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John Mallory MP (c.1759 - 1849)

Do not confuse him with John B. Mallory , of Alabama. He was in Fayette County, Kentucky by 1804, when he posted bond and gave his consent for the marriages of his three daughters. He was probably a ...

5/3/2009 11/27/2016

Andries Grevenraet MP (1659 - c.1710)


baptism: 1659 Jul 16; Isaac Grevenraet, Lysbeth Jeuriaens; Andries ; Hermanus Blom, Margarietje Steenwyck youth Grew up as a child on the southernmost tip of Manhattan near Ft. Amsterdam. (see th...

8/2/2008 11/27/2016

Edward Doughty, Jr. (1724 - 1766)

11/29/2010 11/19/2016

In later life, Gerrard arranged to bring his older brother Dr. John Van Buren of Nova Scotia to Tennesee. John was infirm and nearing the end of his life. 1850 census < go to line 8 of 1850 United St...

10/13/2013 10/26/2016

Ens. John Chapman (1740 - 1813)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for Virginia with the rank of LIEUTENANT. DAR Ancestor #: A020912 in the American Revolution 1774-1779 John was stationed at Fort Snidows, Fort Bargers, and Fort Ha...

7/21/2007 10/21/2016

Capt. Reuben Chapman (1746 - 1824)

Reuben Chapman was a Patriot in the American Revolution from Virginia with the rank of Captain. His DAR Ancestor # is A020950. Reuben Chapman was also a slave owner. In 1810 he owned 38 slaves and in...

10/4/2013 10/21/2016

He was a farmer and slave holder when he joined the Confederate Army on 5 Mar 1862. He served in Company D, North Carolina 3rd Calvary Regiment until being mustered out on 12 Nov 1862.

5/14/2016 10/18/2016

Miles Washington Whitlow (1812 - 1885)

Miles Whitlow was a farmer and slave owner in Walker County, Georgia.

10/18/2016 10/18/2016

Military Service: U.S. Civil War (1861-1865) Rank: 2Lt. Co"C", 1st Bn, Georgia Reserve Cavalry 1860 U.S. Census-Slave Schedules attribute ownership of 11 slaves, to wit: 5 male, 6 female

9/29/2016 10/18/2016

Major John Freeman, Sr. MP (c.1626 - 1719)

' Plymouth & Cape Cod, MA Genealogy Entries: 14133 Updated: 2015-05-03 19:41:05 UTC (Sun) Contact: Harry Hadaway ID: I2755 Name: John Freeman Major Sex: M Birth: BEF 28 JAN 1627 in Billingshu...

1/28/2007 10/18/2016

Military Service: U.S. Civil War (1861-1865) : Rank: Sergeant Assigned: Co. "K", 29th MS INF (CSA) He was a farmer in Holmes County, Mississippi and prior to the Civil War a slave owner.

10/12/2016 10/12/2016

John Eldrige Twitty, Sr. (c.1800 - d.)

John Twitty was a planter and slave owner in Warren County, North Carolina.

10/1/2010 10/12/2016

Pierre Bernardey (c.1784 - 1827)


from herburgd Bernardey Grave plot: Pierre Bernardey and Marguerite, his mother, are buried here at Plum Orchard, Cumberland Island, Georgia [Robert] Stafford's nearest neighbors were the French-sp...

10/2/2016 10/9/2016

Marie-Jeanne Bernardey (c.1800 - 1854)

[Robert] Stafford's nearest neighbors were the French-speaking Bernardeys, slave-holders probably from the Caribbean. When Elizabeth Bernardey (Zabette) was about eighteen years old, she bore a daughte...

10/2/2016 10/9/2016

Jahaza Atwater (1810 - 1869)

Atwater Genealogy The Southern Branch pp272 No.2934 The U.S. Census-Slave Schedule for 1850 attributes ownership by Jahaza Atwater of 23 slaves, to wit 9 males and 14 females.

9/29/2016 10/9/2016

Colonel Robert Stafford MP (1790 - 1877)

"Robert Stafford"

On Cumberland Island, GA there is a cemetery at the community called Stafford, off the main road, before Stafford House. There is a coquina wall around 4 marked old graves. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ By the earl...

