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陳氏利川族谱 (hardcopy) was first published in Dec 2002 in China. The hardcopy book traced up to 利川公 which is arbitrary and generally accepted as the first generation by blood relatives in China.

It began several years before 2002 when one of 利川公's descendant 陳清富 Miya Tan Cheng Hoo began to build using Google Doc the 铸囗公(東元,亚五生)家族世系图. At that time he started with his grandfather 铸囗公(東元,亚五生) which trace down to all descendants mostly from Klang, Malaysia. The Google document only shows the blood relatives (all having the same surname ), leaving out all in-laws.

铸囗公(東元,亚五生)家族世系图 was later on improved to 十世祖陳東元公派下.

Later on, data in all Google Docs above including those created later as mentioned below were copied to Geni. Links were set up from data in all Google Docs to corresponding data in Geni.

Then about 2 years before 2002 his last uncle in China 陳天德 Tan Thian Teck visited Miya and father in Klang, Malaysia, When shown to him a copy of 铸囗公(東元,亚五生)家族世系图 he showed much interest and brought a copy back to China.

When Miya's father visited 陳天德 Tan Thian Teck in China a few years later, our blood relatives in China had published the above mentioned 陳氏利川族谱 (hardcopy) a copy of which was brought back to Klang, Malaysia. The hardcopy book traced up to 利川公, arbitrary and generally accepted by blood relatives in China as the first generation.

When few copies of 陳氏利川族谱 (hardcopy) were brought back to Klang, 陳氏利川家族世系图 was created which lists the first generation 利川公 (as mentioned above) and his descendants down to all 36 10th generations. 陳氏利川家族世系图 was lated improved to 始祖陳利川公派下 which includes all descendants were created and published in Google. There are 36 10th generations. Also from the hardcopy 陳氏利川族谱, Forward 序 , Generation Table 字辈 and 陳氏利川家族戶口 were created and published. Since 陳氏利川家族戶口 in Google XLS which does supports links and thus was superceded by 始祖陳利川公派下. Both list ALL descendants.

(Note: All Google documents that were improved on and thus acquired new names are not updated any more.)

Finally 陳氏利川族谱 wraps up all published Google documents and which also serves as index to all the other documents. It also includes documents that display each descendant's personal photo (if avaiable). This 陳氏利川族谱 complements the outdated hardcopy 陳氏利川族谱.