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Adolph Zadek Salomon MP (1839 - 1910)

Adolph Zadek Salomon (Apr. 17, 1839 - Nov. 8, 1910) followed his older brothers Fred and Hyman to Denver. He became the first Jewish elected official in Colorado, and "opened a huge general store in Gr...

5/17/2018 5/23/2018

Hyman Zadek Salomon MP (1832 - 1897)

Hyman Zadek Salomon (1832-1897) was the younger brother of Fred Zadek Salomon. He helped him establish the first grocery in Denver, and was responsible for importing all the supplies. "In 1859, Hyman...

5/17/2018 5/23/2018

Fred Zadek Salomon MP (1829 - 1888)

Fred Zadek Salomon (Oct. 1829 - Nov. 1, 1888) was an American Jewish pioneer in Auraria, Denver. He established the first general merchandise store in the area and was active in Denver-regional busines...

5/17/2018 5/23/2018

Augustus F. Rodgers MP (1829 - 1908)

Augustus F. Rodgers (1829–1908) served for decades in the late 19th century as chief surveyor for the United States Geological Society (USGS) and pioneered surveys of many western states, including Cal...

7/8/2011 5/23/2018

BRYANT, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (1800–1857). Benjamin Franklin Bryant, early settler and participant in the battle of San Jacinto, was born in Georgia on March 15, 1800. He moved to Texas in 1834 and, with h...

4/26/2010 2/5/2018

James Leslie “Les” Dow MP (1860 - 1897)

The 3rd Sheriff of Eddy County, New Mexico - 1897 Father: James Monroe Dow Mother: Jeanette Simpson THE EDDY CURRENT ,February 20, 1897 James L. Dow - born April 30, 1860 in Clinton, DeWitt Co....

2/3/2018 2/3/2018

William Pike, Donner Party MP (1814 - 1846)

William M. Pike, the illegitimate son of James Brown Pike and a Mrs. Wolfries, was a grandson of a Revolutionary War officer, Zebulon Pike, and a nephew of the explorer Zebulon Montgomery Pike, after w...

11/24/2012 1/29/2018

James Jackson McAlester, CSA MP (1842 - 1921)

James Jackson McAlester (October 1, 1842 – September 21, 1920) was an American Confederate Army soldier and merchant. McAlester was the founder of McAlester, Oklahoma as well as a primary developer o...

1/28/2018 1/28/2018

Nelson Story Sr. MP (1838 - 1926)

Nelson Story, Sr. (April 4, 1838 – March 10, 1926) was a pioneer Montana entrepreneur, cattle rancher, miner and vigilante, who was a notable resident of Bozeman, Montana. He was best known for his 1...

1/26/2018 1/26/2018

Benjamin Harrison Reeves MP (1787 - 1849)

Benjamin Harrison Reeves (1787–1849) was an American politician and the second Lieutenant Governor of Missouri. A Democratic-Republican, he served in the office for less than one year. Biography ...

1/23/2018 1/23/2018

William Brown Foster MP (1830 - 1908)

Known as Will to family and Bill to friends in town, William Brown Foster was born in the village of Athens, son of Hull Foster and the latter's second wife Maria Brown. In a small town surrounded by r...

2/26/2014 1/15/2018

Stephen A. Decatur MP (1813 - 1888)

"Stephen A. Decatur", "Commodore Decatur"

Stephen A. Decatur (born 1813, died 1888 or 1889), born Stephen Decatur Bross and often referred to as Commodore Decatur, was one of the earliest settlers in Nebraska. He was the namesake and one of ...

1/10/2018 1/10/2018

Lafayette Head MP (1825 - 1897)

Lafayette Head (9 April 1825 – 8 March 1897) was the first Lieutenant Governor of Colorado, serving from 1876 to 1879 under Governor John Long Routt. Lafayette Head was born at Head’s Fort, Howard ...

1/8/2018 1/8/2018

Samuel Berry MP (1780 - 1855)

Samuel Berry married the daughter of Revolutionary War Veteran James Weir & Margaret Sharp his wife Anny who bore him 12 children on September 6 1803 the family was living in Franklin County, Tenne...

