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Pierce Butler MP (1810 - 1867)

ID: I598784942 Name: Pearce Mease BUTLER Given Name: Pearce Mease Surname: BUTLER Sex: M Birth: 1810 Death: Aug 1867 Burial: Darien, Ga. Change Date: 10 Jan 2003 Note: Born Butler Mease. Changed hi...

11/2/2010 4/29/2018

Speaker of the House of Delegates, Delaware (Pennsylvania), about 1750. Attorney-General of Pennsylvania in 1755. Recorder of Philadelphia, 1756. Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvani...

5/26/2008 4/27/2018

Mary Banneker MP (1706 - d.)

Married one of her slaves.

2/19/2008 4/22/2018

David Logue MP (1792 - 1861)

Slave owner in Davidson County, Tennessee.

2/8/2015 4/20/2018

US Congressman. Elected to represent Kentucky's 10th District in the United States House of Representatives, serving from 1841 to 1843. Also served as a Member of the Kentucky State Legislature. He...

5/5/2009 4/20/2018

David Levy Yulee, a Delegate and a Senator from Florida; born David Levy in St. Thomas, West Indies, June 12, 1810; at the age of nine was sent to the United States to Norfolk, Va. to attend a private ...

11/16/2010 4/16/2018

Continental Congressman. He served as a Delegate to the Continental Congress from New York in 1784, Member of the New York State Senate for the Middle District from 1777 to 1783, and as a State Court J...

4/6/2012 4/7/2018

Captain John Hamilton, II MP (1749 - 1793)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for PENNSYLVANIA with the rank of CAPTAIN. DAR Ancestor # A050207 Walker Township History INTERESTING FACTS AND HISTORY OF WALKER TOWNSHIP, JUNIATA COUNTY, PA ...

6/27/2012 4/1/2018

Benjamin Tallmadge, II, Culper Spy Ring MP (1754 - 1835)


A Patriot of the American Revolution for CONNECTICUT with the rank of LIEUTENANT COLONEL. DAR Ancestor # A112617 Wikipedia Biographical Summary: "... Benjamin Tallmadge (11 February 1754 – 7 Marc...

9/18/2007 3/25/2018

Robert Poage MP (1765 - 1836)

Information taken from Wikipedia: History of Ashland, Kentucky “Ashland Kentucky’s recorded history begins with the migration of the Scots-Irish Poage family from the Shenandoah Valley via the famed ...

12/2/2008 3/23/2018

Robert Pou MP (1793 - 1856)

Spouse of Margaret Barbara Tatum, had 4 children.Fathered 9 children out of wedlock with Rachel Davis, who is listed in the 1850 census on the other side of his legal son W. G. W. Pou. (First child was...

4/12/2011 3/20/2018

Dr. Thomas Jefferson Pou, Sr MP (1825 - 1903)

Spouse of Jane Rebecca Salley, had 7 children.He was a teacher & physician, graduated Charleston Medical College Abt. 1850, and a member of Hebron Methodist church. He owned 4 slaves.His parents were R...

3/20/2018 3/20/2018

2nd spouse of Mary Livingston, had 7 children. (Mary's 1st husband was William Norton Bonnett, had 2 children.)In 1850, William Pou's occupation was farmer & his real estate value was $2316.According t...

4/12/2011 3/20/2018

William Henry Chase was a Florida militia colonel during the events in early 1861 that led to the American Civil War. On January 15, 1861, on behalf of the State and Governor of Florida, Colonel Chase ...

10/20/2013 3/20/2018

George Hunter MP (1763 - 1834)

Biographical and Portrait Cyclopedia of Montgomery County ..., Part 2 By Henry Woldmar Ruoff see page 370. paraphrasing: James Hunter participated as captain of the Associators of Chester county,...

1/26/2013 3/8/2018

Benjamin Robinson, of Wythe County MP (1789 - 1857)

"Benjamin Robosson", "Benjamin Robertson"

Variously said to have been born in Bedford County, Maryland or Allegany County, Maryland. The 1850 Census says he was born in Maryland. He appears on the 1850 Census with 23 slaves. Residence : Pi...

10/21/2009 3/6/2018

William Pettit, Sr. MP (1725 - 1801)

Profile portrait by Benjamin West Had a slave who went over to the British during the Revolution ~• from The Book of Negroes (1783) Schooner Sally bound for Port Roseway (Nova Scotia)John Prim Si...

