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A Tale of Two Cousins: Locating Alexander Ross Hill's family and connecting the World Tree.

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Another relationship that is currently not in Geni is that they should be blood related.

"In 1849 my father, Isaac Hill, accompanied by his son, La Grande, his mother, Elizabeth Lane Hill (who was a relative of Joseph Lane, the first Governor of Oregon),"

Cousin Relationship #1

Mary Minerva Hill Dunn Mary Minerva Dunn in her diary combines with her mother's data

" Mary M. Dunn, my grandmother, now ninety-three years of age, has lived a life spanning a long period of usefulness. She has been an inspiration to her many friends and a challenge for worthwhile things to all of her family. The material for this book has been compiled from stories she has written of various events of her life and from other family data. Much of it is from an old diary kept daily during the journey across the plains, by her mother, Elizabeth Fine Hill. " - Mary E. Stevens July, 1929.

In the diary it says
"The record of the Lee family is linked with military history from early in the eighteenth century. Through the Revolutionary War no body of troops raised in the colonies surpassed the work of Lee's Legion in effectiveness and courage. "Light Horse Harry" Lee, a cousin of my grandmother, received the thanks of Congress in recognition of his leadership."

As far as I, Carissa Hill, can tell... Her grandmother being
Nancy Jennings Fine

This is Cousin #1 relationship... Can it be solved?

Maj. Gen. Henry Lee, "Light Horse Harry", Governor of Virginia profile

married to Anne Hill Lee

The Diary continues to say "After the war he identified himself with the Federalist Party and sent to Congress. His son, Robert E. Lee, graduated from West Point and rendered valuable service during the Mexican War. At the time of the Civil War he was made commander of the Southern forces; his unblemished record of sincerity and devotion to his cause won the admiration of the North as well as the undying gratitude of the South"

Her sister Martha's account in her diary Mariah Louisa Gillette
" My grandmother on my mother's side was a Lee; the great Fitzhugh Lee of Southern fame was of the same family. She was one of the heirs of the great Jennings estate of London, England. About the year of 1843, all the Jennings of the United States were called to Washington, D.C., to decide who were the legal heirs of this vast estate, and my grandmother's family were given full right to the property. Grandmother's brother, who was a Jennings, was chosen to go back and claim the estate, so he sailed from New York on a sailboat, there being no steamboats at that time. We think nothing of crossing the ocean now, but in those days it took months of slow, hard travel. " *

This would confirm we are talking about Nancy Jennings Fine I, Carissa Hill, would think.

Note They do not specify first cousins. And a first cousin relationship could not be found by me though it still might exist.

I put together this family tree from the Diary and findagrave. It does have issues. Is William Hill Jr also called Abner? Nancy Jone seems to be in two places with the profile I merged with so Nancy Jennings Fine (Lee).

Elizabeth Lane is an unknown Street origins. Her son is mentioned in the diaries, first governor of Oregon.

The fact that this family uses "names in the middle" before the 1800's like my family shows a resemblance. The migrationi pattern also is similar to my families although who went south and who went directly west is unclear. Elizabeth Street(Clark) was born in KY and maybe made elder in NC.

It was also made clear to me that the Haines and Hills knew each other before Frederick and Grace wanted to marry and their marriage was forbidden. It was with the help of two of Frederick's brothers that Grace and Frederick crossed state borders and eloped. Her parents continued to travel with her marriage family and settled nearby for a time. David Alexander Hill, Frederick's father continued on and died in Washington and buried in Oregon. The Hill family has spread all over the map. Parts are still in Canada, and descendants have spread around all 50 states and beyond.

with that in mind, on to Case #2

'Cousin Case #2'

Nellie says in her Genealogical record below: "Alexander Hill's father's sister, Annie Hill, married Carter Lee. They were parents of General Robert E. Lee, of the Confederate Army. So Alexander and Robert E. Lee were first cousins. Some relatives fought in the confederate Army and others with the Union Army.'"

Note: Carter Lee is NOT the name of Light Horse though he is the father of Robert E Lee. Though Nellie does specify first cousins while the above cousin relationship does not. Is Nellie right? And how does she know? Did Alexander Ross Hill find out info that was not given to my side? There is a lot of bad mixed up data out there for Alexander Ross Hill that I tried to detail in his profile.Nellie also mixed up some data unless AR Hill with Eliza traveled to Virginia to marry again down there.

Long Explanation:

Taken from Alexander Ross Hill profile

Left by his great granddaughter Private who was born of Ernest Lynn Hill son of David Alexander Hill

Also Nellie refers to Alexander as a well driller. While he was in Canada, he was a tanner who story in my, Carissa Hill's family is that he was born in Virginia, kidnapped at a young age in 1812 war and enslaved. He escaped his slavers, remained in Canada after meeting his love Eliza. And the family came back to the states and then headed west all the way to Oregon and down to California, while some of the family members stayed in certain places and did not go the whole distance. My branch Frederick Albright Hill and Grace Maud Hill (Haines) meet in Iowa, moved to Hesper, ND and remained where the family farm is still going today pasted down through generations. added note:Because of Alexander Ross Hill's oil drilling experience, the family farm in ND supplied oil to the town and nearby area. My greatgrandfather Frederick Hill also supplied the Radio by putting up a station.