10/18/2008 12/21/2017

James King, of William MP (1822 - 1856)

"James King of William"

James King of William (January 28, 1822 – May 20, 1856) was a crusading San Francisco, California, newspaper editor whose assassination by a criminal in 1856 resulted in the establishment of the seco...

12/20/2017 12/20/2017

A. M. Winn MP (1810 - 1883)

"A. M. Winn"

Major General Albert Maver Winn (1810 in Loudoun County, Virginia – August 26, 1883, in Sonoma, California), was an American military officer, politician, Odd Fellow, freemason and founder of the Nat...

12/20/2017 12/20/2017

Ed Drew MP (1865 - 1911)

Ed Drew (August 22, 1865-May 15, 1911) was an Arizona rancher, miner, and lawman in the final years of the Old West. He is most remembered for his family of pioneers and his death during a shootout n...

12/6/2017 12/6/2017

Meriwether Lewis Randolph MP (c.1810 - 1837)


Meriwether Lewis Randolph (1810–1837) was the ninth child of Martha Jefferson Randolph and Thomas Mann Randolph. He was born at Monticello and named for his grandfather’s secretary, the explorer Meriwe...

9/10/2008 11/28/2017

Josiah Lamberson Parrish MP (1806 - 1895)

Reverend Josiah Lamberson Parrish (1806–1895) was an American missionary in Pacific Northwest and trustee of the Oregon Institute at its founding. A native of New York, he also participated in the Ch...

11/14/2017 11/14/2017

William Williams Chapman MP (1808 - 1892)

William Williams Chapman (August 11, 1808 – October 18, 1892) was an American politician and lawyer in Oregon and Iowa. He was born and raised in Virginia. He served as a United States Attorney in Io...

6/9/2013 11/14/2017

Stephen Coffin MP (1807 - 1882)

Stephen Coffin (1807 – 1882) was an investor, promoter, builder, and militia officer in mid-19th century Portland in the U.S. state of Oregon. Born in Maine, he moved to Oregon City in 1847, and in 1...

11/14/2017 11/14/2017

Thomas J. Dryer MP (1808 - 1879)

Thomas Jefferson Dryer (January 8, 1808 – March 30, 1879) was a newspaper publisher and politician in the Western United States. A member of the Oregon Territorial Legislature in 1857, Dryer is best ...

11/14/2017 11/14/2017

Captain Nathan Olney MP (1824 - 1866)

Updated from MyHeritage Family Trees via sister Almeda Hardy (born Olney) by SmartCopy : Mar 19 2015, 20:30:05 UTC Buried in Fort Simcoe State Park

10/21/2008 11/14/2017

William Barlow MP (1822 - 1904)

) William Barlow (October 26, 1822 – June 18, 1904) was an early Oregon pioneer and founder of Barlow, Oregon, United States. Barlow arrived in Oregon as a young man in 1845. He purchased land an...

9/24/2017 11/14/2017

Cornelius Gilliam (April 13, 1798 – March 24, 1848) was a pioneer of the U.S. state of Oregon who was best known as the commander of the volunteer forces against the Cayuse in the Cayuse War. A nativ...

10/1/2010 11/14/2017

Pierre Dorion, Il MP (1780 - 1814)

"Peter Dorian"

. Pierre Dorion Jr. (1782-1814) was a Métis fur trapper and interpreter that worked across the modern Midwestern United States and later the Pacific Northwest. Early life Pierre was named after h...

3/20/2012 11/14/2017

Jacob Reznor MP (1768 - 1814)

Born to Peter Reasoner and Mary Speers in 1768 in Pennsylvania. Married Sarah (last name unknown) in 1787 in Virginia and moved to (likely Nelson Co.) Kentucky in 1790. Left his wife and young childr...

7/24/2011 11/11/2017

Hiram M. Chittenden MP (1858 - 1917)

Hiram Martin Chittenden (1858–1917) was a leading historian of the American West, especially the fur trade. A graduate of West Point, he was the Seattle district engineer for the Army Corps of Engine...