1/21/2008 3/1/2018

Thomas Contee Bowie MP (1771 - 1813)

Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Dec 24 2016, 13:29:43 UTC * Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Dec 24 2016, 13:34:29 UTC

6/6/2009 2/22/2018

William Darsey MP (aft.1752 - bef.1808)

Born before 1757. Served in the American Revolution as a 2nd Lt. in Captain Abner Bickham's Company of Burke County Militia. Click on "Timeline Tab" for additional information.

2/9/2011 2/13/2018

Benjamin Darcey MP (1748 - bef.1828)


A Patriot of the American Revolution for Georgia with the rank of Private. DAR Ancestor #: A029777 Click on "Timeline Tab" for additional information.

2/8/2011 2/12/2018

Joseph Pawling MP (1724 - 1797)

Do not add Elizabeth DeHaven as a wife of this profile. Elizabeth married Joseph's brother John. In the screen captures: This profile is noted as Joseph Pawling #66.

7/10/2007 1/28/2018

Elizabeth Evans Pawling MP (1725 - 1778)

7/10/2007 1/28/2018

John O. Pawling MP (1681 - 1733)

"John while yet living in New York was an officer in the Colonial forces, and as such was in the expedition to Canada in 1711. He settled in Pennsylvania, probably in 1714, with his wife and his infant...

7/10/2007 1/28/2018

Edward Lynah MP (1821 - 1872)

Edward received his education at the Institute of Flushing (later the College of St. Paul) in Flushing, New York, entering in 1836. He was to continue the line of planters in the family. He moved to Gr...

1/28/2018 1/28/2018

William Henry Heyward MP (1817 - 1889)

"William Henry Heyward attended the College of Charleston but left to enter Harvard College, where he was awarded an A.B. degree in 1838. His education, eloquence and love of classical literature mad...

6/10/2008 1/7/2018

Nathaniel Heyward MP (1766 - 1851)

"Nathaniel Heyward, wealthy rice planter, was born 18 January 1766, the son of Daniel Heyward and Jane Elizabeth Gignilliat. Although only a young boy, he served as a powder monkey in the Charleston ...

6/10/2008 1/7/2018

As there was an earlier Benj. Thackery, this is only an assumption that this man is the earlier one's son. ~> correct if found to be false (curator)

12/12/2017 12/13/2017

Joseph Reckless, Jr MP (1722 - c.1771)

Abstract of Will

12/12/2017 12/12/2017

Peter Horry MP (1743 - 1815)

Peter Horry was born in South Carolina in 1743. In the late 1760s, Horry became a partner of Anthony Bonneau in the Georgetown mercantile firm of Bonneau & Horry but did not pursue a mercantile caree...

3/23/2010 11/26/2017

Major Tristrim Lowther Skinner was a Confederate soldier who was killed at the Battle of Mechanicsville in 1862. Tristrim Lowther Skinner was born in 1820 and raised with his younger sister, Penelo...

10/8/2012 11/26/2017

Favorite nephew of President George Washington. In 1802, upon the death of his aunt, Martha Washington, he inherited Mount Vernon and a part of the estate. Also mentioned in his father's will. Bush...

7/8/2007 11/24/2017

Judge John Suffern MP (1741 - 1836)

Founder of Suffern "The Village of Suffern was founded in 1796. John Suffern, first Rockland County judge, 1798-1806, after whom the town is named, settled near the base of the Ramapo Mountains in 17...

11/11/2017 11/12/2017

Joost de Groot MP (1688 - 1748)

DRC Baptism in Hackensack 30 Aug 1713 baptism of Staets , s/o Joost De Groot and Maritie Banta Discussion of parentage

11/11/2008 11/5/2017

William F. Barner MP (c.1812 - d.)

William F. Barner owned 2 slaves in 1840 and 9 in 1850.

10/31/2017 10/31/2017

Theunis Van Houten (Roelofszen) MP (c.1657 - 1737)

If Theunis Roelofse van Houten died on long Island, he was in fact living at the Tappan Patent in 1702

10/23/2007 10/31/2017

Cozine Jansen Haring MP (1669 - 1743)


baptism 1669 Feb 31; Jan Pieterszen Haring, Grietie Cozyns; Cozyn ; Vrouwtie Gerrits {odd date} March meant? He was a Deacon in1698. He was an Assessor in 1703. He was an Elder in 1713. In the loca...