10/2/2016 10/9/2016

Jehiel Atwater (1817 - 1876)

Atwater Genealogy: The Southern Branch; Second Generation pp273 No.2936. His father died when he was quite a youth. He was left to manage his own and his mother's estates and he proved himself capable ...

9/29/2016 10/8/2016

John Scrivener Camden (1798 - 1862)

John Camden owned a hotel in Braxton, Virginia (now West Virginia). He also served as postmaster of Collins Settlement in Lewis County, WV. He was a slave owner.

6/5/2009 10/7/2016

Harrison County Sheriff in 1837 Bio Originally Created by: Bill Record added: Jun 16, 2010 Find A Grave Memorial# 53750974 Birth: 7th of fourteen known children of a Revolutionary war veteran i...

5/6/2010 10/5/2016

David Morrison (1795 - 1882)

He served in the Mexican War and the War of 1812. He was a farmer by occupation, a Baptist in religion and a Whig in politics. Served in the War of 1812 as a Private in the Company of Light Infantry co...

8/5/2014 10/2/2016


1/14/2016 9/30/2016

Veteran of war of 1812 Branch:: Army 1 Pension Number: 19026 1 Age: 16 Veteran of Civil War Affiliation: Confederate Enlisted: April 8, 1861 Rank: Pvt. Co.: C & F Regt.: 10th Va.Infan...

2/7/2014 9/25/2016

John Wayles of "The Forest" MP (1715 - 1773)

John Wayles was Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson's father, Thomas Jefferson's father-in-law. He was born in Lancaster, England, on 31 January 1715. At some point he emmigrated to Virginia. His home was ...

2/24/2007 9/18/2016

Judge Jeremiah Langhorne (c.1671 - 1742)

~• no offspring ~• the man for whom Langhorne PA is named ~• co-owner of the Durham Ironworks on the Delaware with Lawrence Growden ~• owner of numerous slaves whom he treat...

9/17/2016 9/17/2016

Irvin Jones (1832 - d.)

9/13/2016 9/13/2016

Leroy Singleton (1805 - 1872)

Leroy Singleton, a farmer from Putnam and Jones Counties in Georgia, owned 4 slaves in 1830 and 8 in 1840.

9/10/2016 9/10/2016

Jost Hite MP (1685 - 1760)

"Hans Jost", "Heydt", "Hiatt", "Hite", "Hans Justus Hite", "Hyatt", "heydt/"

Burial Find A Grave Memorial# 20847409 Bio Hans Justus Heydt, known later in America as Jost Hite, was born 6 December 1685, the second of the family of eight children of Johann and Magdalena. He...

4/10/2007 9/8/2016

John Van Lew (1790 - 1843)

John Van Lew, a wealthy hardware merchant and slave owner. One of the slaves owned by Van Lew was Mary Bowser. Mary Bowser, slave of John Van Lew

6/24/2012 9/5/2016

James Stephens Bulloch (1793 – February 18, 1849) was an early Georgia settler, planter and grandfather of Theodore Roosevelt and great-grandfather of Eleanor Roosevelt. Bulloch was the grands...

6/22/2007 8/28/2016

Roswell King, II (1796 - 1854)

RECENT RESEARCH ON ROSWELL KING, JR. AND FANNY KEMBLE: NB: The above book is available at no cost for scholarly and genealogical research purposes only. It may not be sold for profit. The text and ...

5/15/2011 8/28/2016

Barrington King (1798 - 1866)

rice planter, merchant, and manufacturer, pioneer settler of Cobb County, co-founder of the village of Lebanon and Roswell - Myers Barrington King (1798-1866), the son of Roswell King, was a major fo...

12/28/2009 8/28/2016

Roswell King, I (1765 - 1844)

pioneer settler of Cobb County with his son, Barrington. In 1837 they founded the village of Lebanon, where they established flour mills, and the village of Roswell, where they established cotton mills...

5/15/2011 8/28/2016

Timothy Roberts (c.1717 - 1786)

WIll of Richard Rue 7.138: Richard Rue, Bensalem Twp. July 28, 1796. Proved February 7, 1806. Wife Rebecca and nephew James Roberts exrs. Nephews Joshua Rue, son of Bro. Samuel; Israel and James Rue ...

