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2/26/2011 2/26/2011

Guy of Lusignan, Guy of La Marche or Guy of Angoulême or Guy I & I & I de Lusignan (c. 1260/1265 – Angoulême, September 24/November 28, 1308 and buried there), Seigneur de Couhe et de Peyrat c. 1282, s...

7/5/2008 2/26/2011

Sarrasine de Lezay MP (1067 - 1144)

"Sarazine de Lezay"

Hugh married before 1109 Sarrasine or Saracena de Lezay (1067 – 1144), whose origins are unknown. She may have been identical to the Saracena who was widow of Robert I, Count of Sanseverino. Accordin...

11/8/2007 1/20/2011

Jeanne Lusignan de Geneville MP (1260 - 1323)

April 18, 1323 Jeanne de Lusignan died at the Abbey de Valence. Jeanne de Lusignan was born about 1260, the daughter of Hugues XII de Lusignan, comte de La Marche et d'Angoulême, and Jehanne de Fougè...

7/20/2007 1/20/2011

Jeanne De Lusignan, Heiress de Fougères MP (c.1240 - 1269)


7/28/2007 1/20/2011

7/4/2008 1/20/2011

Bourgogne de Rançon, dame de Fontenay MP (1120 - c.1169)

"??? Of /Burgundy/"

[Medlands] GEOFFROY [II] de Rancon (-1139). The name of his daughter suggests that Geoffroy [III] was the son of Aimery [I] de Rancon and his wife Bourgogne, but the primary source which confirms his p...

6/11/2007 1/19/2011

Pierre de Lusignan MP (c.1201 - d.)

7/4/2008 1/19/2011

Geoffroy de Lusignan Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Aller à : Navigation , rechercher Jump to: navigation , search Geoffroy de Lusignan ( 11...

7/4/2008 1/19/2011

Amaury II, King of Jerusalem and Cyprus MP (c.1148 - 1205)

"Amalric I of Cyprus", "born Amalric of Lusignan; of Jerusalem", "KIng Amalric II of Jerusalem"

Amalric II of Jerusalem From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Amalric II of Jerusalem or Amalric I of Cyprus, born Amalric of Lusignan (1145 – April 1, 1205), King of Jerusalem 1197–1205, was an ol...

5/27/2008 1/19/2011

Guy I de Lusignan, King of Jerusalem, Lord of Cyprus MP (c.1159 - 1194)

"Guy of Lusignan", "Guy of Jerusalem or Guy of Cyprus"

of Lusignan From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Guy of Lusignan, Guy of Jerusalem or Guy of Cyprus (c. 1150 or 1159/1160 – Nicosia, July 18, 1194) was a French Knight who, through marriage, becam...

5/26/2008 1/19/2011

3/8/2010 1/14/2011

Hugh XII de Lusignan , Hugh VII of La Marche or Hugh III of Angoulême or Hugues XII & VII & III de Lusignan (c. 1235/1240 – after August 25, 1270). He succeeded his father Hugh XI as seigneur of Lusign...

7/28/2007 1/14/2011

Hugh XI of Lusignan, count of La Marche MP (c.1221 - 1250)

"Hugh de Lusignan", "Count of Ponthieu", "Count of Angouleme"

Hugh XI of Lusignan From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hugh XI of Lusignan, Hugh VI of La Marche or Hugh II of Angoulême or Hugues XI & VI & II de Lusignan ( 1221 – 6 April 1250) succeeded his f...

7/28/2007 1/14/2011

Hugues X le Brun de Lusignan, comte de la Marche MP (c.1185 - 1249)

"Hugh", "Le Brun", "le Brun "Crusader"", "Count of Angouleme"

BOOKS The Political History of England,Vol II, George Burton Adams Longmans Green and Co, 1905, Ch XIX, p397: [1200] "...[John] sent off an embassy to ask for a daughter of the king of Portugal. In...