6/9/2007 10/31/2017

Cornelius Jansen Haring MP (1672 - 1775)

"Cornelus Jans Haring"

baptism record 1672 Apr 10; Jan Pieterszen, Grietie Cozyns; Cornelis ; Andries Jeuriaenszen, Geertie Cozyns He settled in 1693 by the east bank of the Haskensack River - the western boundary of the...

6/9/2007 10/31/2017

Theunis Dowerson Taelman MP (c.1664 - c.1739)

"Taelman", "Tallman", "Thonis"

~• married a Harring of the Tappan Patent group ; 2 ii. Theunis / Theunes Dowersen Taelman (8 Feb 1664, Bergen, NJ - 17 Jun 1739, buried Oak Hill Cem., Nyack, NY), son of...

7/6/2007 10/31/2017

Alexander G. Hawkes MP (c.1814 - d.)

Alexander G. Hawkes owned 13 slaves in 1850 and 17 in 1860.

10/30/2017 10/30/2017

Elisabeth Mabie MP (1755 - 1827)

3/26/2008 10/30/2017

Moses Cooper, Esq. MP (c.1707 - 1805)

Moses Cooper, Sr. and Esquire was born in 1709 - 1710 of Glocester, Providence County, Rhode Island, and his death was reported as June 15, 1805, in the Providence Gazette. His burial place is unknown....

9/30/2008 10/29/2017

John W. Butterworth MP (c.1814 - d.)

John Butterworth owned 7 slaves on the 1840 census and 8 in 1850 and 1860.

10/29/2017 10/29/2017

Henry DeWint MP (1750 - d.)

"2/8ths of my estate in St. Thomas and my negro boy Tony

10/29/2017 10/29/2017

Johannes de Windt MP (1716 - 1795)

born in St. Thomas died at Tappan NY findagrave The house he lived in at Tappan was a Washington HQ that figured in famous negotiations during the American Revolution. Wonder if Johannes was in Tap...

9/6/2012 10/29/2017

Ann Mabie MP (bef.1809 - d.)

mentioned in a codicil of her grandfather's will Major Frederic Blauvelt (Continental Soldier) of Orange Town (Tappan) : will proved May 29, 1809 (note: Ann and Maria are shown to be two distinct and...

3/26/2008 10/29/2017

Major Fredericus Blauvelt MP (1728 - 1809)

"Frederic", "Frederick"

• Gave his female slave "TON" aka Tun Snyder to his grand daughter (Ann Mabie, dau. of Cornelius Mabie and Elizabeth Blauvelt) by codicil of will, written in 1/23/1809. The Blauvelt family as a whole h...

3/26/2008 10/29/2017

Leendert De Grauw MP (1721 - 1814)

In the records at the end of the Revolution there is a "Land DeGraw of Tappen whose slave Samuel then in his teens ran away from him circa 1778. Read below: ~• vessel: Ship Nisbett, bound for Port Matt...

12/18/2008 10/29/2017

Samuel Terhune MP (bef.1744 - 1790)

may have been the slaveholder from whom "Thomas Terhune", age 19 (in 1783) escaped from and went to Port Roseway on the ship Ann: Ship Ann bound for Port Roseway Joseph Clark, Master 1783 Thomas Te...

1/17/2014 10/28/2017

Gen. Augustin Willett MP (1751 - 1824)

General Willett was born in Bucks County in 1751, and was the son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Lawrence) Willett, of English descent. He married Elizabeth Hicks, daughter of Gilbert and Mary (Rodman) Hicks...

1/25/2009 10/28/2017

Jonathan Willett MP (1722 - bef.1805)

"Jonathan Willett witnessed in 1756 the Will of his uncle Abraham Willett of Flushing. It was in the mid 1740s that he married Deborah Lawrence, daughter of Obadiah Lawrence of Flushing. Obadia...

10/25/2009 10/27/2017

John Rodman MP (1653 - 1731)

Dr. John Rodman Born: Abt 1653, England, Baptized: March 21,1655, Christ Church Parrish, Barbados; Died: July 10, 1731 (78), Flushing Meeting, Queens, New York; Alt death place: Bensalem, Bucks C...

6/16/2008 10/27/2017

Col. Thomas Willett MP (1645 - 1722)

"Thomas Welert"

Col. Thomas2 Willett (Thomas1); baptized 26 Nov 1645 at Dutch Reformed Church, New Amsterdam, d. Sep 1722 Flushing NY, age 75; m1. 1667 Heiltie Elbertse Stoothoff, daughter of Capt. Elbert Elbertse Sto...