8/13/2016 8/20/2016

Rebecca Rue (deceased)

Richard bought 5 acres, 50 perchs in Bensalem 5 Apr 1787 & conveyed, with wife Rebecca , 3 acres of that property on 4 Jun 1795 (Bucks Co LR 28:138); Rebecca Rue may have been the granddaughter of Gabr...

8/13/2016 8/19/2016

James Rue (1685 - 1759)

will Rue, James 3.1. James Rue, Bensalem Twp., Yeoman. December 18, 1759. Proved January 1, 1760. Wife Mary, "grown in years." Son Richard and John Gregg of Middletown, Miller, exrs. Sons Richard (el...

2/25/2009 8/19/2016

James S. Rollins, US Congress (1812 - 1888)

"“Pater Universitatis Missouriensis”"

James Sidney Rollins (April 19, 1812 – January 9, 1888) was a nineteenth-century Missouri politician and lawyer. He helped establish the University of Missouri, led the successful effort to ge...

4/29/2010 8/7/2016

Aert Polhemus (1733 - d.)

1st Federal Census: "Aurt" Polhemus lived in Orange County, Haverstraw, New York see page 142 of the 1790 Census (1,2,4,-,3) = MEN, BOYS, WOMEN, OTHER, SLAVES (3 SLAVES IN 1790)

6/3/2008 8/4/2016

Cornelis De Potter (c.1610 - c.1679)

Cornelis arrived in New Amsterdam on ship De Waterhondt, in 1651 Cornelis and his daughter Elisabeth (from his first wife), and his second wife Swaentje Jans, arrived in New Netherland July 9, 1651. Th...

6/3/2008 8/2/2016

Capt. William Bedlow MP (1722 - 1798)

William Bedlow (1722–1798) served as a captain and and commissioner of building fortifications in 1775, and as a construction supervisor of obstructions in the Hudson River in 1777. A former sea...

7/23/2011 8/2/2016

Judge Samuel Richardson (1635 - 1719)

Samuel Richardson came to Philadelphia from Jamaica, 1687, with his wife Eleanor and their children, bringing a certificate from the Monthly Meeting at Spanish Town, Island of Jamaica, which he produce...

2/28/2008 8/1/2016

Henry van Beuren (1762 - 1797)

+40 (1791 directory NYC) "Van Beuren, Henry, grocer, 13, Fly market." Possibly: also (same year) "Van Beuren, Henry, grocer, 25, Ann street." • He was in the Long Island Loyalist branch of...

10/10/2013 7/28/2016

John Patrick McMullan (1740 - 1817)

"(had 10 kids)"

Georgia Elbert County In the name of God Amen: I, John McMullan, Senior of the State and County aforesaid being very weak of body but of perfect mind and memory, and calling to mind the mortality...

12/17/2007 7/24/2016

Marriages Marriage 1: Ann Willis, b.1762 Glouster Co., Va.; Married: in Warren County, North Carolina; No children Marriage 2: Mary Anderson b: c. 1766 in North Carolina; Married: 1793 in Warrentow...

1/14/2012 7/24/2016

386. VAN BEUREN, Doct. James I., d. 12 Apr 1802, aged 48-3-0; a brown stone 387. VAN BUUREN, "Elize" his wife, d. 2 Apr 1800, aged 43 From:

10/30/2015 7/17/2016

Col. James DeLancey (1746 - 1804)

James DeLancey, Loyalist in wikipedia "he raised a loyalist unit known as "De Lancey’s Cowboys" and "De Lancey's refugees". De Lancey himself was called the "Outlaw of the Bronx". He married M...

2/21/2012 7/16/2016

Jeronimus Rapalie (1682 - 1762)

~• Outlived his son Jeronimus In his will, he wrote: ...March 22, 1759. I, Jeronimus Rapalye, of Brookland, in Kings County, being weak in body. I leave to my wife Hillitie £600 and a n...

12/18/2008 7/10/2016

Peter Ryerson (c.1749 - d.)

"Peter Ryerson was born on Long Island about 1749, and was the son of George Rierson and Sarah Teveau. (Pg 61 & 332 A.W. Ryerson book) Peter and his brother Cornelius were Loyalists who fled to Nova Sc...

7/10/2016 7/10/2016

• place of work was Queen Street

7/9/2016 7/9/2016

Richard Cross (1772 - 1854)

He was a farmer and a manufacturer of goods in 1820, a a blacksmith in 1850, and a slave owner in several census records for 1810, 1820, 1830 & 1840. Richard and Mary were married 58 years. Conflicti...

