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Li Hung Chang 李鴻章 MP (1823 - 1901)

"肅毅伯", "章銅", "子黻", "漸甫", "少荃", "儀叟"

Li Hung-chang 李鴻章 (T. 子黻, 漸甫 H. 少荃, 儀叟), Feb. 15, 1823-1901, Nov. 7, statesman and diplomat, was a native of Ho-fei (Lu-chou), Anhwei. An ancestor eight generations before him was born into a family na...

2/25/2011 11/17/2016

Zēng Guófān 曾國藩 MP (1811 - 1872)

"伯函", "滌生", "文正"

Zeng Guofan , Marquis Yiyong (Chinese: 曾國藩 pinyin: Zēng Guófān), birth name Zeng Zicheng , courtesy name Bohan , was a Chinese statesman, military general, and Confucian scholar of the late Qing dynast...

6/1/2011 11/17/2016