6/3/2008 10/27/2017

no confusion here: Rebecca (maiden name Rutter {or Rudder}) has a full cousin with the same maiden name (In February 1787) Thomas Rutter released another slave. He did this in his capacity as executo...

7/28/2008 10/22/2017

"On January 1, 1787, Thomas Rutter, a Pottstown ironmaster, formally set free a slave family consisting of Tobias , age 46, his wife, Diana, aged 33, and their son Tobias, Jr., age 21. The same date Th...

7/28/2008 10/22/2017

Jesse Bean MP (1761 - 1847)

Too young to have been enlisted as a soldier in the Revolution, Jesse nonetheless had three brothers-in-law who served and his future father-in-law as well. These are, in order: William Couch, Owen Eva...

1/26/2013 10/21/2017

Colonel Oliver Smith MP (1739 - 1811)

DAR# A106582 SPOUSE Number Name 1) MARY DENISON 2) MARY NOYES EGGLESTON A merchant in the West Indies trade known for his role in the Revolutionary War. Oliver was promoted from captain t...

6/19/2008 10/19/2017

SEBASTIAN, William King, a Senator from Arkansas; born in Centerville, Hickman County, Tenn., in 1812; graduated from Columbia College, Tennessee, about 1834; studied law; admitted to the bar and comme...

4/12/2015 10/18/2017

Jabez Maud Fisher MP (1733 - 1786)

Jabez Maud Fisher 4 (John 3 , John 2 , John 1 ), b. Mar. 1, 1733; d. Feb. 22, 1786; m. Elizabeth (Purnell) Wright, b. Mar. 20, 1730,-31 ; d. April 9, 1776 ; dau. of Thomas Purnell, of Maryland, and wid...

2/1/2010 10/3/2017

William R. King: at Wikipedia at FindAGrave William Rufus DeVane King (April 7, 1786 – April 18, 1853) was an American politician and diplomat. He was the 13th Vice President of the United St...

9/15/2010 9/26/2017

Samuel Ihly, Jr MP (bef.1802 - d.)

MUIRES [MUIRE!], SARAH Oct. 9, 1799; July 3, 1802. To daus: Susannah, the wife of Samuel Ihly; Mary, the wife of Thomas Palmer- Elizabeth; and Frances. ' To gr. daus: Anna and Eliza, the children of my...

9/20/2017 9/20/2017

Eliza Anderson MP (deceased)

MUIRES [MUIRE!], SARAH Oct. 9, 1799; July 3, 1802. To daus: Susannah, the wife of Samuel Ihly; Mary, the wife of Thomas Palmer- Elizabeth; and Frances. ' To gr. daus: Anna and Eliza, the children of my...

9/19/2017 9/20/2017

Anna Anderson MP (deceased)

MUIRES [MUIRE!], SARAH Oct. 9, 1799; July 3, 1802. To daus: Susannah, the wife of Samuel Ihly; Mary, the wife of Thomas Palmer- Elizabeth; and Frances. ' To gr. daus: Anna and Eliza, the children of my...

9/19/2017 9/20/2017

Francis Muire MP (deceased)


Listed in ABSTRACTS OF WILLS, CHATHAM COUNTY, GEORGIA MUIRES [MUIRE!], SARAH Oct. 9, 1799; July 3, 1802. To daus: Susannah, the wife of Samuel Ihly; Mary, the wife of Thomas Palmer- Elizabeth; and Fr...

9/19/2017 9/20/2017

Elizabeth Anderson MP (deceased)


MUIRES [MUIRE!], SARAH Oct. 9, 1799; July 3, 1802. To daus: Susannah, the wife of Samuel Ihly; Mary, the wife of Thomas Palmer- Elizabeth; and Frances. ' To gr. daus: Anna and Eliza, the children of my...

9/19/2017 9/20/2017

Thomas Palmer MP (deceased)

9/19/2017 9/20/2017

Mary Palmer MP (deceased)


9/19/2017 9/20/2017

Sarah Muire MP (c.1728 - 1802)


Listed in ABSTRACTS OF WILLS, CHATHAM COUNTY, GEORGIA MUIRES [MUIRE!], SARAH Oct. 9, 1799; July 3, 1802. To daus: Susannah, the wife of Samuel Ihly; Mary, the wife of Thomas Palmer- Elizabeth; and Fr...

