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董作賓 (彥堂) (1895 - 1963)

《中國大百科全書 考古學》(胡厚宣 撰) 中國現代甲骨學家。字彥堂﹐又作雁堂﹐別署平廬。河南省南陽縣人。生於清光緒二十一年二月二十四日(3月20日)﹐1963年11月23日卒於台灣省台北市。1923~1924年入北京大學研究所國學門為研究生。1925~1927年﹐先後在福建協和大學﹑河南中州大學和廣州中山大學任講師﹑副教授和教授。1928~1946年在中央研究院歷史語言研究所工作﹐歷任通信員﹑編輯員...

5/8/2018 5/8/2018

Ting-yee Kuo (1904 - 1975)

《中國大百科全書 中國歷史》(祁龍威 撰)中國歷史學家。字量宇。河南舞陽人。歷任中央大學教授兼文學院長﹐台灣中央研究院近代史研究所所長﹑研究員。畢生從事近代史研究﹐卓有貢獻。 他的第一部名著是《太平天國曆法考訂》。該書駁正了日本學者田中萃一郎所撰《天曆與陰陽曆對照表》的差錯。田中認為﹐太平天曆的干支與陰曆的干支一致﹐天曆的星期與陽曆的星期一致。郭廷以列舉當時親歷者有關天曆與陰陽曆對照的記載二十餘條﹐...

4/12/2018 4/12/2018

V. K. Ting 丁文江 (1887 - 1936)

Ding Wenjiang was one of the founders of geological undertakings in China, especially of the renowned Geological Survey of China that began in 1916. Ding’s geological studies were mainly carried out in...

7/17/2017 7/18/2017

Chi-Huey Wong (simplified Chinese: 翁启惠; traditional Chinese: 翁啟惠; pinyin: Wōng Qǐhuì; born August 3, 1948) is a Taiwanese-born American biochemist. He is a professor of chemistry and chemical biology a...

2/23/2016 2/23/2016

Li Shu-hua 李書華 (1890 - 1979)

Li Shu-hua, internationally known physicist and educator and vice president of the National Peiping Reserach Academy from 1929 to 1948.

4/26/2014 1/22/2016

Liang Siyong 梁思永 (1904 - 1954)

Liang Ssu-yung, the youngest son of Liang Ch'i-ch'ao, became one of China's foremost archaeologists. From August 1950 until his death he was deputy director of the research institute of archaeology of ...

10/28/2012 9/15/2015

錢思亮 (惠疇) (1907 - 1983)

10/29/2014 9/15/2015

Chia-hua Chu 朱家驊 (1893 - 1963)

Chu Chia-hua, held office in the National Government as minister of education (1932-33; 1944-49), minister of communications (1932-35), and vice president of the Examination Yuan (1941-44). From 1939 t...

12/1/2014 9/15/2015

Shiing-Shen Chern 陳省身 MP (1911 - 2004)

Shiing-Shen Chern ( S. S. Chern ) was a highly influential figure in pure mathematics. From the 1940s onward he redefined the subject of differential geometry by drawing on, and contributing to, the ra...

1/15/2008 9/15/2015

Li-fu Chiang 姜立夫 (1890 - 1978)

"Chan-Chan Tsoo"

《中國大百科全書 數學》(江澤涵 吳大任 撰)中國現代數學家。現代數學在中國最早而最著成效的播種人之一。1890年7月4日生於浙江省平陽縣麟頭村(今屬蒼南縣)。1978年2月3日逝世於廣州市。原名姜蔣佐﹐1911年赴美﹐1915年在加州大學獲學士學位﹐1919年在哈佛大學獲博士學位﹐同年回國。1920年初任南開大學教授﹐改名姜立夫﹐創辦南開大學數學系。1926~1927年去廈門大學任教﹐1934~1...

11/25/2014 9/15/2015

Tschen Yinkoh 陳寅恪 (1890 - 1969)

Ch'en Yin-k'o, internatioally known sinologist, produced many important works on early medieval Chinese history and on relations between the Chinese empire and neighboring areas beginning in 420. After...

6/2/2011 9/15/2015

Dr. Yuen Ren Chao 趙元任 MP (1892 - 1982)

Chao Yuen-ren, known as Y. R. Chao, internationally known linguist. Originally concentrating on phonology, he made the first detailed recordings of major dialect areas in China, establishing the resear...

1/23/2013 9/15/2015

Fu Ssu-nien 傅斯年 (1896 - 1950)

Fu Ssu-nien, a leader in the May Fourth Movement who became an historian and an administrator of historical scholarship. He organized the Academia Sinica's institute of history and philology and served...

6/1/2011 9/15/2015

Chi Li 李濟 (1896 - 1979)

Li Chi, archaeologist who became head of the archaeology section of the Academia Sinica's institute of history and philology in 1928 and director of that institute in Taiwan in 1955. He was best known ...

1/2/2015 9/15/2015

Ta-You Wu 吳大猷 (1907 - 2000)

《中國大百科全書 物理學》(鄭華熾 撰)中國物理學家和教育家。1907年 9月29日生於廣東省番禺縣。1929年畢業於天津南開大學。1931~1933年在美國密歇根大學獲得碩士和博士學位。1934年秋起擔任北京大學物理學系教授。抗日戰爭開始後﹐他輾轉到成都﹐在四川大學短期任教後前往昆明﹐從1938年夏起任西南聯合大學物理學系教授。1946年春吳大猷應當時政府的邀請﹐赴美國考察戰後科學發展的情況﹐並計...

12/8/2014 9/15/2015

Wang Shih-chieh, chancellor of Wuhan University (1929-32) and minister of education (1933-36) who served during the Sino-Japanese war as secretary general of the People's Political Council and minister...

10/3/2011 9/15/2015

Dr. Hu Shih 胡適 MP (1891 - 1962)

"Suh Hu"

Hu Shih , leading member of the Peking University galaxy of intellectuals. His efforts to promote the use of pai-hua [the vernacular] in writing sparked the literary and cultural movements of the 1920'...

9/11/2011 9/15/2015

Li Shih-tseng 李石曾 (1881 - 1973)

Li Shih-tseng, leader of the work-study movement in France who became known as one of the 'four elder statesmen of the Kuomintang."

1/19/2013 9/15/2015

Chien Yang 楊銓 (1893 - 1933)

Yang Ch'uan, founder of the Science Society of China and secretary general of Academia Sinica. In 1932 he also became secretary general of the China League for Civil Rights. Yang was assassinated in 1933.

11/24/2014 9/15/2015

蔡元培 (孑民) (1868 - 1940)

Ts'ai Yuan-p'ei (蔡元培 字鶴卿 號孑民), the last of the Hanlin scholars to have major influence in twentieth-century China, was the leading liberal educator of early republican China and an important synthesize...

2/5/2013 9/15/2015