5/27/2009 7/8/2016

Asunción Eró Urbistondo (c.1834 - 1894)

7/6/2016 7/6/2016

John "Jackie" Knight (1773 - 1861)


John "Jackie" Knight (1773–1861), one of Jones County, Mississippi's largest slaveholders.

10/31/2007 7/6/2016

Lucas Classen Caballero (deceased)

"Lucas Classen Cebollero"

8/17/2011 7/4/2016

Justus (Joost) Earle (son of Sylvester Earle and Machteldje Zabriskie) was born August 19, 1749 in Secaucus, Bergen County, New Jersey, and died September 22, 1826 in Grande Point, Queens County, New B...

1/11/2014 7/4/2016

Rev. John Wiswall, SPG MP (1731 - 1821)

"John Wiswell"

biography Collections of the Nova Scotia Historical Society, Volumes 11-13 ; By Nova Scotia Historical Society, Halifax After many trials, Rev. Wiswall established a congregation in Wilmot Township...

7/3/2016 7/3/2016

Littleby B. Strickland (1827 - 1880)

9/21/2010 7/3/2016

James G. M. Ramsey, PhD, Author, (CSA) (1797 - 1884)

"J. G. M. Ramsey", "McGrady"

James Gettys McGready Ramsey (March 25, 1797 – April 11, 1884) was an American historian, physician, planter, slave owner, and businessman, active primarily in East Tennessee during the ninete...

5/12/2008 7/3/2016

James Harris Fitts "Genealogy of the Fitts or Fitz Family in America" Tuscaloosa, Ala. Fort Orange Press, Brandow Printing Company, Albany, N.Y. MDCCCXCVII * page 82 No. 38 (Cont.) Col. Josiah J. P...

8/23/2014 7/2/2016

William Collier Hodnett fought in the War of 1812. In 1830 William Hodnett owned 3 slaves and in 1840 he owned 4.

6/25/2016 6/25/2016

Andrew Hannah (1754 - 1793)

" Andrew Hannah was born in 1754. In 1778 he was commissioned an ensign and in 1781 promoted to a second lieutenancy in Charlotte County. Andrew Hannah was murdered in March 1793 one evening as he was ...

8/25/2015 6/14/2016

Ann Hanna (1755 - 1825)

18. ANN CUNNINGHAM (daughter of 8 James Cunningham) was unmarried at the date of her fatherâ??s will in which he bequeathed to her two slaves , â?a Saddle and Bridle now in her Possession...

8/25/2015 6/14/2016

Wiley Grimes MP (1804 - 1867)

Wiley Grimes (1804 – October 2, 1867) was an American farmer in Wilcox County, Alabama. Sources Alabama, Homestead and Cash Entry Patents, Pre-1908 ; Name: Wiley Grimes; Land Office: Cahab...

5/22/2016 6/14/2016

baptism Paulus Leenderts Vandergrift, baptized on 20 October 1613, Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands, buried on 10 October 1679, Oude Zijds Kapel, Amsterdam leaves Amsterdam Paul...

5/10/2008 6/5/2016

Reuben Norfleet (1730 - 1801)

Reuben Norfleet was one of the largest land and slave owners in the Bertie County, North Carolina during the last half of the 18th Century.

6/1/2016 6/1/2016

Jehu Nicholls Webb (c.1813 - 1869)

Jehu N. Webb was born on Salmon Creek near Merry Hill in Bertie County, North Carolina in about 1813 and died there during the winter of 1869-1870. He married Lavinia in about 1838. Her family name is ...

6/10/2014 6/1/2016

John Webb (1770 - 1837)

John Webb was the son of Thomas Webb and Mary Nicholls whose families had resided on Salmon Creek (Bertie County, North Carolina), often referred to simply as the Creek, as neighbors since the time the...

6/10/2014 6/1/2016

Benajah Nicholls (1778 - 1834)

Benajah Nicholls was a large land and slave owner in Bertie County, North Carolina (near Salmon Creek). Salmon Creek, the site of several historically significant developments in precolonial North Caro...