9/19/2017 9/20/2017

Samuel Ihly, Sr MP (1757 - 1818)

Possibility name was Samuel W. Ihly. Only problem is that will of mother-in-law lists his son Samuel Ihly as Junior (suggesting they shared the SAME name, and I know son is Samuel R. Ihly). Samuel ...

9/19/2017 9/19/2017

Benjamin Fitzpatrick, son of William and Anne Phillips Fitzpatrick, was born 30 June 1802 in Greene County, Ga. In 1816, he moved to Alabama, where he studied law and was admitted to the bar in...

2/1/2012 9/16/2017

B. B. Comer, Governor, U.S. Senator MP (1848 - 1927)

"B. B. Comer"

Braxton Bragg Comer (November 7, 1848 – August 15, 1927) was a planter, businessman, and an American Democratic politician who was the 33rd Governor of Alabama from 1907 to 1911, and a United States ...

10/4/2013 9/16/2017

Clement Comer Clay (December 17, 1789 – September 7, 1866) was the eighth Governor of the U.S. state of Alabama from 1835 to 1837. Clay was born in Halifax County, Virginia. His father, William Cla...

6/5/2009 9/16/2017

Clement Claiborne Clay (December 13, 1816 – January 3, 1882) was a U.S. senator (Democrat) from the state of Alabama from 1853 to 1861, and a C.S.A. senator from the Alabama from 1861 to 1863. His po...

6/5/2009 9/16/2017

Pvt. James I. Kirby, Sr. MP (1751 - 1819)


A Patriot of the American Revolution for SOUTH CAROLINA with the rank of Private. DAR Ancestor # A065506 Record in South Carolina State Archives KIRBY, JAMES, PLAT FOR 100 ACRES ON LONG BRANCH, CHERA...

12/18/2007 9/6/2017

Robert Gadsden McCaw MP (1821 - 1870)

Robert Gadsden McCaw (born 28 December 1821 in South Carolina , died 24 November 1870 ) was an American politician. In 1864 and 1865 he was the Lieutenant Governor of the state of South Carolina. C...

9/3/2017 9/3/2017

Capt. James Hamilton Henagan MP (1832 - 1862)

James H. Henagan served in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War in Company H, 1st South Carolina (Orr's) Rifle Regiment. He joined the Army on July 20, 1861 at Camp Pickens in Sandy Sprin...

9/2/2017 9/2/2017

Barnabas Kelet Henagan (June 7, 1798 – January 10, 1855) was a physician and South Carolina politician who became the 58th Governor due to the death of Patrick Noble on April 7, 1840. Early life ...

3/15/2013 9/2/2017

Lt. Col. Thomas Bull MP (1744 - 1837)

"firstborn of seven children"

Thomas Bull was a Patriot in the American Revolutionary war from Pennsylvania. His DAR Ancestor # is A016799 Bull, who was born in Montgomery County, acquired more than 500 acres of land in 1783 with...

3/2/2009 8/31/2017

Pvt. Jacob Arthur Hiers, (CSA) MP (1828 - 1906)

"J A Hires"

1860 slave schedule in Barnwell, SC lists Jacob Hires living near Elizabeth Bishop as owning 3 slaves. 25 year-old and 2 children, 4 and 3 years old. Gravestone foot maker states Confederate Veteran ...

12/7/2010 8/25/2017

Job Ruston MP (1714 - 1785)

Will dated 17 Jan 1784 Probated 1 Feb 1785 Job owned Slaves which he named in his will including: Jacob, Bill, Bess, Pegg, Will, George, Dinah, Nell, Jem, Flora. m [1] 6 Jul 1735 Cecil Co. MD Mary ...

10/7/2007 8/23/2017

William Jennings MP (deceased)

There is a record of a William Jennings, Revolutionary War veteran died Aug. 21, 1838. Navy (seaman) Slave owner 1830 Botetourt Co, VA census slave schedule states owned 1 female slave, aged 24-35

8/16/2017 8/20/2017

Judge John Grimké MP (1752 - 1819)

Jurist educated in the law in London. Signer, with Benjamin Franklin, of a 1774 petition to the king protesting the Boston Port Law. Father of Angelina, Sarah, and Thomas Grimke. A judge and memb...

8/20/2007 8/20/2017

Gideon White MP (c.1770 - c.1829)

Owned 4 slaves according to 1820 census Darlington Co, SC

4/2/2008 8/13/2017

Capt. William Jones, Jr. MP (c.1681 - bef.1741)

Son of William Jones (d 1710) and Margaret. Married Leanna Lee, daughter of Charles Lee and Elizabeth Medstand. family From Capt. William JONES and Leanna LEE had these children, in St. Stephen's...

