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1820 Settlers - Crause's Party

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  • Charles Martinson (c.1808 - 1843)
    Connecticut, Deaths and Burials Index, 1650-1934 Name: Charles MartinsonBirth Date: abt 1808 Age at Death: 35 Death Date: 24 Sep 1843 Death Place: Connecticut Gender: Male FHL Film Number: 3165
  • Louisa Martinson (c.1804 - d.)
  • Sarah Martinson (c.1782 - d.)
    England Marriages 1538-1973 Transcription* First name(s) George* Last name Martinson* Name note -* Marriage year 1804* Marriage date 08 May 1804* Marriage place London* Spouse's first name(s) Sarah* Sp...
  • George Martinson (c.1783 - 1862)
    National Archives, Kew, CO48/49, 95 Written by Sue Mackay.Filed with Dispatches of Sir Rufane DONKINCopySpanish Reed 5 June 1820To His Excellency Major General Sir Rufane Shaw DONKIN KCB, Acting Gover...
  • William Dredge, SV/PROG 2 (c.1800 - 1866)
    1820 English Settler= William Dredge , 29, Cabinetmaker, together with his wife Elizabeth Stroud , 25, were members of Lieut. Charles Crause's Party of 41 Settlers on the Nautilus Party originated from...

// Crause's Party

1820 Settlers

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Main Reference - The Settler Handbook by MD Nash

See also eGGSA - The 1820 Settler Correspondence and Return of Settlers

Further information from 1820

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Party Details

  • Leader Lieut Charles Crause
  • Number in the Party 44 according to Return of Settlers at eGGSA. Reconciliation 44 members on list, less Martinson family of 3 and Amelia Crause = 40 party members who went to South Africa.

(Amelia Crause was the sister of John Anthony Crause and was married to John Bailie. - see Baillie project)
* Area Party originated from Kent

  • Area Allocated to the Party "Spanish Reeds" between the Wellington and Kap rivers
  • 1820 Settler Ship


  • Dates
  • Departure London, 3 December 1819
  • Arrival Table Bay, Cape Town - 17 March 1820
  • Final Port - Algoa Bay, Port Elizabeth 14 April 1820

(Other parties on this voyage - Owen, Mandy, Rowles, Scott)

M.D. Nash 1987 - Settler Handbook

"No. 2 on the Colonial Department list, a joint-stock party led by Lieutenant Charles Crause of Borstal Court Farm, West Rochester, Kent, an officer of the Royal Marines on half-pay. Included in the party was his brother Lieutenant Johan Crause, an infantry officer who had been Adjutant at the Invalid Depot, Chatham. A third brother, Captain Henry Crause, was a member of the party led by their brother-in-law John Bailie.

Soon after submitting his application to emigrate, Charles Crause gave up his farm and moved to Mill Street, Lambeth, and it is likely that his party - made up mostly od small tradesmen - was recruited in London. James Moorcroft enquired about emigrating with 10 families before he joined Crause's party, and according to their Death Notices in the Cape Archives, Charles Spiller and Samuel Dredge were also Londoners. The Attwell family was from Bedfordshire.

Articles of agreement were drawn up and deposits were paid for 12 men. The party sailed from Gravesend in the regular transport ship Nautilus, in company with her consort the Chapman, on 3 December 1819. The two ships were separated when the Nautilus struck on the Goodwin Sands, off Ramsgate, during a violent storm, but was set afloat again without much damage. Bothe the Nautilusand Chapman reached Table bay on 17 March 1820. While the ships lay at anchor the three Crause brothers applied for separate grants of land by virtue of their situation as half-pay officers with long service records.

The Naulilus reached Algoa bay on 14 April 1820, and the party was located between the Wellington and Kap Rivers. Lieutenant Crause separated from his party soon after it was located, and was replaced as leader, first by Thomas Phillips and then by James Moorcroft. The location was named Spanish Reeds".

Members of Crause's Party

Bold links are to Geni profiles; other links are to other biographical notes. Entries marked with √ appear in the Return of Settlers.

Richard James Attwell 48, Farmer.

WifeAnn Labrun 47
Children :

Charles Crause 35 Lieut. Royal marines (Half-pay).

WifeEmily 26
Children :

John Anthony Crause 26 Lieut. and Adjutant, 50th Regt. (Half-pay). (Later married Sarah Hayes Boardman of Willson's Party.)

WifeAmelia ? Note Amelia Crause was his sister and was married to John Bailie - see Baillie's Party).

Samuel Dredge 24, Bookbinder

William Dredge 29 Cabinetmaker.

WifeElizabeth Stroud 25

George Martinson 37 Goldsmith

WifeSarah Note Not in Nash's book

NOTE George Martinson and the family who were left behind went to Connectucut, USA in 1830, including an 8 year old child (either Charles S or Louisa) Martinson. This suggests that he returned to the UK before 1822 and then went to the US.

Samuel John Mollett 40 printer.

WifeMargaret Holliday 38
Children :

James Moorcroft 26 Gardener.

WifeSarah Dixon 28
Children :

Thomas Phillips 35 Bookseller and Stationer.

WifeAlice Fame 35
Children :

Charles James Spiller 28 Grocer.

WifeCatherine Madden 27
Children :

Main sources for party list

List of settlers under the direction of Lieut Charles Crause (Cape Archives CO 6137/1,4). This is the London list; no Agent of Transports' Return has been traced for the Nautilus, showing the state of the parties as they arrived at the Cape, but all the men's names on the London list are confirmed by the signatures on a memorial addressed to the Governor by the free settlers on board the Nautilis in Table bay (Cape Archives CO 3917).

The names of Lieut John Crause's wife and family are included in the London list. However, Martinson's family were left in England (Cape Archives CO 2629) and there is no record of Amelia Crause's presence in the colony. Lieut John Crause married Sarah Boardman in 1825, and it is assumed that his first wife died in England.

However, George Martinson's family were left in England (Cape Archives CO2629) and there is no record of Amelia Crause's presence in the colony. Lieut John Crause married Sarah Boardman in 1825, and it is assumed that his first wife died in England.

Further Reading

John Mandy's letters to his mother, written on board Nautilus, reproduced in C T Campbell, British South Africa (London, Haddon, 1897) and in the Souvenir in Commemoration of the 1820 Settlers of Albany (East London, Daily Dispatch, 1920). to
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