1/28/2007 1/14/2011

Hugues VIII de Lusignan, comte de La Marche MP (1106 - 1172)

"Le Vieux", "o Velho", "the Old", "Hugh VIII of Lusignan"

Hugh VIII the Old of Lusignan or Hugh III of La Marche or Hugues VIII le Vieux de Lusignan was the eldest son of Hugh VII and of Sarrasine or Saracena de Lezay. He became Seigneur de Lusignan, Couhé, a...

6/11/2007 1/14/2011

Hugues IX de Lusignan, comte de La Marche MP (c.1163 - 1219)

"Le Brun", "The Brown"

: HUGUES [X] "le Brun" de Lusignan, son of HUGUES de Lusignan & his [first] wife Orengarde --- (-Damietta 5 Nov 1219). His parentage is confirmed indirectly by the Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fonta...

5/10/2007 1/14/2011

Hugues de Lusignan MP (1141 - 1169)

Hugh predeceased his father and so never became Count. Hugh VIII of Lusignan From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia His children were: Hugues de Lusignan, Co-Seigneur de Lusignan in 1164 (c. 1141 - 11...

5/10/2007 1/14/2011

Hugues VII "le Brun" de Lusignan, comte de La Marche MP (c.1065 - 1151)

"Le Brun", "le Brun", "o Moreno", ""le /Brun"/", "Hughues le Brun", "Hugh VII of Lusignan"

Hugh VII the Brown of Lusignan or Hugues II de La Marche or Hugues VII & II le Brun de Lusignan (1065 – 1151), Sire de Lusignan, Couhé and Château-Larcher and Count of La Marche, was the son of Hugh VI...

11/8/2007 1/14/2011

Hugues VI "le Diable", seigneur de Lusignan MP (c.1039 - 1102)

"o Diabo", "Le Diable", "le Diable", "/Le Diable/", "'Le /Brun'/", "Hugh VI of Lusignan and The Devil"

Hugh VI of Lusignan From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hugh VI (c. 1039/1043 – c. 1103/1110), called the Devil, was the Lord of Lusignan and Count of La Marche (as Hugh I), the son and successor...

1/6/2008 1/14/2011

Hugues V 'le Pieux', seigneur de Lusignan MP (c.1016 - 1060)

"le Pieux", "the Pious", "Hugh V of Lusignan and Hugh V the Fair", ""Le Debonair""

Hugh V of Lusignan From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hugh V (died 8 October 1060), called the Fair or the Pious, was the fifth Lord of Lusignan and Lord of Couhé. He succeeded his father, Hugh ...

1/8/2008 1/14/2011

Hugh IV of Lusignan MP (c.985 - 1029)

"Brunus", "the Brown", "le Brun", "Hugh IV of Lusignan"

Hugh IV (c.1026), called Brunus (Latin for the Brown), was the fourth Lord of Lusignan. He was the son of Hugh III Albus and Arsendis. He was a turbulent baron, who brought his family out of obscurity ...

1/8/2008 1/14/2011

Hugh III "The White" de Lusignan MP (c.948 - 1012)

"the White", "Hugh III of Lusignan"

Hugh III (fl. late tenth century), called Albus, was the third Lord of Lusignan, probably the son and successor of Hugh II. He confirmed the donation by one of his vassals of the church of Mezeaux to t...

1/8/2008 1/14/2011

Hugues II "the Kind" de Lusignan MP (c.910 - 967)

"Hugh", "Carus", "le Cher", "the Kind", "Hugh II of Lusignan", "o Bem Amado (o Caro)"

Hugh II (died 967), called Carus (Latin for the Kind), was the second Lord of Lusignan, the son and successor of Hugh I Venator. According to the Chronicle of Saint-Maixent, he built the castle at Lusi...

1/8/2008 1/14/2011

Hugh I "the Hunter" de Lusignan MP (c.885 - c.950)

"Venator", "le Veneur", "the Hunter", "o Caçador"

Hugh I (fl. early tenth century), called Venator (Latin for the Hunter), was the first Lord of Lusignan. He is mentioned in the Chronicle of Saint-Maixent. It has been hypothesised that he was the hunt...

1/8/2008 1/14/2011