6/10/2014 5/31/2016

Judge Edward McGehee (1786 - 1880)

Edward McGehee (1786–1880) was an American judge and plantation owner in Jefferson County, Mississippi. Edward McGehee was born on November 8, 1786. His father was Micajah McGehee and his mo...

7/10/2009 5/29/2016

Sarah "Sallie" Pix MP (1814 - 1891)


The following biography was written by Sallie Ridge Pascal Pix's 3rd great granddaughter, Dorothy "Dottie" Ridenour and can be found at : Sarah Ridge Sarah Ridge was born in 1814 in the Ch...

3/28/2011 5/25/2016

John Bratton (March 7, 1831 – January 12, 1898) was a U.S. Representative from South Carolina, as well as a general in the Confederate States Army during the American Civil War. He rose from p...

5/25/2016 5/25/2016

James Roberson, of Lee County MP (1769 - 1835)

"James Robinson"

James Roberson or Robinson (1769-1835), of Lee County, Virginia. He lived at Turkey Cove near Yokum's Station (or Yoakum Station) now Dryden, on the Wilderness Road, seven miles west of Big Stone Gap i...

5/10/2009 5/17/2016

John Somes, Sr. MP (1648 - 1700)

"Soames", "Sownes"

John Somes Sex: M Birth: 22 APR 1648 in Gloucester ,Essex, MA. Death: 16 NOV 1700 in Gloucester ,Essex, MA. Buried: Copps Hill Cemetery, Boston, Suffolk, MA Father: Morris SOMES b: 1614 in ...

8/9/2008 5/14/2016

Joseph Lawrence Stephens (1764 - 1848)

Joseph Lawrence Stephens Find A Grave Memorial# 122654329 Stephens Family Cemetery, Ruddles Mills, Bourbon County, Kentucky, USA JOSEPH LAWRENCE STEPHENS, son of Lawrence Stephens and Mary Bowman...

6/14/2009 5/13/2016

Pvt Isaac Stephens (1763 - 1831)

Pvt Isaac Stephens Find A Grave Memorial# 55865655 Isaac Stephens Family Cemetery, Bowling Green, Warren County, Kentucky, USA Parents: Lawrence Stephens & Anna Maria Bowman Spouse Mary Jane Wrig...

6/14/2009 5/13/2016

John Henry Rogers (October 9, 1845 - April 16, 1911) was an attorney, a federal judge and a U.S. Representative from Arkansas. Born near Roxobel, North Carolina, Rogers moved to Mississippi in 1852...

2/9/2014 5/5/2016

Robert Davis MP (1676 - 1771)

"The Black Davis"

King William Co. formed 1701 from King & Queen Co., VA (which formed from New Kent County in 1691). Amherst Co. formed 1761 from Albemarle Co., VA “We are not certain where Robert was born, ...

9/15/2007 4/20/2016

Tamar Jones MP (1748 - 1824)

"Thamar", "Wortham"

Children of William Duke Sr: 5 -Tamar, wife first of William Wortham, second of Edward Jones. Anne and Tamar were twins. By her first husband she had: 1 ---Nancy Wortham... who married Will...

8/25/2008 4/14/2016

Col. Ezekiel Cushing MP (1698 - 1765)

Added by Elwin C. Nickerson: About My ancestor: Ezekiel Cushing Hon. Colonel (1698 - 1765), was the son of Rev. Jeremiah Cushing of Scituate, where he was born 28 April 1698. His mother was daughter of...

9/28/2008 4/8/2016

John James Tigert, II (1818 - 1898)

6/6/2009 4/6/2016

John Payne Todd MP (1792 - 1851)

John Payne Todd (February 29, 1792 – January 16, 1852), also known as Payne Todd, was the first son of Dolley Payne and John Todd Jr. His father and younger brother died in the 1793 Philadelph...

8/18/2008 4/4/2016

Additional Curator's Notes: Theodorick Bland (March 21, 1741 – June 1, 1790),[1] also known as Theodorick Bland, Jr., was a physician, soldier, and statesman from Prince George County, Virgini...

1/1/2009 4/4/2016

Obediah Brown Thompson (1825 - 1895)


1850 Slave Census for Hall County, Ga: Blk female 20y. b. 1830

4/1/2016 4/1/2016

HILLYER, HAMILTON BISCOE (1835–1903). Hamilton B. Hillyer, photographer, the son of Rev. John Freeman and Mary Adeline (Biscoe) Hillyer, was born in Georgia (probably at Penfield) on August 14, ...

