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Arthur George J Swane

Дата рождения: (19)
Место рождения: Brighton, Sussex, England
Смерть: 15 апреля 1912 (19)
Atlantic Ocean
Ближайшие родственники:

Сын John Murray Swane и Mary Anne Swane
Брат Minnie Swane; Annie Swane; Francis Murray Swane; Albert William Swane; Dick Octavius Swane и ещё 1

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Ближайшие родственники

About George Swane

Mr George Swane

  • Born: Monday 12th December 1892
  • Age: 19 years 4 months and 3 days.
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Last Residence: in London London England
  • Occupation: Chauffeur to Mr Hudson Joshua Creighton Allison
  • 2nd Class passenger
  • First Embarked: Southampton on Wednesday 10th April 1912
  • Ticket No. 248734 , £13
  • Cabin No.: F?
  • Destination: Montreal Québéc Canada
  • Died in the sinking.
  • Body recovered by: Mackay-Bennett (No. 294)
  • Buried: Fairview Lawn Cemetery Halifax Nova Scotia Canada on Monday 6th May 1912.

George Swane, 19, was chauffeur to Hudson Allison and family and boarded the Titanic at Southampton with them, their other servants and their cook Mildred Brown with whom he travelled in Second Class.

During the voyage he occupied a shared cabin on F-Deck and on the night of the disaster he and his roommates enjoyed a pillow fight which those in the adjacent cabin F-33 (Selena Rogers Cook, Elizabeth Nye, Amelia Lemore and Mildred Brown) awake for a time.

After the collision Swane knocked on the door to the ladies cabin and warned them to get dressed as quickly as possible.

George Swane lost his life in the disaster, his body was later recovered and he was buried at Fairview cemetery, Halifax, N.S. on May 6th 1912.

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Хронология George Swane

12 декабря 1892
Brighton, Sussex, England
15 апреля 1912
Возраст 19
Atlantic Ocean