6/11/2015 11/11/2017

First Lieutenant Britton Davis (June 4, 1860 – January 23, 1930) was an American soldier born in Brownsville, Texas. He served in the United States Army in the 3rd Cavalry after graduating from West ...

9/27/2017 9/27/2017

William Jefferson "Will" Hunsaker (1855–1933) was an American lawyer and politician from San Diego and later Los Angeles, California. Hunsaker was the San Diego County District Attorney from 1882 to ...

9/25/2017 9/25/2017

Nicholas Hunsaker MP (1825 - 1913)

Nicholas Hunsaker (7 August 1825 – 12 September 1913) was sheriff of Contra Costa County, California, from 1851 to 1853 and from 1855 to 1857 and the 10th sheriff of San Diego County from 1875 to 187...

9/25/2017 9/25/2017

William Welles Hollister MP (1818 - 1886)

William Welles Hollister (1818–1886) was a native of Ohio who came west in the 1850s and became a wealthy rancher and entrepreneur in California. Ancestors and early life William Welles Hollister...

11/23/2015 9/24/2017

Pvt. James Renwick Hunter MP (1840 - 1914)

James R. Hunter served in the Union Army during the American Civil War as a Private in Company F, 2nd Colorado Cavalry Regiment and Companies H and K, 2nd Colorado Infantry Regiment. He first enliste...

9/20/2017 9/20/2017

Conrad Meyer Zulick (June 3, 1839 – March 1, 1926) was an American jurist and Democratic party activist who became the seventh Governor of Arizona Territory. During his term the Indian Wars ended and...

8/6/2017 8/6/2017

Pvt. Thomas Clarke Saunders MP (1835 - 1909)

Thomas Clarke Saunders was the son of Clarke Saunders and Elizabeth Cooper. He joined the Union Army in 1861 and was captured at the 2nd Battle of Bull Run. He became a lawyer after the war, marrie...

7/21/2017 7/21/2017

William Frost Kimball MP (1826 - 1893)

William owned a grocery store in St. Paul. Wanting to try his fortunes in the West, he headed to the Washington Territory in a covered wagon with his wife and brothers-in-law. He went on to own anoth...

7/20/2017 7/20/2017

Henry Ballard Day, Jr. MP (1830 - 1900)

From a biography written about Henry B. Day in 1895: In 1846, Henry moved to Wisconsin with his brothers, where they worked in the lead mines for a few years. In March 1850, Henry headed to Califor...

7/20/2017 7/20/2017

James Day MP (1818 - 1868)

Birth: Oct. 25, 1818 Burkes Garden Tazewell County Virginia, USA Death: Feb. 3, 1868 Minneapolis Hennepin County Minnesota, USA Our great-great-grandfather was the son of Henry B. Day and Rosannah ...

8/20/2009 7/20/2017

Nicholas Tarter Day MP (1820 - 1908)

Birth: Nov. 26, 1820 Burkes Garden Tazewell County Virginia, USA Death: Aug. 11, 1908 Roseburg Douglas County Oregon, USA Nicholas was the beloved son of Henry B. Day and Rosannah Tarter. He was ...

8/20/2009 7/20/2017

John Harvey Day MP (1816 - 1897)

Birth: Apr. 20, 1816 Burkes Garden Tazewell County Virginia, USA Death: Feb. 13, 1897 Dayton Columbia County Washington, USA John Harvey was the son of Henry B. Day and Rosannah Tarter. He was ...

12/11/2012 7/20/2017

Jesse Newberry Day MP (1828 - 1893)

1871- Dayton's namesake, Jesse N. DAY, files the original town plat. A flouring mill opens. Dayton, Washington was known as "Day's town" after Jesse N. DAY, who filed the plat of the town site and ...

8/20/2009 7/20/2017

Dr. David Henry Day, Sr. MP (1825 - 1896)

Info added per Mary S Lockwood's "Lineage Book of the Charter Members" of the DAR: David left Virginia, along with the rest of his family, and settled in the lead regions of Wisconsin in 1846. For ...

8/20/2009 7/20/2017

Oliver Fisher Winchester MP (1810 - 1880)

He manufactured and marketed the Winchester repeating rifle, which was a much re-designed descendant of the Volcanic rifle of some years earlier. Winchester was a clothing manufacturer in New York, New...

6/1/2007 7/14/2017

Z. Taylor Lockhart MP (1848 - 1881)

Early Day Trip of Lockhart Family From Virginia They made what was probably one of the longest trips made by any emigrant family of that early day. They set out with two teams, one six-horse and on...

7/7/2017 7/7/2017

Brushy Bill Roberts MP (1859 - 1950)

"Ollie Partridge William Roberts", "Ollie P. Roberts", "Ollie L. Roberts"

Brushy Bill Roberts (? – December 27, 1950; claimed date of birth December 31, 1859) a.k.a. Ollie Partridge William Roberts, Ollie P. Roberts or Ollie L. Roberts, attracted attention by claiming to b...

7/6/2017 7/6/2017

Timothy D. Hinckley MP (1827 - 1907)

Profile from the book: History of Seattle from the earliest settlement to the present time, Volume 2 By Clarence Bagley (1916) TIMOTHY D. HINCKLEY. Timothy D. Hinckley was numbered among those wh...

8/8/2008 7/5/2017

Wilford Woodruff "Will" Luce, Jr. MP (1864 - 1948)

"Bill", "Will", "William Wilford Luce", "William Willfred Luce"

Biography Wilford Woodruff "Will" Luce, Jr. was born on January 4, 1864 in South Cottonwood, Salt Lake Co, Utah. His parents were Wilford Woodruff "Will" Luce, Sr. and Ann "Annie" (Quarmby) Luce . He...

5/10/2009 7/5/2017

Ferdinand Vandeveer Hayden MP (1829 - 1887)

Ferdinand Vandeveer Hayden (September 7, 1829 – December 22, 1887) was an American geologist noted for his pioneering surveying expeditions of the Rocky Mountains in the late 19th century. He was a...

6/24/2017 6/24/2017

William Franklin Raynolds (March 17, 1820 – October 18, 1894) was an explorer, engineer and U.S. army officer who served in the Mexican-American War and American Civil War. He is best known for leadi...

6/24/2017 6/24/2017

Captain Robert Benham MP (1750 - 1809)

Updated from MyHeritage Family Trees via brother John Benham by SmartCopy : Nov 7 2014, 21:28:19 UTC

1/10/2014 6/18/2017

Capt. Murray Myers (USA) MP (1844 - 1922)

Captain Murray Myers (Company C & E 44th Regiment Illinois Infantry) was a Civil war veteran, pioneer Kansan, Sedgwick county citizen and official; commander of state militia in the early days and gu...

4/19/2017 4/19/2017

John Sevier Branson MP (1826 - 1905)

Find a Grave Birth: Mar. 17, 1826 Tennessee, USA Death: Nov. 27, 1905 Hornitos Mariposa County California, USA John was the son of Thomas G. Branson and Susannah Alma McGowan from Virginia, bor...

10/19/2010 4/18/2017

William Wingate Sewall MP (1845 - 1930)

Photo: Theodore Roosevelt, William Wingate Sewall, and Wilmot Dow during a hunting trip in Maine. Left to right: Roosevelt, Sewall, and Dow. Sewall, William Wingate (1845-1930), a Maine guide and...

9/3/2016 9/3/2016

Jacob Strawn (The Cattle King) MP (1800 - 1865)

"The Cattle King"

Jacob Strawn had a successful farm northeast of Thornville, Ohio. He sold the farm and started West to Illinois, saying he would be the richest man in the State or nothing. He made his word more than g...

12/3/2015 8/28/2016

Hiram Pitt Bennet MP (1826 - 1914)

Hiram Pitt Bennet (September 2, 1826 – November 11, 1914) was a Congressional delegate from the Territory of Colorado and Colorado Secretary of State. Biography Bennet was born in Carthage, Maine...

6/26/2016 6/26/2016

Major John Newman Edwards, CSA, (January 4, 1839 – May 4, 1889) was famed General Joseph O. Shelby’s adjutant during the American Civil War, an author, a journalist and the founder of the Kansas Ci...

