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Father of Hoshe'a (ben Elah), last King of the Northern Kingdom of Israel

3/24/2011 7/22/2016

Arsal . MP (deceased)

"The Persian historian Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari (c. 915) recounts a tradition that Tiras had a son named Batawil, whose daughters Qarnabil, Bakht, and Arsal became the wives of Cush, Put, and Canaa...

6/9/2007 7/21/2016

The Girgashites . MP (deceased)

"The Girgashites", "הגרגשי", "Gergeseo", "Girgashi"

Genesis 10:16 Fifth son of Canaan.

6/9/2007 7/20/2016

The Jebusites . MP (deceased)

"The Jebusites", "היבוסי", "Jebus"

Genesis 10:16 Third son of Canaan. Genesis 10:15-18 21st Century King James Version (KJ21) 15 And Canaan begot Sidon his firstborn, and Heth;16 and the Jebusite and the Amorite, and the Girgashite17 an...

6/9/2007 7/20/2016

The Amorites . MP (deceased)

"The Amorites", "האמורי", "Amori"

Genesis 10:16 Fourth son of Canaan.

6/9/2007 7/20/2016

Jehoram, 5th King of Judah MP (c.-881 - -841)


2 Kings 8:16-24 .* 2 Chronicles 21:1-20 .Wikipedia: Jehoram of Judah & יורם, מלך יהודה King Jehoram, firstborn of seven sons, assumed the throne at the age of 32, from 849-842. Married Athalia (daughte...

2/20/2007 7/20/2016

Ahab ., 7th King of Israel MP (deceased)

"son of Omri"

1 Kings 16:28-34 Wikipedia: Ahab & אחאב. Ahab Ahab (Hebrew: אַחְאָב‬, Modern Aẖ'av Tiberian ʼAḥʼāḇ; Akkadian: 𒀀𒄩𒀊𒁍, translit. Aḫabbu; Greek: Αχααβ; Latin: Achab) was the seventh king of Israel since Je...

7/7/2007 7/20/2016

Jezebel . MP (deceased)

1 Kings 16:31 Wikipedia: Jezebel and איזבל PHOENICIAN PRINCESS, WIFE of KING AHAB, NOTORIOUS for HER CRUELTY, MURDERS, and BAAL WORSHIP Source:Jezebel (Hebrew: אִיזֶבֶל / אִיזָבֶל, Modern Izével / Izáv...

7/7/2007 7/20/2016

This Adam represents the "end-result" of the Assyrian pantheon of gods. As such he is the equivalent of Biblical Adam , who continues the shared lineage.As such, these two profiles must NOT be merged.

4/12/2009 7/20/2016

Esarhaddon, king of Assyria MP (-715 - -669)

ID: I62253Name: Esarhaddon of AssyriaGiven Name: EsarhaddonSurname: of AssyriaSex: M_UID: 5E2E8F8D9667DE42BE7097BFAA0B188DA3CBChange Date: 26 Nov 2005Death: YFather: SENNACHERIB @ OF ASSYRIA Mother: Za...

7/3/2008 7/19/2016

II, with Akkadian cuneiform inscription Reign 883 - 859 BC Predecessor Tukulti-Ninurta II Successor Shalmaneser III Father Tukulti-Ninurta IIAshur-nasir-pal II (centre) meets a high official after a su...

12/11/2008 7/15/2016

historical Assyrian queen Shammuramat (Semiramis), wife of Shamshi-Adad V of Assyria, certainly existed. After her husband's death, she served as regent from 810 - 806 BC for her son, Adad-nirari III. ...

12/11/2008 7/14/2016

ID: I62264Name: Tiglath Pileser III of AssyriaPrefix: KingGiven Name: Tiglath Pileser IIISurname: of AssyriaSex: M_UID: 3A6AE3182792A84FAAB21E4B7F1358090730Change Date: 26 Nov 2005Note:Tiglath-pileser ...

7/3/2008 7/14/2016

Simeon . MP (-1826 - d.)

"Simeon", "שמעון"

Second son of Jacob and Leah. Genesis 29:33 Lists of his descendants:* Genesis 46:10 * Exodus 6:15 * Numbers 26:12-14 * 1 Chronicles 4:24-43

2/26/2007 4/23/2016

Benjamin . MP (-1804 - d.)

"Ben-Oni", "בִּנְיָמִין", "Binyāmîn", "Biniamin"

Genesis 35:16-20 Benjamin born, his mother dies in childbirth.* Genesis 46:21 Sons of Benjamin listed prior to going to Egypt.The descendants of Benjamin are listed in:* Numbers 26:38-41 * Samuel 9:1 P...

2/26/2007 4/23/2016

Reuben . MP (-1827 - d.)

"Rubén", "Reuben", "ראובן"

Genesis 29:31-32 lists his of descendants:* Genesis 46:9 * Exodus 6:14 * Numbers 26:5-10 * 1 Chronicles 5:1-10 Wikipedia: Reuben and ראובן

2/26/2007 4/23/2016

Asshur . (deceased)

12/24/2015 4/23/2016

Nimrod King of Assyrie in Babylon MP (deceased)

"Nebrod", "Nemrod", "Narmer", "Enmerkar", "Namruj"

Genesis 10:8-10 * 1 Chronicles 1:10 Wikipedia: Nimrod and נמרוד Fue un gran cazador y protector en una época cuando los seres humanos caían presa a los animales salvajes. (Gén. 10:9). Fue un hombre amb...

