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American Politicians opposing adherence to Election by popular vote and State certified Electors

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Every so often, large numbers if citizens of the Unites States of America abandon the principles of democracy dating back to their "Founding Fathers" and memorialized in the Constitution of the United States . For this minority it does not matter that the will of the people as established by certified counts in a General Election and the Electoral College are challenged. Such is the foundation of an American brand of fascism proposed by demagogues .

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An Historical Appreciation

19th century

  • James Ross, U.S. Senator †† of 18th century American politics
    • "In 1800, with the 1800 Presidential Election on the horizon, Ross introduced a controversial bill whereby, after the electoral votes were counted in Congress, the ballots would be turned over to a committee chaired by the Chief Justice and consisting of twelve members, six from each house of Congress. The committee, acting behind closed doors, would be able to discard electoral votes deemed fraudulent after investigation. A group of horrified Republican Senators leaked the bill to arch-Republican Philadelphia printer William Duane, who published the contents in his Aurora on February 19, 1800. The Federalists quickly dropped the bill. " ~• wikipedia
  • Native American Party {aka Know Nothings}~> which sought to restrict suffrage to recent immigrants and did not agree with the Constitutional principle of the separation of CHurch and State.

21st century

Donald John Trump
Spearheaded a drive to dismiss and replace electors already constitutionally confirmed by state legislatures (2020 presidential election). "Under the Electoral Count Act, electors picked by the party of the winning candidate in each state are required to meet in mid-December to formally cast their ballots. In seven states won by Biden, however, the Trump campaign worked with state Republican parties to assemble 'their own elector meetings and cast ballots for Trump. Those false electors then signed certificates and mailed them to Washington." ~• "Politico" This contention by members of the press was later confirmed by the Bi-partisan House Select Committee investigating the January 6th, 2021 killings at the US Capitol at public hearings in the third week of June, 2022.

"Mr. Trump and others close to him mounted a relentless effort in the weeks leading up to Jan. 6 to persuade Mr. Pence either to count the pro-Trump electors and hand Mr. Trump a victory in the Electoral College or to declare that the election was uncertain because competing slates of electors had been received in several states.

The idea was to buy Mr. Trump more time to pursue his baseless claims of fraud or potentially to send the election to the House of Representatives, where each state delegation would get a single vote. Because more delegations were controlled by Republicans than by Democrats, Mr. Trump could have won." ~• New York Times, June 22, 2022
This second plan, to send the election to 50 state houses, without any proof of wide-spread fraudulent voting, for a final determination violates the principle of popular election by the general populace. As such the effort was therefore unconstitutional.

In Any event :
The certification of the electoral tally was confirmed by Mike Pence, 48th Vice President of the USA , in contravention of the direction of Donald Trump who had no jurisdiction in the matter.
This was after a violent insurrection at the Capitol delayed the certification and the Secret Service was directed to remove Pence to "safety" but the VP refused to leave the Capitol. An armored limo. was waiting. He famous told the security detail "I'm not getting in that car" and stayed on to complete his duty to the Constitution of the United States.

Address and Action of Vice President Pence: Not only would each certificate he introduced be “regular in form and authentic,” he said at the time, but they would be the ones that “the parliamentarians have advised me is the only certificate of vote from that state, and purports to be a return from the state, and that has annexed to it a certificate from an authority of that state purporting to appoint or ascertain electors.” His chief of staff Marc Short explained to Politico that Pence added words to the traditional certification boilerplate in order to clearly address Pence’s views of Trump allies’ push for false slates of presidential electors.

Complicit Senators


139 U.S. Rep's endorsed the concept of refusing to honor at least a few of the duly certified electors. A few of these have been asked to elaborate on a concerted plan. As of the beginning of May none have agreed to including:

  • Rep. Kevin McCarthy
  • Rep. Jim Jordan of Illinois
  • Rep. Scott Perry ~• Representative Perry was also one of 27 Republican Congressmen who signed a letter requesting that President Trump “direct Attorney General Barr to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate irregularities in the 2020 election on no basis of any reasonable evidence.
  • Rep. Ronny Jackson, U.S. representative for Texas's 13th congressional district
  • Rep. Mo Brooks
  • Rep. Andy Biggs
  • Rep Matt Gaetz ~• sought a preemptive pardon from the outgoing president for his actions.



~• in effect in 2022: There is no Constitutional provision or Federal law that requires electors to vote according to the results of the popular vote in their States. Some States, however, require electors to cast their votes according to the popular vote. See: National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

  • None of the senators who supported the debunked 2020 "Stolen Election" cause of the losing incumbent candidate (Trump) are from states that are part of this National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

~• of the 2020 electoral vote
It would be worthwhile to list all the Congressmen (8 senators, 139 U.S. Rep) who voted to reject the tally of electors of D.J. Trump's successor, Pres. Joseph Biden on January 6, 2021.

  • New York Times list
    • "When the Senate reconvened at 8 p.m., and the House of Representatives an hour later, the proceedings — including the objection debates — continued, although some lawmakers who had previously planned to vote with the objectors stood down following the occupation of the Capitol. Plans to challenge a number of states after Arizona were scrapped, as well — but one other objection, to Pennsylvania’s results, also advanced to a vote. "
      • eight senators and 139 representatives voted to sustain one or both objections.
      • It is significant that neither US Senator of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania challenged their home state legislature's certification.
  • There were other US Senators who entertained replacement of electors by state legislators, this would have been without reliance on official vote tallies by the populace. Such senators suggested this measure in private.Once the the legislatures did not act in accord with the plan, some congressmen did NOT vote against certification of electors on January 6th, 2021 but 147 did.
  • effort to subvert separation of powers concept of governance as set forth the the US Constitution
    • see in particular p.408/845 sec. "President Trump is introduced to Jeffery Clark"


~• in particular (there were 139 who voted to challenge certified electors)

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