2/2/2012 6/23/2016

William West Durant MP (1850 - 1934)

William West Durant (1850–1934) was a designer and developer of camps in the Adirondack Great Camp style, including Camp Uncas, Camp Pine Knot and Sagamore Camp which are National Historic Landmarks....

4/12/2016 6/23/2016

Alvin B Abbott MP (1825 - d.)

He went west to California with his younger brother Carlisle in 1850 and started to mine gold on the American River.

5/22/2016 6/9/2016

His mother died when he was 8 years old, so he lived with an older brother until until 16. Then he ran away and lived in Sycamore, Ill until 21. Then he went to Wisconsin to visit his 4 brothers. He ...

5/11/2016 6/9/2016

Reuben Gaylord MP (1812 - 1880)

Reuben Gaylord (April 28, 1812 – January 10, 1880) was the recognized leader of the missionary pioneers in the Nebraska Territory, and has been called the "father of Congregationalism in Nebraska." W...

6/8/2016 6/8/2016

Jasper Brewster MP (1769 - 1824)

Jasper Brewster, the founder of the family in the Western Reserve, was a native of Washington, Berkshire county, Massachusetts, as was also his wife, whose maiden name was Theodosia Lyman. There also...

6/6/2016 6/6/2016

Charles Clark Welch MP (1830 - 1908)

In 1850 Charles Clark Welch went to California, and for two years he followed placer mining and was part owner of the first quartz mill erected in that state. In June, 1852, he sailed for Australia, ...

6/4/2016 6/4/2016

Sallie Mayo Morgan Kinsey MP (1888 - 1977)

About the Artist, a Cherokee Dawes Commission Original Enrollee #6765 Sallie Mayo Morgan Kinsey was born April 15, 1888, Tahlequah, Indian Territory to Gideon Hazen Morgan and Mary Llewellyn Payne....

11/24/2008 5/23/2016

Count John A. Creighton MP (1831 - 1907)

Count John A. Creighton (October 15, 1831 – February 7, 1907) was a pioneer businessman and philanthropist in Omaha, Nebraska who founded Creighton University. The younger brother of Edward Creight...

5/22/2016 5/22/2016

Mary Bernard Aguirre MP (1844 - 1906)

Mary Bernard Aguirre (June 23, 1844 – May 24, 1906) was a public schoolteacher and instructor at the University of Arizona. Born in St. Louis, Missouri, she spent her career as an educator in Arizona.

5/17/2016 5/17/2016

Sarah White MP (1850 - 1939)


5/5/2016 5/5/2016

Anna Brewster Morgan MP (1844 - 1902)

On October 3,1868, Anna Morgan was working in the field with her husband, James Simeon Morgan. A raiding band of Sioux Indians attacked, wounded James, and carried Anna away. She was traded to Chey...

5/5/2016 5/5/2016

Henry Elijah Alvord (March 11, 1844 – October 1, 1904) was an American university administrator, educator, and Army officer. In mid-November 1868, Captain Henry Alvord of the 10th Cavalry Regiment ...

5/3/2016 5/3/2016

Richard fought in the American Civil War in the 31st Ohio Cavalry, receiving an early discharge after suffering a wound to his arm from which he never fully recovered. Despite the wound, he later enl...

5/3/2016 5/3/2016

Willie Blinn MP (1865 - c.1868)

Clara Blinn (1847–1868) was a white settler who, with her two-year-old son Willie, was captured by Indians in October 1868 in Colorado Territory during an attack on the wagon train in which she and h...

5/3/2016 5/3/2016

Clara Isabel Blinn MP (1847 - c.1868)

Clara Blinn (1847–1868) was a white settler who, with her two-year-old son Willie, was captured by Indians in October 1868 in Colorado Territory during an attack on the wagon train in which she a...

5/3/2016 5/3/2016

Leonie von Meusebach–Zesch MP (1882 - 1942)

Leonie von Meusebach–Zesch (November 27, 1882 – July 7, 1944) was an American early 20th-century pioneer female dentist who practiced in Texas, Alaska, Arizona and California. She is also known as Le...