3/19/2009 8/9/2017

Thomas Fenwick Drayton (August 24, 1809 – February 18, 1891) was a plantation owner, politician, railroad president, and military officer, serving in the United States Army and then as a brigadier ge...

4/5/2010 8/4/2017

John Crockford, Sr. MP (c.1690 - bef.1757)

biography From Mildred father, John Crockford, Sr ., owned a large plantation in King and Queen County which spanned 300 acres, having numerous hogs, cows, oxen, sheep, horses, and slaves. The Cr...

7/29/2007 7/30/2017

Benjamin DuVal, II MP (1719 - 1744)

4/21/2009 7/30/2017

Marietta House Built between 1812 and 1816 by Judge Gabriel Duvall. Probably built with slave labor and from bricks manufactured on the property or nearby. Grandson Edmund Bryce DuVal inherited the...

7/27/2010 7/30/2017

A Patriot of the American Revolution for SOUTH CAROLINA. DAR Ancestor # A067021 Henry Laurens (March 6, 1724 [O.S. February 24, 1723] – December 8, 1792) was an American merchant and planter who was ...

9/29/2008 7/25/2017

Robert "the Quaker" Hughes MP (c.1650 - 1730)

"John Jesse Hughes"

Robert Hughes , aka "Robert the Quaker" is the only documented son of Rice Hughes . The records of St. Peters Parish, New Kent County, Virginia show Robert, son of Rees Hughes, tried to recover land hi...

10/21/2007 7/23/2017

Phineas Nightingale MP (1803 - 1873)

Owned 125 slaves in 1840 and 137 in 1850.

5/13/2016 7/17/2017

Bryan McQueen Morel MP (1802 - 1875)

African American Life in the Georgia Lowcountry: The Atlantic World and the Gullah Geechee by Philip Morgan, page 225-226.

7/17/2017 7/17/2017

Minor Kenner MP (1808 - 1862)

Appointed postmaster of Kenner, Louisiana on 9 Apr 1860. Owned over 200 slaves in 1850. Founded the city of Kenner, Louisiana in 1855.

8/5/2008 7/13/2017

Johann Peter Kilts MP (c.1725 - aft.1784)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NEW YORK with the rank of Private. DAR Ancestor # A065865 In his will, Johann Peter leaves 46 pounds and his Negro girl Slave ( name: Nan) , to Johannes Empie...

4/1/2008 7/10/2017

Captain William J. Minor MP (1808 - 1869)

Captain William J. Minor (1808–1869) was an American planter and banker in the antebellum South. Educated in Philadelphia, he lived at the Concord plantation in Natchez, Mississippi, and served as ...

7/10/2017 7/10/2017

Caleb Luff MP (1709 - 1790)

Re: Slaves, see the profile of his son, Nathaniel.

7/12/2013 7/9/2017

) Colonel Henry "Harry" Heth (died 1821) was an English-born businessman who emigrated to the Virginia Colony about 1759. He served in the Continental Army and was active in the coal business. Amer...

4/16/2011 7/9/2017

Col Robert Pickett MP (1799 - 1856)

Find a Grave Birth: Mar. 2, 1799 Richmond City Virginia, USA Death: Dec. 21, 1856 Richmond City Virginia, USA Robert Pickett, General Pickett’s father, is listed as a businessman - dealing in c...

4/16/2011 7/8/2017

John Henry Fitts MP (1804 - 1882)

* * * * James Harris Fitts:"Genealogy of the Fitts Family in America" MDCCCXCVII page 74 No.9 John (Oliver/2, Henry/1) Fitts/3 was born in Warren County, N.C., in 1804. He was educated at the Universit...

7/12/2011 7/6/2017

Col. Philip Livingston, 2nd Lord of the Manor MP (1686 - 1749)

"2nd Lord of the Manor", "Colonel"

Upon the death of his father, Robert Livingston the Elder, he became the Secretary of Indian Affairs, as well as the second Lord of Livingston Manor. He was a member of the Provincial Council for most ...

3/9/2007 7/6/2017

Joshua Fisher MP (1707 - 1783)

Wikipedia Joshua Fisher (1707 – February 1, 1783) was a prominent Philadelphia merchant involved in transatlantic trade and map making as applied to nautical charts. He made the first nautical chart ...

10/25/2009 7/4/2017