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Walter de Caen, Lord of Sibton MP (c.1050 - 1086)

"Walter de Caen", "Lord of Sibton"

Lord Of Sibton, Walter de Caen was born about 1050 in Caen, Calvados, Normandy, France. He died after 1086 in Domesday Lord Of Sibton, Yorkshire, England.2328 Notes under Reginald de Peyton son of Walt...

11/7/2007 2/20/2011

William Malet, Lord of Enmore MP (1195 - c.1252)

Excerpt from "Notices of an English Branch of the Malet Family", by Arthur Malet, published 1885, p 28-29, Appendices E1, E2: "William Malet, the son of Baldwin, married Sara, the daughter of Raymund...

11/16/2008 2/20/2011

Baldwin Malet MP (c.1122 - c.1193)

from : Baldwin Malet is undoubtedly the first of the Malets of Enmore, but there are two different theories as to how he came into the possession of that estate during the first half of the 12th cent...

11/16/2008 2/20/2011

ROBERT1 MALET was born between 999 and 1142, and died between 1059 and 1156[1]. [4, 10, 7] Turton shows him as son of William Malet (son of Robert Malet and Elise Crispin). Buck & Beard show him as...

6/2/2008 2/20/2011

Gilbert Malet, Baron of Eye MP (1057 - 1105)

Excerpt from "Notices of an English Branch of the Malet Family", by Arthur Malet, published 1885, pp 68-72, appendix B2, FF, GG: GILBERT MALET. Gilbert Malet, the second son of William Malet, the c...

6/10/2007 2/20/2011

William Malet, Baron of Curry Mallet and Surety of the Magna Carta MP (1184 - 1217)

"Surety of the Magna Carta", "William II Malet"

William Malet (Magna Carta) From Wikipedia William Malet (fl. born before 1175–1215) was one of the guarantors of Magna Carta. Also known as William II Malet. He was lord of Curry Mallet and Shepto...

6/10/2007 2/20/2011

Beatrice d'Arques MP (c.1044 - 1144)

"Beatrix", "Mallet"

Father Willelm Malet, seigneur de Graville b. circa 1026, d. circa 1071 Mother Elise Crespin b. circa 1031 See "My Lines" ( ) from Compiler: R. B. Stewart, Evans, GA ( ). Robert I Malet was...

6/3/2007 2/20/2011

Malet MP (995 - 1059)

12/9/2007 2/20/2011

Guillaume I Malet, seigneur de Graville MP (c.1014 - c.1071)

"William Malet", "Seigneur de Graville et de fiefs en Caux", "Mallet", "Guillaume Malet", "Lord of Eye & High Sheriff of Suffolk"

He was Seigneur de Graville-Sainte-Honorine, Sheriff of York (1068), and Governor of York Castle. He was a Companion of William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. William I Malet LINK...

8/2/2007 2/20/2011

Elise (Hesilia) Crispin MP (c.1027 - 1086)

"Hesilia Crespin", "Hésilia de BRIONNE"

Elise Crespin1 b. circa 1031 Elise Crespin|b. c 1031|p207.htm#i23422|Gilbert de Brionne dit Crespin, baron du Bec-Crespin||p246.htm#i27680|Gunnor d'Aunou||p246.htm#i27681|||||||N. N. d'Aunou||p246....

11/7/2007 2/20/2011