4/27/2016 4/27/2016

Lulu Bell Parr MP (1876 - 1955)

World Champion Lady 'Bucking Horse' Rider. Best known performances with Pawnee Bill's Wild West Show, Col. E.T. Cummings Brighten Tour, England, Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, 101 Ranch Wild West Show,...

3/4/2016 3/4/2016

Maj. Egbert Malcom Clarke MP (1817 - 1869)

Malcom grew up in Indiana and at Fort Snelling , Minneapolis, Minnesota. His Father was a Lieutenant in the U.S. Army there. At the age of seventeen, he entered the U. S. Military Academy at ...

3/2/2016 3/3/2016

Fenton Geronimo MP (b. - 1897)

Apache. Son of Geronimo and Zi-Yeh* Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : Feb 28 2016, 17:58:11 UTC

11/3/2011 2/28/2016

Lulu Dohn-Zay Geronimo MP (1865 - 1898)

Apache. Daughter of Geronimo & Chee-Hash-Kish* Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : Feb 28 2016, 17:58:11 UTC

11/3/2011 2/28/2016

Chappo Geronimo MP (1867 - 1894)

Son of Apache leader Geronimo.A small band of runaway Apaches that included Geronimo and his son Chappo fought off over 5,000 US Troops which relentlessly attacked them for over 2 years. Member of Comp...

11/3/2011 2/28/2016

Eliza Bluejacket MP (1847 - 1929)

From The Cornstalk family, the great Chief, brothers Nimwha and Silverheels and sister Nonhelema, all wove a fascinating history into Shawnee heritage and the family continues to do so. During the Ci...

1/29/2016 2/3/2016

Cattle Annie MP (1882 - 1978)

"Cattle Annie"

Anna Emmaline McDoulet, known as Cattle Annie (November 29, 1882 - November 7, 1978), was a young outlaw in the American Old West, most associated with Jennie Stevens, or Little Britches. Their explo...

1/3/2016 1/3/2016

Ned Buntline MP (aft.1821 - 1886)

"Ned Buntline", "E. Z. C. Judson"

Edward Zane Carroll Judson, Sr. (March 20, 1821/1823 – July 16, 1886), known as E. Z. C. Judson and by his pseudonym Ned Buntline, was an American publisher, journalist, writer, and publicist. In his...

1/3/2016 1/3/2016

John Slack MP (1820 - 1896)

John Slack and his cousin, Philip Arnold, were prospectors and swindlers who perpetrated "The diamond hoax of 1872". They sold a false American diamond deposit to prominent businessmen in San Francisco...

12/15/2015 12/15/2015

Philip Arnold MP (1829 - 1879)

Philip Arnold (1829–1878) was a confidence trickster from Elizabethtown, Kentucky, and the brains behind the legendary diamond hoax of 1872, which fooled people into investing in a phony diamond mini...

12/15/2015 12/15/2015

Theodore Dehone Judah MP (1826 - 1863)

Theodore Dehone Judah (March 4, 1826–November 2, 1863) was an American railroad engineer who dreamed of the first Transcontinental Railroad. He found investors for what became the Central Pacific Railr...

2/2/2013 12/14/2015

Robert Maitland Brereton MP (1834 - 1911)

Robert Maitland Brereton (2 January 1834 – 7 December 1911) was an English railway engineer in India. In the United States he helped secure the first Act of Congress for the irrigation of California....

8/22/2009 12/14/2015

Asbury Harpending, Jr. MP (1839 - 1923)

Harpending was born in Hopkinsville in Christian County in southwestern Kentucky. At the age of fifteen, he was sent to college but within the year he ran away to join the filibuster of General Willi...

2/16/2007 12/14/2015

David McCanless, Outlaw MP (1828 - 1861)

"Killed by Wild Bill Hickok", "McCanless"

David Colbert McCanles (1828-1861) Shot by Wild Bill Hickok at Rock Creek Station. Originally buried in same coffin with David Woods. Coffin later moved to Fairbury Cemetery from the Cemetery at Rock...

