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1820 Settlers - Menezes' Party

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  • Susannah Marsh, SM/PROG (c.1787 - d.)
    Poulton or Marsh, Emily Elizabeth Weymouth* Last Name: Poulton (nee Marsh) * First Name: Emily Elizabeth Weymouth * Date of Birth: 1820 * Place of Birth: on board ship “Weymouth” * Parents – Father: Wi...
  • Emily Elizabeth Weymouth Poulton (1820 - 1880)
    or Marsh, Emily Elizabeth Weymouth * Last Name: Poulton (nee Marsh)* First Name: Emily Elizabeth Weymouth* Date of Birth: 1820* Place of Birth: on board ship “Weymouth”* Parents – Father: William Marsh...
  • Jane Janet Sweetnam, SM/PROG (1780 - 1869)
    1820 British Settler= Jane Barton 39, together with her husband Thomas Sweetnam 46, wheelwright, and their 3 children, were members of William Menezes' Party of 51 Settlers on the Weymouth .Party origi...
  • James Hayward SV/PROG 2 (1794 - 1882)
    British Settler= James Hayward 25, Smith, together with his wife, Mary Ann Skinner 24, and young son, were members of William Menezes Party of 51 Settlers on the Weymouth .Party originated from Kent.* ...
  • Hannah Wall (1815 - 1849)
    1820 British Settler= Hannah Sweetnam 5, together with her parents and 2 siblings, were members of William Menezes' Party of 51 Settlers on the Weymouth .Party originated from Kent.Departed London, 7 J...

Menezes' Party

1820 Settlers

Main reference The Settler Handbook by MD Nash

See also eGGSA - The 1820 Settler Correspondence and Menezes' Party - Return of Settlers

Additional information from South African Settlers

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Party Details

  • Leader William Menezes
  • Number 51 + 2 un-named children born on board + 3 (Marsh) not in Return of Settlers) = 56
  • Area Party originated from Kent
  • Area Allocated to the Party Reitfontein then Kareiga River
  • 1820 Settler Ship


  • Dates
  • Departure 7 January 1820
  • Arrival Table Bay, Cape Town - 16 April 1820
  • Final Port - Algoa Bay, Port Elizabeth 15 May 1820

(Other parties on this voyage Biggar, Bowker, Duncan Campbell , Cock, Ford, Gurney, Hyman, James, Osler, Parkin)

M.D. Nash 1987 - Settler Handbook

"No. 12 on the Colonial Department list, led by William Menezes, a shoemaker and veteran soldier of Dover, Kent. The first application on this party's behalf was made by James Hayward, who submitted a list of 10 men from Dover. A week later Manezes submitted an amended list of 12 men, all ex-servicemen, and their families. These men, all under 40, had been honourably discharged from the armed services at the end of the Napoleonic wars. John Green and the three Hayward brothers, who had seen service at the Cape while in the Navy, were from the parish of Walmer, Thomas Eastland was from Deal and the rest of the party from Dover. Reed and Dickson were the only names to appear on the final sailing list that had not been included in Menezes' original list.

According to Menezes, the men were all 'perfectly satisfied with the arrangements made with their parishes', although the amount of financial assistance given is not known except in the case of George Hayward, half of whose deposit was paid by Thomas Sweetnam and half by the parish of Walmer. The party was formed on a joint-stock basis and its members signed articles of agreement that bound them to mutual help and good behaviour, but there was no mention made of a common stock of tools and equipment. Menezes undertook to distribute the party's land in equal shares, and to do his best to settle any quarrels or complaints that might arise. The party solemnly agreed to 'bear this motto in our Hearts, To do to each other, as we would wish others to do to us; that the Sabbath shall be kept holy, and all manner of Work desisted from, and that lying and swearing shall be consider'd as a Breach of our Articles'.

Deposits were paid for 12 men, and the party embarked at the Downs in HM Store Ship Weymouth, which left Portsmouth on 7 January 1820 and reached Table Bay on 26 April and Algoa Bay on 15 May. Thomas Sweetnam worked as a ship's cooper during the voyage. Babies were born at sea to the wives of John Green and James Reed.

The party was first located in Albany at Rietfontein and then moved, together with Parkin's party, to the Kariega River".

Members of Menezes' Party

[Bold links are to Geni profiles; other links are to other biographical notes]

Richard Bowles, 35. Labourer.

Wife Elizabeth Ambrose36

Children of Elizabeth Ambrose :

Alexander Cummins 24. Labourer.

Wife Elizabeth 26.

  • Alexander Cummins, 2.

Richard Dickson 39. Glazier.

Eastland, Thomas 39. Sawyer.

Wife Sarah White 36.

John Green 39, Labourer.

Wife Ann Rowney 30.

George Hayward 21, Labourer.

Wife Mary 17.

James Hayward 25, Smith.

Wife Mary Ann Skinner 24.

William Hayward 22. Butcher.

William Menezes 29, Shoemaker.

Wife Mary Whitall 25. (Later married Benjamin Patrick of Sephton's Party)

John Oliver 27. Labourer.

Wife Mary 24.

James Reed 29. Blacksmith.

Wife Sarah 31.

  • Joseph Reed, 8,
  • Emily Reed, 4,
  • Mary Reed 1,
  • Reed - a baby born at sea.

Thomas Sweetnam 36, Wheelwright.

Wife Jane Barton 35.
Children :

William Marsh.
Wife Susannah Marsh (nee Heath)
Daughter Emily Elizabeth Weymouth Marsh (later married Charles John Poulton of Hoaward's Party'

Main sources for party list

Return of settlers under the direction of William Menezes (Cape Archives CO 6138/1,30); Articles of Agreement (Cape Archives CO 178,145); Muster-roll and Log of HM Store Ship Weymouth (Public Record Office, London); Special Commissioner William Hayward's notes (Cape Archives CO 8543).

Henry, Eliza, Charlotte, Rebecca, Thomas, Sarah and Edward Amos were the children of Elizabeth Bowles and her first husband, Henry Amos. Amos, a soldier, went missing during the Napoleonic wars and was presumed dead; his wife married Richard Bowles by whom she had a daughter, Esther, before her former husband reappeared and she returned to him. The couple had four more children before Amos died, leaving Elizabeth a widow in actuality. She then remarried Bowles by whom she had another daughter, Jemima Weymouth, and a son, Richard, born after they reached the Cape.

There is some doubt about the identity of the twelfth man in Menezes' party. Although Richard Dickson's name was entered in the Muster-roll of the Weymouth, Menezes had informed the Colonial Department in November 1819 that Dickson was ill and unable to travel and would be replaced by Joseph Hamman, and his wife and two children. It is possible that Dickson recovered in time to sail and the exchange never took place.

✽ Special Commissioner Hayward's notes list William Marsh as a claimant to a share of the party's location in 1824; his name does not appear on any of the official lists of the party. E Morse Jones records that a settler of that name arrived in the Waterloo, but his connection - if any - with Menezes' people is not known.

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