Nellie Caroline Jeffers's Note:
"Alexander Ross Hill and Eliza Elizabeth Church wer married in Virginia in 1837. They were decendants of English and Scottish families. They had seven children. Son, Albert died at seven years of age. They moved to Quebec where Eliza died in 1854. later Alexander married Matilda Robbins. They had three daughters. One died at age 20 years. The other two girls remained in Canada. Mary married Norman Scott and Emily married Frederick Clark. The children of the first family moved back to Pennsylvania. Later Alexander and Matilda also moved there. From there the family scattered. Horace settled at Rochester, New York. The others went west. Alexander was a well driller. After his family left home he was unable to do the drilling alone so he moved to Rochester with his drilling rig where his son Horace worked with him. An aquaintance from Pennsylvania, Mr. Drake, asked Alex to drill an oilwell for him in Pennsylvania. Alex figured the move woud be too expensive so Mr. Drake went to Rochester, studied the drilling rig, then went home and, with the help of a blacksmith, built a rig. He only had to drill sixty nine feet through shale rock to hit oil. That was the first oil well in Pennsylvania. Alexander Hill's father's sister, Annie Hill, married Carter Lee. They were parents of General Robert E. Lee, of the Confederate Army. So Alexander and Robert E. Lee were first cousins. Some relatives fought in the confederate Army and others with the Union Army. Alexander Hill died in 1880. His wife, Matilda later married Mr. Hartman who had teenage sons. They adored her and went to her for counsel or advice, sepcecially in financial manners. She was known as Grandma Hartman. Progeny of Alexander and Elizabeth Hill Albert H. Hill born: 1838 married: died: 1845 Mills C. Hill born: 1841 married: died: George Nelson "Nels" Hill born: 1843 married: Maggy died: David Alexander Hill born: 1845 married: Mary Lynn Ratcliffe (born 1869) died:1930 Nancy Anne Hill born: 1847 married: Almond Wood Horace W. born: 1849 Rebecca J born: 1851 married: Cornelious Jackson Eliza died 1854 A. R. Hill married Matilda Robbins 1855 Mary E. Hill born: 1854 married: Norman Scott in Canada Emily C. Hill born: 1856 married: Frederick Clark in Canada Theressa A. Hill born: 1859 married: died: 1882 David Alexander Hill and Mayr Lynn Ratcliffe were my grandparents. Their progeny are listed separately. written by Nellie Caroline Hill Jeffers ***** Riley, Arthur Harry and 28 others CD 707: World Family Tree: Vol. 7 Tree 1948 ***** Riley, Arthur Harry and 20 others CD 708: World Family Tree: Vol. 8 Tree 1599 ***** Hill, Alexander Ross and 11 others CD 702: World Family Tree: Vol. 2 Tree 3404 ***** Hill, Alexander Ross and 10 others CD 701: World Family Tree: Vol. 1 Tree 3199 Hill, Alexander Ross Hill, Ernest Lynn Hill, David Alexander Ratcliffe, Mary Lynn Ratcliffe, Thomas Lynn Ratcliffe, Benjamin Gilchrist, Charlotte Ratcliffe, James Lynn, Mary Ratcliffe, William Church, Eliza Elizabeth **** Ratcliffe, Mary Lynn and 3 others CD 705: World Family Tree: Vol. 5 Tree 3358 **** Hill, Alexander Ross and spouse CD 4: Marriage Index: MD, NC, VA **** Hill, Alexander Ross and spouse CD 229: Marriage Index: KY, NC, TN, VA, WV"

This is the Drake she was talking about Colonel Edwin Laurentine Drake and if Nellie is correct then which would mean ... NOTE Reference to naming below would not follow surname lineage.... as far as I, Carissa Hill, can tell that this is Alexander's grandfather Charles Carter of ‘Shirley’ and that this is possibly his father George Hill Carter, of Corotoman There is mention of a missing son here This link mentions that she had at least 2 sons and a daughter with George Hill Carter of Corotoman So I created a profile of that missing son, but because there is no know real connection and also iinconsistencies, I have not merged the profiles. The big one is that George Hill Carter's death is listed decades before the birth of Alexander. But his will also was not settled for decades. Definitely need more actual records to figure this out.

Update: A unknown son was found and that profile was named Charles Carter by a curator. The familysearch profile of Oratrix does say "at least" two sons. so now two have been found but there may be more.

This clue has stumped me for some time and although does continue to stump me there IS an Alexander up Anne Hill Lee (Carter)'s tree Gov. Alexander Spotswood If it is true that Alexander Ross is her nephew... it would finally explain in part how he got the name Alexander.