Returns a list of profiles based on provided parameters.

This method is only available to Geni Pro subscribers.



Name Type Description Required
baptism EventSearchCriteria Baptism event search criteria false
birth EventSearchCriteria Birth event search criteria false
burial EventSearchCriteria Burial event search criteria false
child_names String Child names false
claimed Boolean Whether person is claimed false
current[country] String Person's current country. Example: Australia false
current[location] String Person's current location false
death EventSearchCriteria Death event search criteria false
decased Boolean Whether person is deceased false
display_name String Display names you wish to search for false
first_name String First names you wish to search for false
gender String Gender you wish to search for (m, f, or u) false
last_name String Last names you wish to search for false
living Boolean Whether person is living false
maiden_name String Maiden names you wish to search for false
match_blank_years Boolean Dates with blank years are considered matches (true or false) false
middle_name String Middle names you wish to search for false
nicknames String Nicknames you wish to search for false
parent_names String Parent names false
partner_names String Partner names false
sibling_names String Sibling names false
suffixes String Suffixes you wish to search for false
unclaimed Boolean Whether person is unclaimed false

Returned Fields

Name Type Description
next_page String Link to the next page of results (if any)
page Number Page number
prev_page String Link to the previous page of results (if any)
results Array of Profiles The list of profiles found in the search
Note: Blank fields will not be returned to save bandwidth.