7/11/2014 12/12/2015

Barsheba Leighton Fristoe Younger MP (1816 - 1870)

"Bersheba Younger", "Bathsheba Younger"

Bersheba Fristoe Younger, born Bersheba Leighton Fristoe (June 6, 1816 - June 6, 1870) was an American woman who was the mother of the famed Younger Outlaws Cole, Jim, John and Bob. She was born in M...

8/17/2009 11/30/2015

Henry Lewis Pittock MP (1835 - 1919)

Henry Lewis Pittock (March 1, 1835 – January 28, 1919) was an Oregon (U.S.) pioneer, newspaper editor, publisher, and wood and paper magnate. He was active in Republican politics and Portland, Oregon...

12/17/2014 8/24/2015

Samuel Prescott Hildreth MP (1783 - 1863)

Samuel Prescott Hildreth (1783–1863) was a pioneer physician, scientist, and historian, authoring numerous scientific and historical works. His history books are largely based on first-person account...

8/23/2015 8/23/2015

Gen. Fielding Loury MP (1781 - 1848)

Fielding Loury, legislator and general, was born in Spottsylvania county, Virginia, March 13th, 1781, and died in Dayton, Ohio, October 7th, 1848. He came to Cincinnati about the year 1802, and in june...

8/23/2015 8/23/2015

Augustus B. Woodward MP (1774 - 1827)

"Augustus Brevoort Woodward"

Augustus Brevoort Woodward (born Elias Brevoort Woodward in November 1774, died July 12, 1827) was the first Chief Justice of the Michigan Territory. In that position, he played a prominent role in t...

8/13/2015 8/13/2015

) Adam Rankin "Stovepipe" Johnson (February 6, 1834 – October 20, 1922) was an antebellum Western frontiersman and later an officer in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. Per...

5/9/2011 8/9/2015

Delia Haskett Rawson MP (1861 - 1949)

Delia Haskett Rawson (1861-1949) - The first, and perhaps the only female to carry the U.S. Mail as a stagecoach driver, Rawson was born Delia Buraguard Haskett on December 7, 1861 in Ukiah, California...

8/6/2015 8/6/2015

William T. Lomax MP (c.1823 - 1855)

A county history says, "In this township [Lee] occurred the mob execution of William Lomax , May 14, 1855. He was hanged for the murder of Frederick Bohle, who was killed on the 7th of that month. It s...

7/23/2011 7/31/2015

He was a farmer, mail carrier (1860-1861), freighter (1869), wagon boss for Hooper & Knowlton, and laborer (1890). Biography His parents converted to Mormonism in early 1838 and set out in the fall...

5/10/2009 7/31/2015

Col. Robert Campbell MP (1804 - 1879)

Robert Campbell (1804-1879) - Fur trader, merchant and Indian Commissioner, Campbell was born in Ireland on February 4, 1804. He immigrated to America in 1822 and two years later was in St. Louis, Miss...

7/30/2015 7/30/2015

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo (Portuguese: João Rodrigues Cabrilho; ca. March 13, 1499 – January 3, 1543) was a Portuguese explorer noted for his exploration of the west coast of North America on behalf of...

7/21/2008 7/30/2015

Francis Ziba Branch MP (1802 - 1874)

Francis Ziba Branch (1802-1874) - Sailor, trapper and trader, Branch was born on July 24, 1802 in Cayuga County, New York. When he grew up, he became a sailor working on the Great Lakes. In 1830, he jo...

7/30/2015 7/30/2015

Alexander K. Branch MP (1798 - 1841)

"Jose de Jesus"

Alexander K. Branc h (1798-1841) - Frontiersman and trapper, Branch was born in Virginia. However, when he grew up, he went west and was in Taos, New Mexico by 1825. He then spent several years trappin...

7/30/2015 7/30/2015

Elias Brevoort MP (1822 - d.)

Elias Brevoort (1822-??) - Frontiersman, trader, and author, Brevoort was well acquainted with the Santa Fe Trail and southwest.

7/30/2015 7/30/2015