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Hezekiah ., 12th King of Judah MP (c.-732 - c.-678)

2 Chronicles 28:27. 2 Chronicles 29:1-36. 2 Chronicles 30:1-27. King Hezekiah's royal seal unearthed! Wikipedia: Hezekiah & חזקיהו.

2/20/2007 8/26/2015

Uzziah ., 9th King of Judah MP (c.-788 - c.-736)

"Uziya", "Azariah", "עזיהו", "עזריה"

2 Kings 14:1-21-22. 2 Chronicles 26:1-23. Wikipedia: Uzziah of Judah & עזיהו. Born 826 BC. Became king at 16 years old. He reigned for 52 years. He was a good king, but became proud & tried to ...

2/20/2007 8/26/2015

Jehoiakim Elyakim, 17th King of Judah MP (c.-633 - c.-598)

"Eliakim", "Elyakim", "Jehoiakim"

2 Kings 23:34 34 Then Pharaoh Necho made Eliakim the son of Josiah king in place of his father Josiah, and changed his name to Jehoiakim. And Pharaoh took Jehoahaz and went to Egypt, and he died ther...

2/20/2007 8/26/2015

King David of Israel MP (c.-1042 - c.-971)

""Nabi Daud"", ""David HaMelech""

King David (דוד, داوُود‎ ) c. 1040–970 BCE, his reign over Judah c. 1010–970 BCE. David is an important figure to members of the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic faiths. Depicted as an acclaimed courageo...

2/20/2007 8/26/2015

רחבעם בן שלמה - הראשון למלכי ממלכת יהודה 1 Kings 12:1-24 1 Kings 14:21-31 2 Chronicles 9:31 , 2 Chronicles 10-12 Wikipedia: Rehoboam & רחבעם

2/20/2007 8/26/2015

King Solomon MP (c.-1024 - c.-975)

"Shlomo"", ""Jedidya"", ""Prophet Sulayman The Wise"", ""Nabi Sulaiman"", """Salaaman""

2 Samuel 12:24-25 Named Solomon by his father, and Jedidya by G-d (via Nathan the Prophet). Wikipedia: Solomon and שלמה Jewish-Encyclopedia - Solomon Islamic view of Solomon

2/20/2007 8/26/2015

7/30/2015 8/26/2015

Chlothar II the Young, King of the Franks MP (584 - 629)

"Lothair Merovingian King of Neustria and King of the Franks", "Lothair 'the Young'", "Chlotar", "Clothar", "Clotaire", "Chlotochar", "Hlothar", "the Young", "the Great", "(Lotharius II)", "Le Jeune", "Clothaire /Meroving/", "King of All Franks", "King Clotaire I of the /Franks/..."

Chlothar (or Clotaire , Chlothachar ) (584-629), King of Soissons (Neustria) (584), King of Metz (Austrasia) and Orléans (Burgundy), and sole King of the Franks (613-629). He was born shortly after h...

5/9/2007 8/26/2015

Charles Martel MP (676 - 741)

"The Hammer", "Maior domus of Austrasia", ""The Hammer"", "Duc de Antrim", "Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia", "The Hammer of God", ""Martel"", "Duke and prince of Franks"

Charles "The Hammer" Martel was the defacto King of the Franks from 737-741 (Officially he was Duke and Prince of the Franks). He was also known as a great general, and is most famous for his vic...

1/25/2007 8/26/2015

Manfred of Sicily MP (1232 - 1266)

"von Hohenstaufen"

Links: Geneall Wikipedia Manfred of Sicily was the King of Sicily from 1258 to 1266. He was an illegitimate son of the emperor Frederick II, but his mother, Bianca Lancia (or Lanzia), is repo...

10/21/2008 8/26/2015

Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor MP (1165 - 1197)

"Hohenstaufen dynasty"

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia Holy Roman Emperor; King of Italy: Reign 1191 – 28 September 1197 'Coronation 15 April 1191, Rome ' Predecessor: ' Frederick I Barbarossa Successor:...

5/30/2007 8/26/2015

Friedrich I Barbarossa, Holy Roman Emperor MP (c.1122 - 1190)

"Friederich I Barbarossa the greatest and most charismatic leaders of their age.", "Federico Barbaroja; Friedrich III. Herzog von Schwaben"

The Peerage Geneall Rootsweb Find a grave Holy Roman Emperor: Reign 1155-1190 Coronation 18 June 1155, Rome

1/29/2007 8/26/2015

Romanos II, byzantine emperor MP (929 - 963)

"император Роман II Лакапин", "Ρωμανός Β' της Μακεδονίας", "Byzantine Emperor II /Romanus/"

Romanos II or Romanus II (Greek: Ρωμανός Β΄, Rōmanos II) (938–15 March 963) was a Byzantine emperor. He succeeded his father Constantine VII in 959 at the age of twenty-one, and died suddenly in 963....

4/6/2007 8/26/2015

Constantine VII, Byzantine Emperor MP (905 - 959)

"Porfirogentos", "Constantine VII "Born in Purple (Porphyrogennetos)" Emperor of the Byzantine Empire", "император Константин VII Порфирогенет", "Konstantin VII Porphyrogennetos", "Constantine VII Porphyrogenetis", "Emperor Constantine VII of the /Ea"

And in Turkish: Constantine VII Porphyrogennetos or Porphyrogenitus, "the Purple-born" (Greek: Κωνσταντίνος Ζ΄ Πορφυρογέννητος, Kōnstantinos VII Porphyrogennētos), (September 2, 905 – November 9, 9...

4/6/2007 8/26/2015

Michael II, Eastern Roman Emperor MP (770 - 829)

"император Михаил II Пелтека", "Michael II the Amorian", "Μιχαήλ Β'", "Mikhaēl II", "Traulos", "Psellos", "Τραυλός", "Ψηλλος", "Psellus"

- Michael belonged to a family of peasant soldiers Constantinople - Never Turkey! Alternate name: Amorion, ʿAmmūriye, Amūrīn, Hergen Kale Location: Hisarköy, Afyonkarahisar Province, Turkey loca...

9/14/2007 8/26/2015

Alfonso II el Casto, rey de Aragón MP (1157 - 1195)

"el Casto", "the Chaste", "the Troubadour", "King of Aragon", "Alfons I", "Count of Barcelona"

Infante don RAMÓN de Aragón (Villamayor del Valle, Huesca 1/25 Mar 1157-Perpignan 25 Apr 1195, bur Poblet, monastery of Nuestra Señora). The "Corónicas" Navarras name (in order) "don Pedro…el rey...

6/9/2007 8/26/2015