3/28/2016 3/28/2016

Matilda Elllison (1795 - 1850)

At age 21, April took Matilda, a 16-year-old slave woman (1795- ), as his consort (slaves did not have legally recognized marriages). They had a daughter Aliza/Eliza Ann together, born in 1811.[2] Eliz...

3/27/2016 3/27/2016

Anthony Johnson (c.1600 - 1670)

Anthony Johnson was born in Angola and brought to the US to work on a tobacco farm in 1619, technically as an indentured servant. He married a black female servant while on the farm and once freed, m...

3/27/2016 3/27/2016

Col. Littleberry Mosby MP (1728 - 1809)


A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA with the rank of COLONEL. DAR Ancestor # A081932 Captain 2d Georgia, prisoner at Savannah, 18th October 1779. Exchanged December 1779 23 Jul 1776 -...

9/3/2007 3/24/2016

Antoine Solide Dubuclet (1810 - 1877)

Antoine Dubuclet (1810 – December 18, 1887) was the Republican state treasurer of Louisiana from 1868 to 1878. Dubuclet was the first person of African descent to hold the office of Louisiana ...

3/23/2016 3/23/2016

Frederick Bird Smith Cocke (c.1813 - 1903)

Texas State Legislator, Member of Secession Convention, Member of Texas State Constitutional Convention

11/16/2007 3/22/2016

Capt. James Harrison Shannon, Esq. (Son of Captain James Shannon 1757-1846). In 1802 moved to land near Big Bottom Fork, Wyoming Co., (then Giles Co.) VA (now WV) accompanied by father-in-law Edward ...

10/21/2008 3/19/2016

John Thompson (1694 - 1759)

John Thompson was a wealthy merchant and large landowner in Hanover Co, VA. It is reported that John Thompson and Samuel Davies, noted Presbyterian Clergyman, were intimate friends and married sister...

3/28/2010 3/17/2016

Col. Stephen Wall MP (1791 - 1845)

Colonel Stephen Wall received an inheritance from his father who was the local Justice of the Peace and sheriff. He was also successful in his own right. By the age of thirty Stephen won a officer&#x...

11/13/2011 3/13/2016

John Hicks Lanier (1811 - 1882)

In 1860 John Lanier owned 20 slaves and 18 slaves in 1840.

7/11/2013 3/6/2016

Benjamin Schoonmaker (1702 - 1764)

a detailed record appears in: Old Ulster: An Historical and Genealogical Magazine, Volume 2 edited by Benjamin Myer Brink. 1906 - Ulster County (N.Y.) see: Brink

10/16/2008 3/2/2016

Theodorick Bland of Cawsons MP (1708 - 1790)


A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA. DAR Ancestor # A011133 Abridged from Wikipedia entry Theodorick Bland (December 2, 1708 – 1784),] also known as Theodorick Bland, Sr. or Th...

7/25/2007 2/29/2016

Pvt. Richard Davis (1753 - 1824)


Richard Davis served as a private in the 26th Maryland Militia under family associate Capt. Hezekiah Garner. Nine slaves are mentioned in his will.

2/26/2016 2/26/2016

John B Etheridge (1806 - 1881)

2/25/2016 2/25/2016

Wiley Buck (1796 - 1863)

In 1840 Wiley Buck owned 1 slave.

6/21/2007 2/22/2016

Fleming Jordan (1838 - 1916)

Fleming Jordan owned 44 slaves in 1850.

12/23/2010 2/19/2016

Charles Scott Jordan (1801 - 1879)

Charles Jordan owned 6 slaves in 1840.

12/19/2010 2/19/2016

US Congressman, South Carolina Governor. He served as the Governor of South Carolina from 1844 to 1846. He was later elected to represent South Carolina's 2nd and 6th Districts in the United States Hou...

7/12/2011 2/17/2016

Adelicia Acklen (1817 - 1887)

"Acklen;", "Franklin;Cheatham;", "Franklin", "Acklen", "Cheatham", "Hayes"

For more pictures, go to the Media section. The wealthiest woman in the US in the 19th century! Known locally as Adelica Acklen (in spite of her many husbands). In brief: She went down to Louisan...

12/23/2009 2/17/2016