2/26/2007 4/23/2016

Moses the Law Giver MP (c.-1390 - c.-1270)

"Musa", "Mūsā", "Mûsâ ibn Amram"

Exodus 2:1-10 Birth.* Exodus 2:21-22 Marriage to Zipporah and birth of sons.* Exodus 6:14-27 Extensive genealogy and family history listed. Jewish sources list at least three names for Moses -:# Moses ...

2/26/2007 4/23/2016

IFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, search Tiglath-Pileser I King of Assyria Rock relief of Tiglath-Pileser Reign 1114 -1076 BC Akkadian Tukultī-apil-Ešarra Died 1076 BC Predeces...

12/11/2008 4/14/2016

Sargon II, king of Assyria MP (-760 - -705)

"Sargon II"

Sargon II (Akkadian Šarru-ukin "he [= the god] made firm the king"; reigned 722 – 705 BC) was an Assyrian king. Sargon II became the ruler of the Assyrian Empire in 722 BC after the death of Shalmanese...

7/3/2008 4/9/2016

Omri, 6th King of Israel MP (c.-950 - -876)

1 Kings 16:16-28 Wikipedia:* English King Omri * Hebrew המלך עמרי * Español Omrí

7/7/2007 3/6/2016

Prophet Elijah / Nabi Ilyas MP (deceased)

"Elijah the prophet", "Ilyas"

Eiljah the Prophet - Wikipedia * Why is Elijah Invited during the Seder? * אליהו הנביא – קישור ויקיפדיה - עברית Elijah ( /ɪˈlaɪdʒə/;[1] also Elias /ɪˈlaɪ.əs/; Hebrew: אליהו, Eliyahu, meaning "Yahweh is...

2/16/2009 3/6/2016

Tiglath-Pileser II, king of Assyria MP (-995 - -935)

"Tukulti-apil-esharra II King of /Assyria/"

IIFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, search Tiglath-Pileser II (from the Hebraic form[1] of Akkadian Tukultī-apil-Ešarra) was King of Assyria from 967 BCE, when he succeeded his ...

12/11/2008 3/2/2016

Sennacherib, king of Assyria MP (-740 - -681)

ID: I62254Name: SENNACHERIB @ OF ASSYRIAPrefix: KingGiven Name: SENNACHERIB @Surname: OF ASSYRIASex: M_UID: 06E000A9431DC448890093368A82CF3159EDChange Date: 26 Nov 2005Note:Sennacherib, king of Assyria...

7/3/2008 3/2/2016

III (Šulmānu-ašarēdu, "the god Shulmanu is pre-eminent") was king of Assyria (859 BC – 824 BC), and son of the previous ruler, Ashurnasirpal II.His long reign was a constant series of campaigns against...

12/11/2008 3/2/2016

Ashur-dan, III MP (c.755 - d.)

Ashur-dan IIIFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Ashur-Dan III) Jump to: navigation, search This article does not cite any references or sources. Please help improve this article by ...

12/11/2008 3/2/2016

Shalmaneser IIFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, search Schroeder’s line art for the KAV 21 list of Eponyms showing the twelve years of Salmānu-ašarēd II and his immediate succes...

12/22/2008 3/2/2016

Patriarch Isaac / יצחק אבינו MP (c.-1950 - c.-1770)

"Isaak", "Ishaq", "Yitzchak", "Yitshaq", "Prophet Ishaq", "Ishvaku", "Isaac Ben Abraham"

Genesis 21:1-6 Born and named.* Genesis 25:19-29 Married with children.Wikipedia: * Isaac & יצחק .2nd Patriarch of the Jewish Nation. The 9th Prophet of Islam (see also Isaac in Islam ).

2/26/2007 11/16/2015

Ishmael . MP (-1966 - -1829)

"Hazrat Ismael", "Ishmael", "ישמעאל", "إسماعيل"

Genesis 16:1-16 - The story of his birth.* Genesis 17:1-27 - G-d blesses Abraham and commands him to circumcise. Ishmael is circumcised at the age of 13.* Genesis 21:1-21 - Ishmael and Hagar sent away ...

2/26/2007 11/16/2015

Shem MP (-2202 - -1602)

"Sam", "Melchizedek", "Sum", "Ge'ez: ሴም"

Genesis 5:32 * Genesis 9:18-29 respectfully covers his drunk father, Noah, with his brother Japheth.* Genesis 10:21-31 lists his descendants, the Semitic races, named for him (Shem = Sem).* Genesis 11:...

2/26/2007 11/16/2015

Patriarch Abraham MP (-1972 - -1637)

"Abram", "Avraham", "Abre", "Avraham Aveinu", "Ibrahim", "Khalilullah"

Genesis 11:26-32 Birth of Abram.* Genesis 16:15-16 Birth of son Ishmael.* Genesis 21:1-5 Birth of son Isaac.* Genesis 21:1-4 Marriage to Keturah and birth of her 6 sons.* Wikipedia: Abraham , אברהם (an...

2/26/2007 11/16/2015