Fort Orange, Albany, to Jacob Coenraedt Ten Eyck and Geeritje Coeymans. He was the Grandson of Koenradt Ten Eyck a shoe maker and Maria Boel the first Ten Eyck to arrive in the New World in 1650 on the "De Bonte Koe" or Spotted Cow.
  • Coenradt was a master silversmith who pieces today are in private collections and museums, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York has several of his pieces. Recently of his Tankards sold at Christies Auction House for $47,800.00 Two of his sons, Jacob and Barent also became silversmiths.
  • Coenraedt was married to Geertje Van Schaick and they had 10 children.
  • Burial: Albany Rural Cemetery, Menands, Albany County, New York, USA
  • Plot: church yard
  • Find A Grave Memorial# 84357597
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Castello Plan Notes

Block D; No. 18

Coenraet Ten Eyck, the tanner, bought the land from Burger Jorissen, before 1651, [2] on which he built this house. In 1686, Derick Ten Eyck, also a tanner, lived in it.-Selyns's List, in N. Y. Hist. Soc. Collections, 1841, p. 395. To him was entrusted the care of the well mentioned in No. 17 (ante). In 1791, Abraham Ten Eyck's heirs sold the property to Benjamin Seixas.-Liber Deeds, XLVII: 529-34. In this deed, the dimensions in English feet and inches agreed perfectly with the Dutch measurements made one hundred and forty years earlier. Site: 76 Broad Street.

For Coenraet Ten Eyck, see Block C, Nos. 28 and 31, as follows.

Nos. 28, 29, 30, AND 31
Coenraet Ten Eyck, tanner and master shoemaker, built these four houses. His tan pits and the tannery sheds in the rear are not pictured, although they are mentioned in the real estate records as early as March, 1658, and as late as April, 1665.-Liber Deeds, A: 126-7; Patents, II: 43 (Albany).
The northerly house (No.3 I) and the lot between Nos. 30 and 31 were sold to Daniel Tourneur, May 3 I, 1660.-Liber Deeds, A: 219. Therefore, Nos. 28 to 30 were owned by Ten Eyck, and NO.3 1 by Tourneur, at the time of the Plan. Coenraet Ten Eyck retained his lots until 1683.-Liber Deeds, XIII: 21, 60. At the time of his death, Ten Eyck lived in the large house on the north-east corner of Coenties Slip and Pearl Street, shown on the Burgis View of 1716-18 (Plate 25). His will, dated November 5, 1688, was made when he was" sickly abed." He died" soon after the making .of the will." This instrument is not of record in New York County, but is in the possession of Mr. Ten Eyck's descendants.

Emigrated before 1651.


Coenraedt Ten Ten Eyck的年谱

Moers, (Present Kreis Wesel), Graftschaft Moers (within present Nordrhein-Westfalen), Heiliges Römisches Reich (within present Germany)
Amstelveen, Amstelveen, North Holland, Netherlands
Amsterdam, North Holland, The Netherlands
Kerk, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Nieuw Nederland
New Amsterdam, , New York, USA
New Amsterdam, , New York, USA
Nieuw-Amsterdam, Nieuw-Nederland