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  • Memnon, King of Aethiopia (c.-1260 - -1183)
    In Greek mythology, Memnon (Greek: Mέμνων) was an Ethiopian king and son of Tithonus and Eos. As a warrior he was considered to be almost Achilles' equal in skill. At the Trojan War, he brought an army...
  • Plato (c.-428 - c.-348)
    Plato (English pronunciation: /ˈpleɪtoʊ/; Greek: Πλάτων, Plátōn, "broad"; 428/427 BCE – 348/347 BCE), was a Classical Greek philosopher, mathematician, writer of philosophical dialogues, and founder of...
  • Homer (deceased)
    Homer - Ὅμηρος Homēros Homer (Ancient Greek: Ὅμηρος, Hómēros) in classical tradition is the ancient Greek epic poet, author of the epic poems the Iliad and the Odyssey, the Homeric Hymns and other wo...
  • Zeno of Citium (-334 - -262)
    Zeno of Citium. Greek philosopher. Founder of Stoicism Zeno of Citium (Greek: Ζήνων ὁ Κιτιεύς, Zēnōn ho Kitieŭs; 334 BCE - 262 BCE) was a Greek philosopher from Citium (Greek: Κίτιον), Cyprus. Zeno w...
  • Athenagoras II Meliteus (c.-185 - d.)

This project collects the profiles related to Ancient Greece, both human and mythological.

There are no proven descents from Ancient Greece to the modern world.

Descent from the Greek Gods

The ancient Greeks believed that their ruling families were descended from their gods. It was this descent that gave kings their right to rule.

Some of the divine ancestors of the royal houses were:

  • Deucalion was the Greek Noah, the survivor of a flood that destroyed the human race. He was the father of Hellen, the eponymous ancestor of the Hellenes (Greeks). Hellen was the ancestor of the royal families of Aeolia, Crete, Iocolos, Phocos, Thessaly,
  • Poseidon, the sea god, was the ancestor of the royal families of Phoenicia, Phrygia, Sidon, and Thebes.
  • Zeus, king of the gods, was the ancestor of the royal families of Egypt and Troy.

See: Greek Mythology Link, Three Main Ancestors, by Carlos Parada, author of Genealogical Guide to Greek Mythology.


Trojan War

Greek City States:

Kings of Macedonia: